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Albion Online Changed The Gold Mechanics

MMORPG Albion Online received a small but important patch, which introduced some interesting changes to some in-game mechanics. Now you can not directly trade gold to other players, and gold can no longer be stored on Guild accounts. On such measures, the developers went in order to deal with the sellers of gold (Gold sellers). ….  Read More

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Albion Online Designed A Character Builder To Compile Equipments

A week after it was launched (which proves to be a popular success, even if the servers are strained), Albion Online acquires an official Character Builder, compiling the entire MMO equipment. Just over a week ago, the Sandbox Interactive studio officially launched the commercial version of Albion Online and obviously the MMO is having some ….  Read More

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The First Patch Of Hector Available In Albion Online

Since the Hector has been released for a week, Albion Online finally released the first patch of the update. The new version 1.0.324 focus on fixing UI bugs, mission selection layout and other problems. Here’re the detailed fixes: Fixes Fixed an issue where the nutrition bar would not immediately update when feeding territories. Moved Destiny ….  Read More

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Players Can Enjoy 18 Artifacts When Final Beta Of Albion Online

Albion Online continues to advance by leaps and bounds, and this time Sandbox Interactive, creators of this MMORPG, have confirmed the news that will be presented along with the release of the final beta. Under the name of the Artifacts, these objects will give the characters a unique look thanks to new types of equipment, ….  Read More

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Make Full Preparation For Albion Online With Gold In UPAlbion

Albion Online, the innovative MMO from the German studio Sandbox Interactive, has been deliberately designed to promote guilds, alliances, farming and group dungeon explorations: in short, team play. It is known that Albion Online is an extremely ambitious MMORPG that wishes to convey the vast promised land experience across multiple platforms at the same time. ….  Read More

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