Albion Online Changed The Gold Mechanics

MMORPG Albion Online received a small but important patch, which introduced some interesting changes to some in-game mechanics.

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Now you can not directly trade gold to other players, and gold can no longer be stored on Guild accounts. On such measures, the developers went in order to deal with the sellers of gold (Gold sellers). And these rules do not apply to silver.

The maximum price for real estate has been increased to 10 million silver. Also, developers temporarily returned Dreaded-players the ability to disable PvP-mode.

Fighters participating in GvG-battles will no longer be hidden in overloaded areas. And the company Sandbox Interactive temporarily disabled the function of Android updater, to eliminate some problems. Fixed some bugs with crafting sounds and portal binding.

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Albion Online Designed A Character Builder To Compile Equipments

A week after it was launched (which proves to be a popular success, even if the servers are strained), Albion Online acquires an official Character Builder, compiling the entire MMO equipment.

albion character build 1.fw

Just over a week ago, the Sandbox Interactive studio officially launched the commercial version of Albion Online and obviously the MMO is having some success – already before the launch, the developer claimed the sale of “more than 250 000 Founders’ packages, having raised more than 10 million dollars”, thus making the initial development of Albion Online profitable, in addition to guaranteeing an economic balance sufficient to ensure the continuity of the exploitation of the game. And today , Albion Online is experiencing the throes of all popular MMOs: servers are stormed and players are slowing down in the most populous areas (the developer says working on code optimization to help remedy, waiting for server activity to normalize).

group build.fw

It is understandable that Sandbox Interactive projects itself into a long-term operation and to accompany this operation, the studio provides both regular updates in the game (three to four per year, with no more precision not to impose constraints), but also tools outside the MMO. And the developer is now officializing one of them: a Character Builder to design the “sheet of his character” with his equipment, or even an entire group in order to imagine effective synergies, even to share guides game with the rest of the MMO community.


And in the context of Albion Online, the tool is important since it integrates all the equipment available in the MMO and that in Albion Online, “the character is what it carries”. We also know that the game encourages optimization and the Character Builder must therefore meet the aspirations of the players of the theorycrafting – while waiting for other applications on the content of the game to be deployed in the future.

The tool will also be the means to follow the evolution of the additions of objects in the game, since if the developer does not envisage the integration of new lines of items in the short term, the new equipment is well As well as new level 3 artefacts (amongst other new features, the developer already mentioned the addition of fifteen weapons and nine new armor sets all with unique capabilities).

Albion Online Guide On Different Classes In Destinated Tree

It might be time to take stock of the different classes of Albion Online. What a weapon orientation will change to your role in a group, you should make a quick point about the functioning of the classes in itself.

Many of those who play Albion have already tried the adventure MMORPG. The great classics are distinguished and all offer the possibility to choose a class to incarnate, in addition to a breed for some. In Albion Online, unlike other games of the same kind, you do not choose a class when creating your character. Your class will be defined according to the equipment you are going to wear, but more precisely the weapon you will choose. Thus, each class is defined by a range of weapons, and each weapon in this range offers unique possibilities, bringing your character to a defined but evolving role.

albion game

When we talk about evolution in Albion Online, we think of level up, equipment, weapons, etc. It is true, but to evolve on this game is also to know one thing: you can do everything! But then really everything. This will cost you a little money, and for the lucky ones, a good guild and long hours of play available. For as we said, you do not choose your class at the time of character creation, you choose your class when you choose your weapon. So if you want to go to care, you will have two possible paths: the Druid, in the Hunter branch or the Priest in the Magicians branch. You may decide to be only Priest or Druid, but you may also decide to mount both, because both are healers, but each of these roles have a different orientation.

In order to do this, it is obviously necessary to go up the path of the Priest and the path of the Druid in your Tree of Destiny, which can take time, but is not impossible.

Your equipment is independent of your weapon, and therefore your role. Although some combinations are less optimized than others, you can decide to play it freestyle by being a Druid in armor, because it is your weapon that defines your role and not the category of equipment you wear. In short, you can definitely decide to be a Warrior, with a good 12-ton club that shamelessly crushes your opponent’s skull, all with a superb fabric robounette, refined designs and everything. Certainly it will be far from optimized in a group, but you can do it!

And now that we have gone around the subject, let’s see together the different classes as well as the different roles that can be attributed to them.

The Mages

The first Mage is the flamboyant Pyromancer, this class of the most warm is played mainly in group. His devastating spells allow him to burn enemies with his sticks each possessing a different characteristic: the great fire stick, the infernal stick and the fire stick to face the small groups of enemies, while the stick and the stick Sulphurous groups will be there to face larger groups.

The most powerful of the Mages is surely the one who can not kill his enemies, but save his friends. It is the case of the Priest thanks to these regenerative capacities; The Priest is a class that will always be appreciated. These different sticks allow him, according to the situation, to give a great monocible care (very useful in Guild War for example) or to be able to ascend the bars of lives of a whole group.

Always in order to save his allies, the Arcanist is a class that allows to put shields to the members of his group or to manipulate the opposing players by inciting a black hole allowing to regroup them At the center of it. However, the Arcanist is not strong enough to walk alone, because he tends to have to rely on his allies to exploit his full potential.

The Frost Mage, here is a class that is freezing blood! Especially that of his opponents. You will have guessed it, unlike the Pyromancer, this Mage controls the power of winter. The Wizard of Frost is not a Mage whose goal is to do colossal damage (although he does not lack), but a very powerful Mage in the art of freezing his enemies on the spot and thus allow To his group not to take damage and turn them into flakes.

Witchcraft is good, to damn the soul of his opponent is better! For this there is the Sorcerer (or the Damned). This powerful Mage of Darkness bases his damage on his curses and dowry effects (damage over time). Well controlled, this power can prove devastating on a group and give a lot of twists to the healers who will not know what to do to save heads!

The Hunters

The bow is one of the most used weapons in the Hunter family, indeed, this class “dps at a distance” unleashes its arrows at a speed so fast that it is almost never immobile. Very useful for the farm and the open world, the Hunter has a set of spells based on survival. Moreover, the bow is very appreciated in group, whether of small number or gigantic, thanks to its broad spectrum of models.

The spear is a versatile weapon that can be played in two ways: in tank with a plate armor or dps with a leather armor, in all cases the spear is a murderous weapon as well alone thanks to its damage and its capacity To slow down its enemies, only in group thanks to its control of crowd.

In Albion there are 2 healers. The first seen previously is the Priest, and the second the Druid. This guardian of nature uses his powerful magic to be able to provide care over time. The Druid is particularly powerful in restoring the health of several targets in a PvP group.

Dagger fighters are the proudest assassins of Albion. These act in the shadow, and when they appear, it is often too late. Daggers favor small group play so that the situation can be reversed as quickly as possible.

Very similar to the spear, long sticks can be played in 2 ways. However, like the lance, long sticks are not marked by their damage, but by their ability to inflict almost permanent crowd controls.

The Warriors

The only Remote Warrior is equipped with a crossbow. The power of this class unfolds with its ability to inflict damage and crowd control, all at a distance. Nevertheless, the crossbow is more adapted to small groups, because, unlike some others, it misses zone damage.

The mass! Here is a name that says heavy, this weapon is played mainly with a plate stuff to maximize the controls of crowd to help his group to inflict damage. The weakness of the mass is the lack of damage, especially in the open world.

The club is another tank weapon in every respect similar to the mass. The only difference between the two is revealed when one dwells on the spells: the mass uses mainly the stuns while the club uses the immobilizations and the silences.

The ax uses its powerful ability to bleed its target and thus sufficiently weaken it to be able to complete it. Thus the ax is a versatile weapon and can be used in almost all types of PVP encounters.

And finally, what would be the Warrior class without a good sword of families? Swords are often associated with monocible, and for good reason, poorly suited to multi-combat, they allow to use capacities to confront the adversary head on. Very effective in small groups, however, we will prefer other weapons for a Warrior as soon as the group grows and that the zone damage and crowd controls will be necessary.

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Albion Online – Starter Pack Details

Recently, we were talking about the Starter Packs that Sandbox Interactive proposed for its MMORPG Albion Online before its official release. We also learned that the start times for the game were going to be communicated in the following week. From now on, we have taken note of the dates and times at which each Founder can embark on the adventure of Albion Online.

Starter Packs

Now that the Founder Packs are no longer available, Sandbox Interactive presents the Starter Packs to start the adventure. Here is a brief reminder of the different Starter Packs and the benefits they provide:

Legendary Starter Packs

  • 12,000 Gold
  • 90 Days Premium Status
  • Legendary Equipment
  • Legendary Avatars
  • Legendary Cart
  • Legendary Horse
  • Epic Equipment
  • Epic Avatars

Epic Starter Packs

  • 4,500 Gold
  • 60 Days Premium Status
  • Epic Equipment
  • Epic Avatars

Veteran Starter Packs

  • 2,000 Gold
  • 30 Days Premium Status

Note also that the Founders will be entitled to the benefits provided by the Starter Packs corresponding to the respective levels in addition to their Founder bonus.

The game will be released on July 17 on Android, PC, Mac and Linux. You can find all our Albion online game guides on UpAlbion. To join the adventure of Albion, go to the official site of the game. And to buy one of the Starter Packs, it is here!

Have A Glance At Guardians Of Albion Online

Shortly before the official launch of the online game Albion Online, the Guardians of the title were presented today. These are powerful bosses.

In a few weeks the Sandbox-MMORPG will be available; Sandbox Interactive will also confront you with the Guardians from 17 July. These are boss bosses who demand precise planning, tactical skill and high concentration.


The Guardians represent the natural protectors of Albion. They have been brought to life by ancient magic, and have become more and more powerful over the centuries, they now protect the natural treasures of the world. Several different guards exist in Albion, each of which has immense strength and special abilities. Once imprisoned, they transform into sources of resources that provide you with a whopping of 2,560 Tier 6 resources. A raid against these giants can be worthwhile.

The Guardians at a glance:

  • Old White (Hide): The Old White is a huge white mammoth, which is spiritually linked to all mammoths in the world of Albion, who have lived in the past or will live in the future. It can be found in Steppe biome of Tier 6. He is generally considered to be the most easy to defeat guard, but players must first fight through several groups of game animals to face him.
  • Ancient Ent (Wood): In the Ancient Ent, it is a huge tree spirit, which can be found in Tree Groves of Tier 6. In the fight against him the coordination of the playgroup is decisive, since he carries out destructive attacks with Piercing Roots.
  • Rock Giant (Rock): In Rock Outcrops of the Tier 6 within the Highlands biome, the Rock Giant drives its misery. He is the only Guardian without melee skills, and attacks only from a distance, for example, with his Earthquake attack.
  • Enormous Dryad (Fibers): Players should not be deceived by the outside of this Guardian! The Enormous Dryad emerges in the Fiber Meadows in Tier 6 Swamps and attacks players with deadly assaults such as “Eroding Swamp” or “Pulsing Thorns”.
  • Ore Colossus (Ore): Players will find the Ore Colossus in Ore Veins of Tier 6. He does not use automatic attacks, but he has a devastating Punch and has a “Crystal Swarm” that allows him to extinguish a game group in seconds.

The First Patch Of Hector Available In Albion Online

Since the Hector has been released for a week, Albion Online finally released the first patch of the update. The new version 1.0.324 focus on fixing UI bugs, mission selection layout and other problems. Here’re the detailed fixes:



Fixed an issue where the nutrition bar would not immediately update when feeding territories.
Moved Destiny Board completion notifications further up the screen.
Removed “mission completed” state from mission tracker UI.
Made some improvements to fast travel and portal UIs.
Increased T2 gatherer journal reward from 37.5 units to 38 (should now always level up a T2 laborer, before it would sometimes round down).
Various improvements to Guild UI (member portraits now clickable, limited text field length settings, added a slider for Guild tax settings).
Fixed an issue with the Caerleon loading screen.
Fixed incorrect error when trying to mount while gathering.
Only the Guildmaster and the Right Hand can now edit Guild description info.
Removed incorrectly placed relic chest in Bellever Tor.
Fixed some issues with territory and Guild member views getting stuck in the Guild UI.
Fixed some edge issues in Caerleon.
Removed incorrectly placed territory from Windripple Fen.
Fixed an issue with some expedition mobs not correctly dropping silver.
Fixed certain dungeons having the wrong icon on the map (solo dungeons using the group dungeon marker).
Fixed some minor UI issues with splitting stacks.
Improved readability of text for tutorial missions.
Fixed crafting focus values for many enchanted resources.
Fixed weight and nutrition values for various farm-related items.
Destiny Board tracker now automatically resizes when completing the tutorial.
Fixed focus values for crafting furniture.
Made spell effect areas look nicer.
Fixed an issue where achievement reminder icons in the Destiny Board tracker (the little “!”s) were not being removed when clicked on.
Fixed waterfalls being silent.
Adjusted volumes for fireplaces.
Fixed an issue where some mob abilities were not correctly obeying their activation conditions (eg should only activate when player is in range but was instead activating always).
Removed delay from Meteor’s knockback effect, and it will now only be applied on impact.
Fixed missing explosions for Meteor and Exploding Shot.
Removed the ability for GvG mercenaries to kick people.
Fixed an issue with the opening of the item details UI.
Improved visuals of flails and hammers.
Improved mission selection layout.
Crafting equipment items will now attempt to fill existing equipped stacks before overflowing into the inventory.
Crafting buildings now all have the same maximum nutrition capacity, but no longer start full (Novice buildings all start with 100 nutrition as before); nutrition is still not added on upgrade.
Fixed an issue with incorrect map zooming when searching on a zoomed-out world map.
Updated minimap icons for fast travel portals.
Fixed an issue with “show only craftable items” filter not working correctly.
Fixed an issue with Destiny Board info in 80% UI scale causing shaking.
Improved the Undead General fight, including adding a new ability.
Added crafting focus and learning points to character stats in the expanded inventory UI.
Fixed an issue with Guild button in the territory attack details UI.
Added a popup to explain how local banks and markets work.
Fixed an issue with player buttons in the GvG details UI.
Fixed a weird visual issue when attempting to use broken tools.
Fixed some minor issues with the Black Market UI.
When crafting equipment items, the default number is now 1 rather than the max possible amount your inventory could create.
Highland Guardian should now be set up correctly.
Reduced the danger level and power of Ancient Mammoth hide mobs from Elite to Veteran.
Fixed an issue where inspecting another player did not show any mount they had equipped.
Made it so you can click the target item when enchanting.
Fixed visual issue when capturing monoliths in GvG.
Fixed an issue with the display of inactive abilities when inspecting another player.
Improved the Demon Prince:

  • Hellrifts now spawn at a distance of 5m.
  • Most of his abilities now deal more damage.
  • Laser Sweep’s beams now rotate around him.
  • Pursuit range is reduced from 80m to 30m.
  • Aggression range of portals and demons increased to 50m.
  • His knock-back will now also alert all enemies within 50m around all affected players (so be sure to clean up beforehand).
  • Cool-down until a new wave of demons is spawned from the portals has been increased to 10 seconds.
  • Also fixed a number of minor issues

Swapped position of “build” and “cancel” buttons in construction UI.
Fixed an issue with display of reputation penalties and nametags.
Fixed an issue with the Fury ability where it would only stack five times rather than 10 as intended.
Fixed incorrect minimap colors.
Fixed an issue where opening the Destiny Board could also issue a move command.
Fixed numerous minor level-design issues, including invisible collisions and offset areas.
Fixed various animation issues with farm animals and laborers.
Keeper Druids have been stronger than intended so the power of their spell Static Discharge has been reduced

  • Static Discharge: now has a reduced radius (4m down to 2.5m)
  • Static Discharge: a bug where its damage and debuff was applied again to everyone 3m around the target has been removed
  • Static Discharge: damage has been reduced by 5%

Improvements to various visual effects.
Fixed an issue with partially full journals not filling correctly in conjunction with stacks.
Fixed an issue where T8 resource nodes were being incorrectly reset to 1 unit after downtimes.
Changed offscreen nametags in cities so they only show for GvGs and duels (which should improve performance).
Moved half of the outland castles around to fit timezones better.
Adjusted various elements of the Fungicide expedition to make it less unintentionally dangerous in a couple of specific locations.
Kicked out a couple of T5 archers who’d snuck into Fishy Business, and hired T4 archers to replace them.

It’s high time to download the new patch to fix these bugs and have a better gaming experience in Hector of Albion Online.

Players Can Enjoy 18 Artifacts When Final Beta Of Albion Online

Albion Online continues to advance by leaps and bounds, and this time Sandbox Interactive, creators of this MMORPG, have confirmed the news that will be presented along with the release of the final beta. Under the name of the Artifacts, these objects will give the characters a unique look thanks to new types of equipment, abilities and unique spells, in addition to increasing their power and versatility.

In total there will be 81 Artefacts that appear gradually, but for the moment we can only enjoy 18 of them when the final beta of Albion Online, set for August 1st.

Impressions Of Albion Online On PC

Albion Online developed by Sandbox Interactive is a free to play medieval MMO. It’s a classless cross platform MMORPG that allows for endless possibilities. Across 800 different territories guilds can engage in PvP for control of the world. FEATURES Cross Platform | Everyone can play together whether they’re on an iPad, Android tablet, on Windows, Mac, or even Linux. Player Driven Economy / All items and buildings are player crafted. Fight Across 800 Territories / Guilds are able to fight around the world and conquer territories for resource advantages.

Firstly, Albion Online does not use any level or class system. You are simply what you wear! The game offers more than 100 skills that can be combined. This allows you to offer a very large number of possible combinations between your offensive and defensive abilities.


Hours And Hours Of Grinding

The freedom of class choice does not necessarily mean that you will have the ability to move quickly from one character type to another. You will have to unlock all the previous improvements before you can carry the weapons and armor of the rank you aim at. If it sounds quick at the start, it takes a lot of time at levels 5 or higher. Every improvement and every change can take tens of hours to unlock.

Crop professions are at the heart of the gaming economy, so you will have to quickly specialize in a particular class to remain competitive.

To give you an idea, without premium subscription, I spent about 80% of my time doing the harvest. I had to get out of town, pick up wood and skin to climb my equipment from first to third row. The prerequisites become exponential as you progress.

There is no specific quest or goal in the game. Like an ultimate sandbox, the game leaves you free to act as you see fit. Whether it is to kill other players, different enemies or become the greatest lumberjack in Albion, anything is possible.

Pay To Play With Premium Subscription

The game will be sold in a “Pay to Play” subscription mode. You buy the game and it is theoretically everything you will have to shell out in order to enjoy the title. That is true in part, but the reality is still very different. Indeed, the game offers a premium subscription that can be bought either with real money or with the money coming from the game and driven by the economy of the players.

Subscription gives excessively great benefits to players. The benefits include the possibility of having its own island to be able to build a mount, grow food or alchemy. It also allows you to have your own stores to create or repair your items without having to go through those that are available in the cities and that include user fees.

The most important remains the major bonus of almost 50% in progress to unlock your attributes. Same thing for the money retrieved on enemies as well as bonuses for your professions.

Are we talking about the famous “Pay to Win” that is increasingly being criticized for MMORPGs and which, in my opinion, have killed the genre? I do not think so, but if the bonuses remain so, the premium subscription, which should cost about $ 12 (8 €) per month, is likely to be an obligation. Anyone who really wants to be competitive in the game without playing 18 hours a day is going to have to spend money.

A MMORPG That Looks Like A MOBA

The high view combined with very simple graphics, which have a certain charm, reminds me of League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm. In fact, the title very oriented “Player vs. Player” makes me think a lot about a hybrid between a MMORPG and a MOBA.

Fighting in Albion Online is not without consequence. Depending on the type of card you are in, it is possible for an opposing player to completely rob your character. If necessary, you will need to re-equip yourself from scratch.

The game also offers a “players against environment” aspect quite advanced. This also allows those who are less interested in war to find some interest in it.

The Impression

The MMORPG genre is in great need of renewal. The team at Sandbox Interactive may well have found a way to distinguish themselves among the MMORPGs on the market. The point that worries me the most is the excessively high bonuses of the premium version and the “grinding” interminable.

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Albion Online: The Best Gamers Have The Best Gear

Albion online is a fairly hardcore game, it has also that world of Warcraft effect. To a certain extent, for some weapon or armor, you can be more proficient in. The best gamers have the best gear, hence, to wear the best gear you have to be proficient at all the previous tiers of that type of gear or weapon. By the way, don’t forget to buy albion online gold.


The game has a large emphasis on group content. Mainly group PVP. Even the PVE content in this game can have PVP happen since the dungeons are not instanced and tagged players can be attacked by other players depending on the zone they’re in. The top players with the best gear, guilds, and coordination battle it out with other guilds at end game. Death in this game means you drop everything. Gamers try some ways to get cheapest albion online gold?

Classes in albion online are decided based on your gear. They come in multiple tiers and the aspects of the gear decide what abilities you have on your bar. For instance, if you want to tank you would equip the plate armor pieces and equip a sword and shield. The nice thing about this is nothing is stopping you from mixing and matching. Making says a “Battle Mage” with plate gear and then equipping a staff. Maybe even go with an even more complex hybrid build.

If you want to learn more the news or guides, tips, tricks, welcome to visit here: Albion online is set for released on July 17th, and until now, the release date is closer and closer approaching, are you ready for everything?

Make Full Preparation For Albion Online With Gold In UPAlbion

Albion Online, the innovative MMO from the German studio Sandbox Interactive, has been deliberately designed to promote guilds, alliances, farming and group dungeon explorations: in short, team play. It is known that Albion Online is an extremely ambitious MMORPG that wishes to convey the vast promised land experience across multiple platforms at the same time.


Albion Online was released more than 3 years ago by independent developer Sanbox Interactive and immediately gained a lot of attention from the gaming community for this beautiful artwork. More than that, players will experience Albion Online on five different platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. No matter which platform you use, you can easily interact and do everything you want.

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