NBA 2K18: Developers Have Now Come Up With A Video Clips

If we can kick the skin again in the current FIFA and PES sections, and we can usually skip the 2018 NHL, the basketball can not stay out of the party. From the NBA 2K18 we have seen beautiful images so far and we can see how the creators made the players and we also know that the title of The Prelude, PS4 and Xbox One owners will be able to try the virtual sack free of charge from 8 September Week before the release of the full game.

Not to be bored yet, the makers have now come up with an intriguing clip of video clips, in which rapper named Mobb Deep squeezes the saga, specifically the number of Shook Ones. I do not particularly like this genre, but the fact that the video is pretty loose and bad about Mobb Deep. Below you can view and listen to it!

The full version of NBA 2K18 will be released on September 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, previous generation consoles (X360, PS3), and FIFA 18 as Nintendo Switch. The Prelude will be available on September 8, unfortunately, exclusively for PS4 and XOne owners.

NBA 2K18 Will Have A New Team History Mode

NBA 2K18 is one of the most anticipated sports games of each year, and little by little we know more details of the new version. 2K Sports and Visual Concepts have announced that one of the novelties will be the inclusion of a story mode centered on a team, is a narrative mode focused on an NBA team, such as those that had already focused on our player, but In this case it seems that they will focus on a coach.


In the last years of NBA 2K we have seen modes like MyGM, where we manage a team, and MyLeague mode, where we manage the entire league with its 30 teams. The novelty is going to be introducing a narrative approach in MyGM and will become known as MyGM: The Next Chapter. The MyLeague mode will maintain its traditional gameplay.

MyGM: The Next Chapter puts us in the role of a former NBA star who becomes the coach and manager of a team after having completed his career six years earlier as a result of an injury. The mode will have multiple narrative scenes that will narrate the facts and show the relationships with the owners of the team, players, media and other characters that we will find, something we already saw in the modes of history of other years with our player.

The users will be able to make multiple decisions that will affect the future of history and the team seeks, above all, to get away from clichés in the sports world to get an interesting experience for the players. The truth is that with the number of modes and details that count the saga, the developers of Visual Concepts do not cease in their effort to introduce something new year after year.

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You Should Be Prepared For September Release Of NBA 2K18 In U4NBA

Since the 18th installment of NBA 2K17 rolled out in 2016 to widespread acclaims by critics and general player. With the advent of new and improved technology there’s no doubt that the upcoming NBA 2K18 too will give gamers one blast of an experience.

It supposed that 2K Sports will set the month of September as the probable release date of the NBA 2K18 because the games in the NBA 2K series has generally come out in the second half of the year. So this somewhat sets the month of September as the probable release date of the NBA 2K18. Even if there is a delay in the process of the development of the game, we should expect the game to hit the market before the end of the second week of October this year.


NBA 2K18 will be the 19 title in the series and as per speculations, the game is going to be more realistic, with better visuals gameplay and fantastic contents. There’s no saying what NBA 2K18 can bring but to be sure its actual list of features is going to take the series on a whole new level. We naturally have a list of speculated NBA 2K18 features that we have managed to make by combing all rumours regarding what the title is going to definitely have, such as My Career mode, MyLeague mode, MyTeam mode, VR Compatibility and so on.

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The LA Legend ‘Black Mamba’ And Indiana Pacers All-Star ‘PG13’ Honored The ‘NBA 2K17’ Cover.

NBA 2K17 will be released by Visual Concepts on the 20th of September 2016. As previously reported, “NBA 2K17” game will also come in three editions, Standard , Legend and Legend- Edition Gold.

Many predicted that Stephen Curry could be the cover of the latest NBA 2K as he was the first unanimous selection and back-to-back winner of the MVP award. As a result, fans were surprised when Paul George of Indiana Pacers was announced to star as the cover of the game’s standard edition.

Kevin Durant

According to Foxsports, Jason Argent, senior vice president of operations at 2K sports, countered that George is an amazing basketball player and is a fan of the brand. USA Today stated that Paul George is ‘probably the biggest NBA’s biggest 2K video game fan’.

As Kobe Bryant ended his basketball journey last April 12, 2016, fans don’t have time to sulk when NBA 2K17 released the cover of its Legend edition on the same date, honoring the Black Mamba’s 20-year long career.

“#LegendLiveOn” is the primary message of NBA 2K17 trailer showing fans and haters alike of Kobe Bryant. The legend, indeed, lives on in a virtual court where you can be Kobe and continue shooting hoops.

ITechPost stated, along with other fans who expressed their anxiety on social media, that there might be a delay because of Kevin Durant’s decision to move to Golden State Warriors. Although these rumors swirl around the release date being pushed back, the developers neither confirm nor refute speculations.

The Legend edition will include a Black Mamba skin, two Panini trading cards, 2K Kobe XI shoe, a Kobe hoodie, and a Mitchell & Ness vintage Bryant jersey. Legend- Edition Gold will include all freebies of Legend edition plus the entire Nike Kobe shoe collection.

NBA 2K17 is offering freebies for avid gamers who will pre- order either the standard, the legend edition, or the legend- edition gold. Standard version can come with a MyTeam bundle.

Editions can be pre-ordered so fans can get them possibly four days earlier than the promised release date of the game.