Madden NFL 18 Longshot Trailer – See Devin Wade

If you are a fan of American football, and especially Madden NFL 18, you have to watch these videos about the new mode that will be available in the video game, Longshot.

This new mode will tell the story of the fictional player Devin Wade and his struggle for sporting success. From school, until being drafted, are part of the details that will integrate the video game.


Electronic Arts presented the behind the scenes video on its official channel. James Roch Lemon II, who played for the Oakland Raiders, and nowadays actor, stars in Devin Wade.

The actor introduces us the video and highlights the history made to give life to Longshot, as it is a story extremely interesting from the point of view of film and will bring much to the user experience.

Josh Looman, producer of the game, commented earlier that the decisions will mark the outcome of Devin Wade’s career.

“Decisions are very important. We spend a lot of time examining every moment and we want to make sure it is a way to express your personality. So, the decisions have great weight and lead you in different ways, “added Looman.

In the same way it transcended that the game has three possible endings, so it will depend on your choices. However, it will be until August 25 that it reaches PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Main Innovations Of NHL 18: Revised Franchise Mode

Every summer, a large number of players are looking forward to the release of the next rendition of the franchise. Once the game is launched, what this means is that ice hockey season is within reach and the long wait is almost over. According to EA SPORTS, NHL 18 is set to release its latest edition of its NHL franchise video game on September 15th.

NHL 18

At the ceremony of the NHL Awards, the creators of virtual hockey, through a well-known franchise, announced a new part. The face for the cover of the NHL 18 was chosen by the 20-year-old Connor McDavid of Edmonton Oilers, who is compared to the young Gretzky.

Given that a 32nd team likely will be in the NHL to even out the league and conference within the next five to seven years, it would be cool if NHL 18 got a head start on it and allowed you to implement an Expansion Draft in any season after the 2017-18. In addition, you would be able to determine where the new team played and their team name, logo, and jerseys.Now, you must striving to obtain NHL 18 Coins as soon as possible.

One of the main innovations of NHL 18 will be the revised Franchise mode, where you can try yourself as a general manager. There, for the first time, a newly founded Vegas Golden Knights club will appear along with the T-Mobile Arena. For the first time in 17 years, the leadership of the NHL went on to expand the membership of the league.

So far, EA SPORTS released a limited number of codes to give out to the fans of the series. It allows us to play certain modes of the game for a limited time before the final version of the game is released. Let’s examine some new features that could be added or fixed in NHL 18. Visit here to know the fullest news and guides.