POE 3.9 Metamorph, The Final League of 2019, Coming Soon

The dark game “Path of Exile” developed by GGG has now confirmed that it will officially update the last large version of this year “Conquerors of the Atlas” league, namely POE 3.9 on December 13. As a pre-release version of the super-large 4.0 version, “Path of Exile” not only ends the existing main story in stages, but the widely-received version of the world also stands in front of players in a completely new attitude.

Conquerors of the Atlas
Conquerors of the Atlas


Follower of the Breaker
The main story of the Conquerors of the Atlas league mainly tells the story after the Destroyer was defeated. The warriors who had defeated the Destroyer were negatively affected by the outside world and became the new public enemies of Valkrath. Zana exhausted her efforts to block them in the realm to ensure the tranquility of Valkras, but they were restless and always looking forward to breaking the realm.

After this league, the previously brilliant outsider storyline will usher in a new ending, and it will also be a more important milestone in the main story of Path of Exile.

Conquerors gameplay innovation, players can choose their own strategy
In Path of Exile 3.9, there has been a big change in Alien Atlas. After the start of the new league, players can only start from the Illustrated Book Center. However, there are only 91 maps to choose from in the illustrated map. Players need to defeat the conqueror and insert the retrieved guardian stone into the illustrated map to continue unlocking other maps.

In addition to upgrading the current map level, the Guardian Stone will also help players unlock other new maps. Each country can insert 4 guardian stones. These upgrades will have an important impact on the overall level of the alien map book. The player can also change the position of the guardian stone, so the player can decide the specific strategy route.
Enhanced gem refresh cap


If players have long been familiar with gameplay related to the outside world, then the intensity of the battle in the outside world this league is completely different. In order to allow players to cope with higher fighting intensity, the auxiliary gem of the POE 3.9 league has received an unprecedented upper limit refresh. The upgraded auxiliary gem has a level 1 strength that is stronger than the original level 20, and its attributes are very powerful.

In addition to the new auxiliary gems, the new currency of the POE 3.9 league-the catalyst can adjust player accessories with a special quality.

However, the new currency acquisition method is a bit special, that is, defeating the catastrophic variants created by the players themselves. In the cataclysm league, after defeating various monsters, players can obtain a variety of samples that can be used to synthesize cataclysmic variants. The stronger the sample, the stronger the cataclysmic variants created and the more luxurious the rewards.

The contents of the new legendary items will also be updated as usual in the POE 3.9 league. A large number of new items will make the POE 3.9 league even more gorgeous.

On December 13, POE 3.9 “Conquerors of the Atlas” league of  Path of Exile will be officially launched, and the official website has already begun to make appointments. For old players, this league will be a good summary and milestone of the previous version, and for new players, before the 4.0 update of the industry’s highest standard, version 3.9 is the best time to enter the pit. In recent years, the king of Diablo has returned. Path of Exile will only be more luxurious. I believe that all players who love Diablo will be immersed in this fantasy world.

The Quality of Your Items Are All that Matters in Path of Exile

Everything in the game is determined by your stats, and your goal in this game is to make those stats as high as you can get them. Dodging and avoiding aren’t very skill based/reaction time based, instead they are based on attack speed/cast speed and movement speed. Most people have decent enough reaction times to click their movement skill in time. However whether you take damage or not is fully determined by how high your attack speed and/or movement speed are. Do you want to poe currency buy? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.

poe guides

As a result of this, the quality of your items are all that matters in this game, which makes good items more expensive and more chase.

And this is exactly what GGG wants. This game is locked behind items by design. Items are the single big carrot-on-a-stick of this game.

“Dodging” does exist, although it’s more of a precautions avoidance. You basically have to learn every single boss and memorize their attack patterns. Once you’ve done a boss 20 times you will know when to back off and when to attack. As a result, the end game bosses are made very inaccessible to the majority of players because they come with a very significant cost towards even trying them. Most players do not posses the wealth to buy the shaper sets required to learn how the fight works.
Again, this is fully intended. This is how they try to keep end-game exclusive.

In a hypothetical where they would make these changes, the game would feel infinitely less clunky and frustrating to play, which is good.
However, as a result dodging also becomes much easier, which places more emphasis on player skill and reaction times (again, good in my opinion), however it will decrease the player’s reliance on item power and thereby impact the economy.

It will also make boss fights much easier to complete in less tries, because dodging based on reaction time is actually a thing, making end game more accessible and their respective items less valuable.

In my personal opinion, I’d say that trade-off is well worth it. I’m actually getting pretty tired of the clunky combat system in this game and the artificial gating of everything. I would love my skill to be rewarded instead of my ability to purchase items from poe.trade.