Diablo 4 S3 Guide: Master the Paragon Board in 4 Steps!

Diablo 4’s Paragon Board system offers a rich and complex way to enhance your character’s abilities. As Season 3 unfolds, understanding how to navigate this system becomes crucial for maximizing your character’s potential. Here’s a comprehensive guide to optimize your Paragon Board in four simple steps.

Diablo 4 S3 Guide: Master the Paragon Board in 4 Steps!

Step 1: Board Identification and Initial Setup

Key Elements:

  • Identify Board Type: Determine if it’s an Intelligence, Dexterity, or Willpower board.
  • Damage and Life Nodes: Prioritize +20% damage nodes and maximum life nodes, as life boosts are multiplicative.
  • Amplify Glyph: On Intelligence boards, use the Amplify glyph for a 150% bonus to all magic nodes and 10% multiplicative damage.

Step 2: Strategic Planning and Board Selection

Key Considerations:

  • Rare Nodes and Glyphs: If planning to take rare nodes, select the corresponding glyph that enhances them.
  • Stat Requirements: Be aware of the increasing stat requirements for rare nodes in subsequent boards.
  • Board Entry and Exit: Plan your path for easy entry and exit from the board.

Step 3: Detailed Board Navigation

Detailed Tactics:

  • Resistances in Paragon Board: Invest in resistance nodes to reduce the need for resistance gems.
  • Critical Decision Points: Choose between Willpower and Dexterity nodes based on your build requirements.
  • Glyph Selection: Choose glyphs that align with your damage type and strategy, like Scorch for shadow damage over time.
  • Board Transitioning: Ensure smooth transitions between boards by aligning your stat accumulation with board requirements.

Step 4: Fine-Tuning and Perfection

Final Adjustments:

  • Stat Balancing: Adjust your pathing to meet specific stat thresholds, especially for activating rare nodes.
  • Damage Type Focus: Enhance nodes that directly increase your primary damage type.
  • Glyph Optimization: Select additional glyphs to maximize damage multipliers and elemental resistances.


To excel in Diablo 4 Season 3, consider trying to buy D4 items and strategically utilizing the four key steps for Paragon Board optimization. This focused approach is essential for building a strong character capable of tackling the game’s challenges. Thoughtful planning and the right items on the Paragon Board are key to unlocking your character’s full potential.

Diablo 4 Gems: Types, Effects, Costs, Qualities and More

Gems are useful Diablo 4 items that boost your armor, jewelry, and weapons stats, but not every Gem you acquire is useful, which means you’ll have to be careful when discarding, selling, or salvaging them. So this article will show you all Diablo 4 gems, as well as their crafting costs, types, effects, qualities, and more!

Types Of Diablo 4 Gems

AmethystArmor: Adds Damage Over Time Reduction
Jewelry: Adds Resistance to Shadow
Weapons: Adds Damage Over Time
DiamondArmor: Adds Barrier Potency
Jewelry: Adds Resistance to All Elements
Weapons: Adds Ultimate damage
EmeraldArmor: Adds Thorns
Jewelry: Adds Resistance to Poison
Weapons: Adds Damage to Elites
RubyArmor: Adds to Maximum Life
Jewelry: Adds Resistance to Fire
Weapons: Adds Resource Generation
SapphiresArmor: Adds Damage Reduction While Fortified
Jewelry: Adds Resistance to Cold
Weapons: Adds Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled
SkullsArmor: Adds Healing Received
Jewelry: Adds Armor Stat
Weapons: Adds Life On Kill
TopazArmor: Adds Damage Reduction While Control Impaired
Jewelry: Adds Resistance to Lightning
Weapons: Adds Lucky Hit Chance

All Diablo 4 Gems Qualities

Crude Gems (Level 15)
Chipped Gems (Level 20, require three of the same type of Crude Chem)
Standard Gems (Level 40, require three of the same type of Chipped Gem)
Flawless Gems (Level 60, require three of the same type of Standard Gem)
Royal Gems (Level 70, require three of the same type of Flawless Gem)

List of All Diablo 4 Gems

Crude Amethyst15Armor – 6.6% Damage Over Time Reduction,
Jewelry – 11.5% Shadow Resistance
Weapon – +4% Damage Over Time
Chipped Amethyst20Armor – 8.2% Damage Over Time Reduction
Jewelry – 14.3% Shadow Resistance
Weapon – +5% Damage Over Time
Amethyst40Armor – 9.8% Damage Over Time Reduction
Jewelry – 16.9% Shadow Resistance
Weapon – +6% Damage Over Time
Flawless Amethyst50Armor – 11.4% Damage Over Time Reduction
Jewelry – 19.6% Shadow Resistance
Weapon – +7% Damage Over Time
Royal Amethyst60Armor – 13% Damage Over Time Reduction
Jewelry – 22.1% Shadow Resistance
Weapon – +8% Damage Over Time
Crude Diamond15Armor – +4% Barrier Regeneration
Jewelry – 4% Resistance to all Elements
Weapon – +4% Ultimate Skill Damage
Chipped Diamond20Armor – +5% Barrier Regeneration
Jewelry – 5% Resistance to all Elements
Weapon – +5% Ultimate Skill Damage
Diamond40Armor – +6% Barrier Regeneration
Jewelry – 6% Resistance to all Elements
Weapon – +6% Ultimate Skill Damage
Flawless Diamond50Armor – +7% Barrier Regeneration
Jewelry – 7% Resistance to all Elements
Weapon – +7% Ultimate Skill Damage
Royal Diamond60Armor – +8% Barrier Regeneration
Jewelry – 8% Resistance to all Elements
Weapon – +8% Ultimate Skill Damage
Crude Emerald15Armor – +0.06 Thorns
Jewelry – 11.5% Poison Resistance
Weapon – +6% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies
Chipped Emerald20Armor – +0.075 Thorns
Jewelry – 14.3% Poison Resistance
Weapon – +7.5% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies
Emerald40Armor – +0.09 Thorns
Jewelry – 16.9% Poison Resistance
Weapon – +9% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies
Flawless Emerald50Armor – +0.105 Thorns
Jewelry – 19.6% Poison Resistance
Weapon – +10.5% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies
Royal Emerald60Armor – +0.12 Thorns
Jewelry – 22.1% Poison Resistance
Weapon – N/A
Crude Ruby15Armor – 0.05 Maximum Life
Jewelry – 11.5% Fire Resistance
Weapon – +12% Overpower Damage
Chipped Ruby20Armor – 0.055 Maximum Life
Jewelry – 14.3% Fire Resistance
Weapon – +15% Overpower Damage
Ruby40Armor – 0.06 Maximum Life
Jewelry – 16.9% Fire Resistance
Weapon – +18% Overpower Damage
Flawless Ruby50Armor – 0.07 Maximum Life
Jewelry – 19.6% Fire Resistance
Weapon – +21% Overpower Damage
Royal Ruby60Armor – 0.08 Maximum Life
Jewelry – 22.1% Fire Resistance
Weapon – +24% Overpower Damage
Crude Sapphire15Armor – 4% Damage Reduction while Fortified
Jewelry – 11.5% Cold Resistance
Weapon – +6% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies
Chipped Sapphire20Armor – 5% Damage Reduction while Fortified
Jewelry – 14.3% Cold Resistance
Weapon – +7.5% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies
Sapphire40Armor – 6% Damage Reduction while Fortified
Jewelry – 16.9% Cold Resistance
Weapon – +9% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies
Flawless Sapphire50Armor – 7% Damage Reduction while Fortified
Jewelry – 19.6% Cold Resistance
Weapon – +10.5% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies
Royal Sapphire60Armor – 8% Damage Reduction while Fortified
Jewelry – 22.1% Cold Resistance
Weapon – +12% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies
Crude Skull15Armor – 4% Healing Received
Jewelry – +100 Armor
Weapon – 0.02 Life on Kill
Chipped Skull20Armor – 5% Healing Received
Jewelry – +170 Armor
Weapon – 0.025 Life on Kill
Skull40Armor – 6% Healing Received
Jewelry – +230 Armor
Weapon – 0.03 Life on Kill
Flawless Skull50Armor – 7% Healing Received
Jewelry – +295 Armor
Weapon – 0.036 Life on Kill
Royal Skull60Armor – 8% Healing Received
Jewelry – +340 Armor
Weapon – 0.041 Life on Kill
Crude Topaz15Armor – 6.6% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired Jewelry – 11.5% Lightning Resistance
Weapon – +13.3% Basic Skill Damage
Chipped Topaz20Armor – 8.2% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired, Jewelry – 14.3% Lightning Resistance
Weapon – +16.7% Basic Skill Damage
Topaz40Armor – 9.8% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired, Jewelry – 16.9% Lightning Resistance
Weapon – +20% Basic Skill Damage
Flawless Topaz50Armor – 11.4% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired, Jewelry – 19.6% Lightning Resistance
Weapon – +23.3% Basic Skill Damage
Royal Topaz60Armor – 13% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired, Jewelry – 22.1% Lightning Resistance
Weapon – +26.7% Basic Skill Damage

How To Upgrade Gems In Diablo 4?

You can upgrade Diablo 4 gems at a jeweler once you reach level 20. The quest Gem Crafting will task you with speaking with the jeweller Kratia who can be found in Kyovashad. One conversation later, you can speak to any jeweler across Sanctuary and upgrade your gems.

Creating them involves combining three crude crystals or skulls of the same type and forking over some coin. Reaching level 40 lets you combine three of these upgraded gems for an even more potent gem to slot into your equipment.

Level 60 and 70 grant you Flawless and Royal gems respectively. These can be created by combining three gems of the previous rarity. This means that three Flawless gems can be converted into one Royal gem. Here’s a handy list of the resources you need to upgrade your gems:

To craftCombine three to get (level 20)Combine three to get (level 40)Combine three to get (level 60)Combine three to get (level 70)
Chipped AmethystCrude AmethystAmethystFlawless AmethystRoyal Amethyst
Chipped DiamondCrude DiamondDiamondFlawless DiamondRoyal Diamond
Chipped EmeraldCrude EmeraldEmeraldFlawless EmeraldRoyal Emerald
Chipped RubyCrude RubyRubyFlawless RubyRoyal Ruby
Chipped SapphireCrude SapphireSapphireFlawless SapphireRoyal Sapphire
Chipped SkullCrude SkullSkullFlawless SkullRoyal Skull
Chipped TopazCrude TopazTopazFlawless TopazRoyal Topaz

Use Of Diablo 4 Gems

Gems are those items that help to increase the stats of armor, jewelry, and weapons in Diablo 4. These in turn boost the stats of Ultimate Damages, Damage Over Time, and much more. Equipping these items is quite essential in defeating powerful bosses both in the early and later stages of the game.

Diablo 4 Metamorphosis: One-Shot Lilith Mastery

Diablo 4’s dynamic gameplay continues to evolve with each patch and player strategy. A burning question in the community is whether it’s possible to one-shot Lilith, the formidable adversary, using just the Metamorphosis skill. With a recent nerf to the skill duration but a significant increase in damage output, players are exploring innovative builds to leverage this change effectively.

Diablo 4 Metamorphosis: One-Shot Lilith Mastery

Understanding the Metamorphosis Nerf and Buff

Metamorphosis underwent significant changes in a recent patch, with its active time reduced, but its damage potential increased. The skill’s duration was reduced from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds and further nerfed for end-game from 4 seconds to 4.5 seconds. However, the damage output increased from 160% to 250%, amounting to a 50% damage buff. This alteration has spurred players to reconsider their builds and strategies to maximize this skill’s efficacy.

The Strategy: Building Around Dash and Metamorphosis

The core strategy involves using Dash as the sole attack method, augmented by Metamorphosis, to accumulate and unleash a staggering 2.2 million attack power. Dashing generates Fury, a crucial aspect of this build, allowing players to rapidly stack damage bonuses and fortify themselves for the critical moment. The objective is straightforward yet ambitious: defeating Lilith with a devastating blow.

Equipment and Paragon Board Optimization

Optimizing gear and the Paragon board is vital for this strategy. Players discuss using D4 items for sale and stats to boost healthy damage, directly impacting attack power on the character sheet. The focus is maximizing DPS with a combination of critical, berserking, and healthy damage, alongside leveraging the Tears of Blood glyph for an additional boost. The use of gear like the Grandfather Doombringer and Earth Striker is mentioned, emphasizing the importance of item selection in this high-stakes build.

Results and Observations

The results are impressive and somewhat humorous to the community. With proper timing and build execution, players report being able to decimate Lilith effortlessly, illustrating the sheer power of this focused strategy. The discussion highlights the potential for even higher attack power, surpassing 3 million, and the amusement of defeating the “mother of hatred” with a mere dash.


Whether for fun, challenge, or community bragging rights, pushing the limits of what’s possible in Diablo 4 remains a compelling gaming experience. This strategy showcases the creativity and persistence of the Diablo community, continually exploring and expanding the boundaries of in-game power and strategy.

The Challenges and Rewards of Diablo 4’s Abattoir of Zir

In the dynamic world of Diablo 4, the Abattoir of Zir presents a unique blend of opportunity and challenge for players. This article delves into five critical insights that can help players navigate this complex mechanic, offering a perspective on its difficulties and the potential rewards.

Understanding the Complexity of the Mechanic

Firstly, it’s crucial to recognize that the Abattoir of Zir is not for every player. The requirement to obtain and level the glyph, especially level 50, is daunting. This mechanic demands skill and access to top-tier builds, often those on the verge of being adjusted in the next season due to their overpowering nature. This exclusivity may alienate a significant portion of the Diablo 4-player base.

The Damage Cliff: Mobs vs. Bosses

A striking feature of Abattoir of Zir is the stark contrast in difficulty between mobs and bosses. While clearing mobs can be manageable, bosses often pose a sudden, insurmountable challenge, leading to instant defeats. This unpredictable difficulty spike, combined with the random nature of boss affixes, adds an element of risk and uncertainty that can frustrate players.

The Grind of Nightmare Dungeons

The third point of note is the reliance on Nightmare Dungeons for leveling glyphs, a process that can feel tedious and repetitive. The necessity to run multiple dungeons for sigil powder, essential for making new glyphs, can become a monotonous cycle, especially for players not fond of this mechanic.

Armor Requirements and Build Modifications

The fourth insight concerns the immense requirement for armor and defensive stats to survive boss encounters. This need often forces players to sacrifice damage output for survivability, fundamentally altering their builds and potentially diminishing the gameplay experience.

Reward vs. Risk

Lastly, the Abattoir of Zir rewards do not seem commensurate with the effort and risk involved. The D4 items for sale power range for rewards is inconsistent, often lower than what can be obtained from other game elements like defeating Duriel. Additionally, the significant time investment required to level glyphs to a point where they offer substantial benefits is daunting and may not be feasible for many players.


While the Abattoir of Zir introduces an intriguing mechanic to Diablo 4, its implementation presents significant challenges. The high, difficult and h demanding requirements and underwhelming rewards can lead to frustration. However, the potential for future adjustments exists, and with the right changes, this mechanic could become a more enjoyable and rewarding aspect of Diablo 4’s rich gameplay experience.

Chain Lightning Sorcerer: Diablo 4 Leveling Guide

Diablo 4’s dynamic gameplay offers various character builds, but for players seeking rapid leveling, the Chain Lightning Sorcerer stands out. This guide delves into optimizing this build, ensuring you swiftly navigate through enemies and dungeons.

Chain Lightning Sorcerer: Diablo 4 Leveling Guide

The Essence of Chain Lightning Sorcerer

Key Abilities

Basic Attack: Spark for resource generation.
Core Skill: Chain Lightning for wave clearing.
Crowd Control: Frost Nova, adding the vulnerable status effect.
Mobility: Teleport for damage reduction and quick movement.
Additional Control: Lightning Spear and Unstable Currents (ultimate) for added crowd control and damage.

Gameplay Strategy

The Chain Lightning Sorcerer excels in clearing mobs with efficient resource management. Key strategies include:

  • Prioritizing Chain Lightning to exhaust resources.
  • Utilizing a Legendary Aspect from the Codex of Power for mana regeneration.
  • Balancing the use of Teleport and Frost Nova for optimal engagement.
  • Regularly deploying Lightning Spear and using Unstable Currents in crowded or challenging scenarios.

Skill Tree Focus

Key points allocation includes:

  • Critical chance, damage enhancement, cooldown reduction.
  • Damage reduction and barrier skills for survivability.
  • Shock ability enhancements for additional crowd control.

The Early Stages

Initially, the Chain Lightning Sorcerer may feel underpowered in Diablo 4, but this changes dramatically with the unlocking of enchantments at level 15 and the strategic acquisition of D4 items for sale. For example, the Fireball enchantment causes enemies to explode upon death, significantly enhancing your ability to clear areas efficiently.

Legendary Aspects and Vampiric Powers

Legendary Aspects

The Prodigy’s Aspect: Mana regeneration on cooldown use.
Recharging Aspect: Mana back for Chain Lightning bounces.
Aspect of Control: Damage bonus for crowd control efficiency.
Storm Swell Aspect: Damage bonus while under barrier protection.
Aspect of the Unbroken Tether: Increased Chain Lightning bounces.

Vampiric Powers

Undying: Health regeneration for ability usage.
Prey on the Weak: Damage bonus post-Frost Nova use.
Hemomancy: Passive damage based on maximum health.
Anticipation: Cooldown reduction for Unstable Currents.
Domination: Enhanced damage against stunned enemies.

Mastering the Build

The key to excelling with the Chain Lightning Sorcerer is situational awareness and cooldown management. Understanding when to deploy each ability optimally is crucial. The build’s strength lies in its ability to quickly dispatch groups of enemies, making it ideal for leveling up fast.

Advanced Tactics

  • Leverage the combination of Teleport and Frost Nova for effective engagements.
  • Regularly update your skill tree and abilities in line with your gameplay style.
  • Experiment with different combinations of Legendary Aspects and Vampiric Powers to find what best suits your playstyle.


The Chain Lightning Sorcerer in Diablo 4 is a formidable build for players looking to level up quickly. Its combination of wave clearing, crowd control, and mobility, along with strategic use of Legendary Aspects and Vampiric Powers, makes it a powerhouse in the game. By mastering the skill tree and understanding the nuances of each ability, players can dominate the battlefield and enjoy a swift leveling experience.

What is the Most Defensive Tactic in FC 24?

What is the Most Defensive Tactic in FC 24?

An optimal defensive tactic in FC 24 is very important and is a key factor in winning the game. Choosing the right formation and customizing the tactics once we are in FC 24 is crucial to keep from conceding goals. Below, we will detail some of the most defensive tactics in FC 24.

Why are defensive formations so important?

Here are some of the reasons why it is important:

  • Solid defense: A good defensive formation provides a solid defense, making it difficult for the opposition to score goals.
  • Breaking through the opposing defense: A solid formation can also help break through the opposing defense.
  • Custom tactics: Custom tactics are also important in defensive formation.
  • Deciding factor in a match: A solid formation and optimized custom tactics can be the deciding factor.

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The most defensive tactic in FC 24

Here are some of the most defensive tactics in FC 24:

  • 4-1-2-1-2: This formation has a big defensive core of a left back, a central defensive midfielder, two center backs, and a right back. Between all these defenders, you’ll have wide coverage and should be able to shut down most runs. This formation is an excellent spread-out formation that feels great to play.
  • 5-1-2-2: This formation has three center-backs and a further central defensive midfielder to stop leaky defenses. The two defensive midfielders will make it hard for opposition players to score through the middle, creating a block in front of the defense.
  • 4-3-2-1: This formation has three central midfielders who can do the defensive job and pack out the midfield, stopping any forward progression from the opposition in the middle third. Setting up custom tactics to have the midfielders stay back in certain scenarios can make it a very strong defensive formation.
  • 4-2-3-1: This formation provides a solid defense, mostly because of the two defensive midfielders. On the offense, you have a creative number 10 that can help. Especially because of the two defensive midfielders that can be relied on. Next, you have plenty of firepower, two wingers, and one striker.

In conclusion, the most defensive tactic in FC 24 depends on the player’s playstyle and tactics. After we buy and build a strong team using fc24 coins, we can try these tactics above, which will help us gain a greater advantage in the game.

4 Must-Have Community Resources in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4 players need to make huge progress in a short period of time so that we can maintain an advantage. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a novice, there are some community resources you can use to gain an edge in the game. The following article will introduce in detail the 4 necessary community resources after entering Diablo 4.

Helltide Tracker

The Helltide Tracker is an indispensable tool for any Diablo 4 player. Available at helltides.com, this tracker updates Helltide events. Helltides are important in-game events that offer exclusive crafting resources. These resources become important as you delve deeper into the game.

The Helltide Tracker not only notifies you of ongoing Helltide events but also reveals the exact location of mysterious chests during these events. These chests, which must 175 Cinders to open, are loaded with valuable resources. Tracker can help us get mysterious chests quickly, which allows us to get more diablo 4 coins in a short time.

World Boss Tracker

World Boss Tracker

Knowing when and where world bosses are set to appear can give you a significant advantage in Diablo 4. The World Boss Tracker is a community resource that eliminates guesswork and allows for strategic planning.

World bosses in Diablo 4 spawn between five and eight hours after the previous one, making it challenging to predict their appearance. However, you can stay ahead of the curve with the World Boss Tracker. User submissions on the tracker website provide estimated spawn times.

Interactive World Map

Interactive World Map

Navigating the expansive universe of Diablo 4 can be daunting. However, with the Interactive World Map, you can explore Sanctuary. This detailed, fan-made map covers every nook and cranny of the Diablo 4 universe.

The Interactive World Map, available at d4planner.io/map, allows you to display everything you need to complete your Renown. You can locate every altar of Lilith, waypoint, and dungeon by zone. This tool is crucial for collecting every altar of Lilith and completing all your Renown for extra power.

Builds and Tier Lists

To maximize your effectiveness in Diablo 4, following guides on the best builds for every class is essential – Barbarian, Necromancer, Rogue, Sorcerer, and Druid. The maxroll.gg website offers updated tier lists and build guides based on balance changes and patch notes.

The website includes tier lists for leveling, end-game content, speed farming, and nightmare dungeon pushing, providing information on the best builds for each situation. These robust build guides cover everything from skills, Paragon boards, items, and affix priorities to gear progression and skill rotation.

These four community resources are invaluable tools for any Diablo 4 player looking to maximize their gameplay. Whether tracking Helltide events, predicting world boss spawns, navigating the world of Sanctuary, or optimizing your character builds, these resources will help you unlock Diablo 4’s full potential.

Diablo 4: How does Druid choose the right affix?

Diablo 4 is about meeting players. The greatest fun for Druids at the beginning of the game is to upgrade the level and replace the corresponding Diablo 4 Items. The equipment is inseparable from the addition of special effects and affixes. How to choose the most suitable one from the various types? Affixes are something druid players must consider.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to solve the problems of Druid’s energy recovery, movement speed, defense ability, and special effect triggering.

Energy Recovery
Druid’s energy cannot be recovered automatically. In low-level situations, there is no effective way to recover energy. Therefore, “Darkness” is very important for Druids. Cooperating with the “Poisonous Ivy” skill can help Druids recover energy quickly.

Moving Speed
When fighting the Boss, you need to run non-stop to avoid the damage of the Boss, so the speed of movement is very important in the battle. Excellent movement speed can avoid damage from bosses, prolong the battle time of druids, and increase the probability of survival on the battlefield.

Defense Ability
Druid’s defensive ability can be improved by relying on the skills “Earthen Bulwark” and “Cyclone Armor,” but this requires consuming Druid’s skill points.

Because the skill points are limited, it is not recommended to invest too much in defensive capabilities. A better solution is prioritizing improving attack skills and shortening the killing time.

The above analysis shows their priority level: energy recovery and movement speed > defense ability.

Probabilistic Trigger and Stable Trigger
In the early stage of the game, the effect of probability triggering could be better, and the trigger probability needs to be bigger. As can be seen from the chart below, the income of probability triggering is gradually increasing. Therefore, you should choose a stable trigger in the early stage, such as “Primitive Landslide” This skill can give you 100% of a critical strike, and the damage is considerable.

Crows can make the enemy 100% vulnerable and must be matched with affixes to increase the vulnerable damage. Poisonous vines can control the enemy 100% and must be combined with affixes that can increase the damage of the controlled enemy. Combining these two skills and affixes can steadily increase the Druid’s damage.

The effect in the early game could be better regarding the lucky trigger because the probability of triggering could be higher. For example, the lucky trigger probability of “Power of the Earth” is only 5%, and only Druids need to try it after they have a certain equipment foundation.

Core Attribute Affixes
There are four core attributes in Diablo 4. They are strength, intelligence, will, and agility. Will is most needed for druids, which can greatly increase the damage to druids. In addition, It also boosts the Druid’s healing and suppresses damage, ignoring enemy armor and doing more damage.

Therefore, when choosing attribute affixes, prioritize the affixes that can improve willpower. The addition and modification of affixes will consume Diablo 4 Golds. The higher the level, the greater the consumption. U4gm will help players solve this problem.

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The Best MyPlayer Builds In NBA 2K23

There are many characters for us to choose from in NBA 2K23 MyCareer mode, however, too many choices make it easy for us to make mistakes. If you want to build a better MyPlayer, then you need to seek some help, including a lot of MT 2K23 and some guides. You can find some of the best MyPlayer builds in NBA 2K23 in the following guides.

Best PG Build – Playmaking Shot Creator

This point guard build will make your player effective both inside and outside the three-point line. It offers a total of 69 badge points, which are just enough to unlock famous badges, including the Hall of Fame Giant Killer, Gold Poster, and Gold Infinite Takeoff.

Height and length help with the defense on switches and also unlock certain animations. You can lower the height to gain some speed if you wish, but it will come at the cost of inline finishing. For now, we sacrifice a little acceleration, carry speed, and a lot of rebounding stats. Here are the specifics.

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’8”
  • Weight: 190lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’10”
  • Body Shape: Your preference

Build Stats

FinishingClose Shot: 60
Driving Layup: 80
Driving Dunk: 93
Standing Dunk: 49
Post Control: 25
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 80
Three-Point Shot: 92
Free Throw: 71
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 86
Ball Handle: 89
Speed With Ball: 80
Defense/ReboundingInterior Defense: 48
Perimeter Defense: 76
Steal: 78
Block: 25
Offensive Rebound: 25
Defensive Rebound: 31
PhysicalsSpeed: 85
Acceleration: 80
Strength: 30
Vertical: 75
Stamina: 85

Best SG Build – Inside-Out Shot Creator

This point guard build allows players to dominate both from the three-point line and when they get momentum to the basket. It is similar to the PG build above, but with more speed and inside-out finishing stats when you find yourself under the basket.

This version won’t grab any rebounds, but almost all of the shooting badges are Hall of Fame status, with several key options in terms of finishing, such as Giant Killer, Pro Touch, and Infinite Takeoff.

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’7”
  • Weight: 200lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’10”
  • Body Shape: Your preference

Build Stats

FinishingClose Shot: 56
Driving Layup: 76
Driving Dunk: 86
Standing Dunk: 87
Post Control: 25
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 78
Three-Point Shot: 92
Free Throw: 68
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 80
Ball Handle: 90
Speed With Ball: 84
Defense/ReboundingInterior Defense: 25
Perimeter Defense: 70
Steal: 71
Block: 25
Offensive Rebound: 25
Defensive Rebound: 26
PhysicalsSpeed: 87
Acceleration: 81
Strength: 25
Vertical: 75
Stamina: 85

Best SF Build – 3 & D Wing

This lineup of small forwards moves away from the inside-out prototype and focuses more on defense than any other stat category.

Key Badges

  • Menace
  • Challenger
  • Catch & Shoot

Not being quick enough with the ball is a weakness here, so don’t try to take it in hand. Focus on running without the ball to get consistent spot-up shots, while using lockdown defense to stop opposing teams’ edge scorers.

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’8”
  • Weight: 220lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’1”
  • Body Shape: Your preference

Build Stats

FinishingClose Shot: 53
Driving Layup: 73
Driving Dunk: 86
Standing Dunk: 50
Post Control: 25
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 71
Three-Point Shot: 83
Free Throw: 61
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 70
Ball Handle: 36
Speed With Ball: 33
Defense/ReboundingInterior Defense: 91
Perimeter Defense: 90
Steal: 90
Block: 86
Offensive Rebound: 93
Defensive Rebound: 94
PhysicalsSpeed: 83
Acceleration: 77
Strength: 85
Vertical: 90
Stamina: 91

Best PF Build – Paint Beast

The Paint Beast power forward build will make your character an expert when it comes to defense, rebounding, and inside scoring. The goal is to stop the opponent in key moments on defense and then control the lane on the offensive end.

Key Badges

  • Rise Up
  • Rebound Chaser
  • Pogo Stick
  • Anchor

The main weakness of this version is shooting, so don’t attempt mid-range shots. As the name implies, you will live in the paint at both ends of the floor.

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’11”
  • Weight: 248lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’7”
  • Body Shape: Your preference

Build Stats

FinishingClose Shot: 74
Driving Layup: 85
Driving Dunk: 93
Standing Dunk: 90
Post Control: 40
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 35
Three-Point Shot: 25
Free Throw: 41
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 70
Ball Handle: 70
Speed With Ball: 59
Defense/ReboundingInterior Defense: 90
Perimeter Defense: 72
Steal: 75
Block: 99
Offensive Rebound: 85
Defensive Rebound: 99
PhysicalsSpeed: 73
Acceleration: 65
Strength: 80
Vertical: 80
Stamina: 86

Best C Build – 2-Way Inside-The-Arc Scorer

This center configuration allows your player to score from anywhere inside the 3-point line, and in some cases has the option to step out of the 3-point line. The main strengths here are mid/close range shooting, rebounding, and rim protection.


  • Rise Up
  • Aerial Wizard
  • Green Machine
  • Post Lockdown

The weaknesses of this build are the same ball handling and speed. Try to focus on spot-up jumpers or dropbacks on the offensive end and protection on the defensive end.

Body Settings

  • Height: 7’0”
  • Weight: 251lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’10”
  • Body Shape: Your preference

Build Stats

FinishingClose Shot: 73
Driving Layup: 71
Driving Dunk: 85
Standing Dunk: 93
Post Control: 39
ShootingMid-Range Shot: 80
Three-Point Shot: 79
Free Throw: 55
PlaymakingPass Accuracy: 71
Ball Handle: 53
Speed With Ball: 26
Defense/ReboundingInterior Defense: 88
Perimeter Defense: 85
Steal: 70
Block: 88
Offensive Rebound: 85
Defensive Rebound: 90
PhysicalsSpeed: 70
Acceleration: 61
Strength: 85
Vertical: 83
Stamina: 87

Exactly how to become Firing Goal benefits in the brand new season of 2K?

There are a ton of entertaining programs in the seventh time of 2K, however, as a basketball game, the shooting game is an infinite topic. Hooters ought to have the abilities to record outdoor in order to can immerse inside, which is truly significant for newcomers. It's challenging.

While there's a ton of fresh embed 2K to help keep you delighted, do not fail to remember to include a Recording Program to MyTEAM, in order to in the HOF Blinders spot, you can track the Recording Program youhave the ability to execute today. These programs are not complex in order to deliver a prize of 2,000 XP when performed.

2K New Year Staff Recording Program
Make 50 3-pointers in many different gamings
Reward: 1,000 XP

Made two 4-pointers in many different clutch gamings.
Reward: 1,000 XP

Cheap NBA 2K MT

Aside from obtaining everyday bonus for accomplishing these, players can even get attainable Hall of Recognition badges. To enhance your shooting rank, some correct shooting badges are even important.

great shooting badge
Deadeye: Jumpers made with a defender approaching have a lot fewer fines in shooting battles.
Sniper – Early/late timing jumpers will obtain a boost, in order to in advance or late shots will have a much more considerable punishment.
Grass Tool: Once the member goes to the superb model straight, this badge presents the member a broader home window to get the most ideal or remarkable quality.
Blinders: Guardians will have low fines for jumpers in perimeter vision.

Armed with a shooting badge can make you have great outside getting capacity, however, just these are not enough; players even require to have exceptional inside getting capacity, in order to discovering ways in which to immerse center is a essential capacity for a pretty good shooter.

Exactly how to undertake a two-handed dunk
You'll be in need of to click the R2 or RT trigger in order to face the correct stick into the lip while numbering complete a two-handed dunk The two-handed dunk belongs the best simple dunks to execute in NBA 2K22. This relocation trains best on a swift break or without a defender in package. A member with a high dunk rating in order to verticalities, such as LeBron James or Kevin Durant, is strongly recommended for soaking.

Exactly how to make a lovely dunk.
Any sort of member with a specialist or selected dunk offer in order to equivalent dunk rating in order to verticality can complete a lovely dunk. Lovely dunks can be performed by pinning R2 or RT while numbering the lip in order to flicking the correct stick. The style of snazzy dunk a member will take depends on his level, rating, in order to placement on the court at that time of the act. A member ranging from the guideline will certainly result in a sideline dunk, while a member ranging from the wing will certainly complete a one-handed hammering.