• July 7, 2024

Comprehensive Guide to EXP Materials in Zenless Zone Zero

In Zenless Zone Zero, EXP materials are essential for upgrading agents and equipment. With the wide variety of items in the game, collecting these materials can be challenging for new players. This guide will provide detailed and effective methods for gathering all EXP materials, including those needed for upgrading agents, Bangboo, and the W-Engine. If…

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Zenless Zone Zero: Best Drive Disks for Lycaon

Continuing from Lycaon W-Engine guide, we’ll now explore the best Drive Disks to further enhance Lycaon’s abilities in Zenless Zone Zero.If you’re looking for a strong start, consider a cheap Lycaon starter account for a high-quality gaming experience. Use the discount code “jean7” at U4GM to save more! Zenless Zone Zero: Optimal Lycaon Build Guide…

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