An Useful Skill In Runescape — Combat

The art of Combat plays a large role in Runescape. You can loot valuable rewards to trade Runescape Gold From your enemies by combat. Besides, Combat does have its perks, having the ability to wear stronger equipment is other superiority.

Runescape skill

There are dangerous creatures wandering throughout the land, quests which require you to slay deadly bosses, and Player vs. Player Activities where you’ll be fighting against formidable opponents. You will face them during your combat.

Combat makes up a large part of Runescape, involving 8 of the 24 skills, and widely popular among players. Combat is the use of these skills to attack other Non-Player Characters, or other Players. The skills used in Combat are as follows: Attack, Defence, Strength, Ranged, Prayer, Magic, Summoning, Constitution.

These eight skills are the foundation of combat, all of them widely used in all forms. Originally, combat levels were capped at 126. However, in January of 2008, summoning was released. This skill being counted toward your combat level, the cap was therefore raised to 138.

The Evolution of Combat, released late November 2012, changed the combat formula once again. It was raised to 200 and could be found by adding your defence level to your highest combat skill and then adding two.

With the release of Legacy Mode, combat levels have been reverted back to the old cap of 138. Skills, such as Magic and Range, now play a bigger role in how your combat level is calculated. Combat levels in Oldschool Runescape are capped at 126. They take all skills into account apart from Summoning as it hadn’t yet been released.

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A Ninja Team Improvement In Runescape

A new Runescape update about Ninja Team combo has been released, which means distractiondiversion and death.

Runescape update


First up, there are a ton of improvements to Distractions and Diversions, aimed at making them more accessible and more rewarding.

There’s also the long-awaited Death Rework, built and tested with your help in the beta.

We’ve also got prismatic dyes in Solomon’s Store, and details of the week’s live streams.

Are you ready? Let’s go into Runescape world with the latest Ninja Team.

The Meathod Using Improved Looting In Runescape

The Runescape looting has been improved, but some players don’t know how to use it in the right way. Following are introduction about how to use improved looting in runescape.


The improved looting mechanics are switched on by default, and you can customise them through the Game Settings interface. If you’d rather stick to the old loot mechanics, this is also where you can toggle them off.

Simply left-click a piece of loot and the new looting interface will open. It will gather and display all loot that you’re eligible to pick up. Then, you can click individual items to transfer them to your backpack, or click ‘Loot All’ to grab everything.

To customise the Loot interface, first go to the Game Settings interface, then click the new ‘Loot Options‘ button.

This enables you to toggle the loot interface entirely (default on), toggle area looting (default off) and toggle right-click activation of the Loot interface (default off).

This is also where you can set up custom loot criteria. This lets you set a minimum coin value and various categories – ‘herblore items‘,’prayer items‘ etc. – which can be ticked in any combination you wish. Selecting any of these will add a ‘Loot Custom‘ button to the Loot interface, which will pick up any items which meet the criteria you’ve set.

Note that the Loot interface cannot be used in most minigames, and that area looting requires line of sight to the item in question.

Also, certain items – such as those specifically related to quests – cannot be picked up through the Loot interface. You can pick up any such items in the old way by right-clicking them, as long as right-click activation is turned off.

The Lastest Runescape Labs Has Been Released By Mod Luna

The lastest Runescape Labs has happened, which as the Mod Luna’s back to take us. And the spine-tingling Halloween, your favourite item, be included the latest.

How exciting! And Runescape is also joined by Mod Ollie, who updates it on the progress of the Seren quest. Well, what’s yous attitude about the video, please share your views about it by leaving comments below.

Get More Codes To Win Reward In RuneScape Road Trip

The RuneScape Road Trip has started on last Friday, and now is crazy time. Some rewards be offered for RuneScape members, of course, you can get it, including dungeon for 30 days.

RuneScape Road Trip

To run alongside your in-game adventures, the Community Team have made their own Community Road Trip – with awesome prizes, including Cooler Master PC gaming gear!

Over the course of the next four weeks, we’ll ask you to journey through forums and social media accounts in search of codes that could spell your victory! We’ll give you new tasks with each week’s update news post, and the more codes you get, the more chances you’ll have to win:

Top Prize

  1. Cooler Master headset, mouse and keyboard.
  2. Five RS Bonds.
  3. Your choice of item from our Merch Store.

Second Prize

  1. Cooler Master headset.
  2. Two RS Bonds.
  3. Your choice of t-shirt from our Merch Store.

There are some tasks for you at Mods Balance and Kalaya on the Road Trip forums. This Week’s Tasks is looking out for the RS Subreddit’s team of mods. They have style, flair…and the key to one of this week’s codes.

The Method To Find Hints By Big Mo At Runescape

If you are a Runescape fans, maybe you have seen Big Mo and got a scroll clue from him. Well, do you love it? Most people enjoy it because of skills, but others are bothered by endless skill grinding and runescape 2007 gold consuming. Following is the way to find some hints by Big Mo.


Big Mo as a businessman and salesman will take a trip around the map from May 1 to May 31. And once per day through May, he will sell you a clue scroll for a reasonable price. The more you visit him throughout the month the more likely it will be that he has the tier that you are looking for. As he moves at midnight GMT every day, you have to track him down, and you can find some hints on the OldSchoolRS Twitter.

Most people love clue scrolls from Big Mo, mostly because it gives motivation to trail skills they wouldn’t do otherwise, like claim the monkey madness on pure account. Regardless of the reward, it would have fun to finish RFD in OSRS as well. Have fun!

The Interface And Gameplay Options Beta Of RuneScape

The beta of interface and gameplay options has been released, which means you can choose how you play RuneScape with the EoC/Legacy Mash Up.


Previously, you had the choice of playing RuneScape with the Evolution of Combat system and complex, customisable interfaces, or in Legacy Mode, with old-style, low-intensity combat and traditional, fixed interfaces.

Now, you can pick and choose your favourites in any of four combinations, straight from the Combat Settings interface:

  • Evolution of Combat and New Interface System
  • Evolution of Combat and Legacy interfaces
  • Legacy combat and New Interface System
  • Legacy combat and interfaces

It is just the first step of RuneScape beta, and more updates are waiting for you. So, let’s enjoy your time by participating in RuneScape 2007.

Share Protean Logs In Runescape Treasure Hunter

If you want to have a perfect performance on your aquarium, you can use the stackable supplies to train Firemaking or Fletching, or turned into protean planks in the Construction training. Of course, it’s not easy if you don’t use the assistance by buying Runescape Gold.


From 00:00 UTC (game time) on the 24th of April until 23:59 UTC on the 27th of April, protean logs will be available on Treasure Hunter.

If Construction’s what you’re after, take your protean logs to a sawmill (either portable or the one near Varrock) to change them to protean planks for 5 coins each.

If Firemaking or Fletching takes your fancy, simply click the logs and choose what to train. If you’d like to train both at the same time, first select the Fletching option (the knife tool) – then ‘Fletch and Burn’ to split your XP gain between both skills.

Another things you need to note, before you must click again and restart the process, you can train on 60 logs or planks, and you can make up to 500 planks at a time.

Ourg Navicular Bone Fragments At RuneScape

As you know, the Ourg navicular bone fragments are available from the God Conflicts dungeon to RuneScape players, so you need to collect your own Runescape Gold navicular bone fragments or buy them by Runescape Gold from other players.

Compared with rsgoldfast RuneScape 3

Dragon navicular bone fragments are usually easy to acquire, while the Ogre navicular bone fragments are less common. Either way, 99 prayer will be expensive; either in real price or in the loss of prospective income from navicular bone fragments gathered and used instead of sold.

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