WildStar’s Dungeons and Adventures are Must See Content

If you like running 5-person dungeons, you are going to love WildStar’s dungeon content. I’ve PUG’d the first Exile dungeon, Stormtalon’s Lair, several times and run it with my guild, as well as the first adventure, Hycrest Insurrection. The length of time it takes to complete this instanced content is ideal for my schedule, easily run in under an hour barring a wipe fest. They are also PUG’able with patience and communication. Running with a guild obviously optimizes the potential for success, but I’ve had some good experiences in PUG’s (and bad) which confirms that the content is difficult but doable, and that’s the combination I’m looking for.

I appreciate that WildStar’s devs once again innovated on the MMO experience by adding 5-person Adventures into the game. This instanced content is different each run because the players quickly vote on several possible adventure paths, leading to different loot possibilities and experiences. Adventure runs contrast nicely from standard dungeons, adding spice and variety to WildStar’s instanced content experience.

UI Recommendations
The base UI is pretty dang good, and many of the addons created by the community are helpful. There are a few annoying little things I would like to see improved:

1. The Abilities icon in the bottom left of the base UI remains lit up for some reason after leveling up and spending new abilities and AMP points, causing the player to have to click it again to reopen the Abilities Screen and clear the icon’s light.
2. When selling items out of inventory bags, the UI confirms the sale but then creates a highlight above the bottom inventory item for a few seconds, blocking it from view.
3. To click Confirm when opening a Boombox or performing other action or entering a BG, the UI highlights the button when the cursor hovers over it, but then you have to wait for a bar to fill up before actually being able to click the button.
4. The quest list on the right side of the screen is difficult to use.

Thayd, Exiles Capital City

Let’s Talk about Thayd
I am not a fan of the Exile capital city. It is a sprawling city that does not feel like home and is inefficient to get around. I’ve made my peace with Thayd, however, because its layout and feel appropriately fits the Exiles theme of being the upstart faction just getting up and going, trying to make a home on Nexus. So while I don’t care for the city, I do think it fits within the lore of the Exiles faction, and perhaps in a future expansion it will blossom into a different place that is more efficient, better looking and more fun to spend time. For now, being in the city is a stark reminder that the Exiles have a long way to go, and I look forward to seeing what lies ahead for them.

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WildStar Leveling Guide:The Hoverboard Mount


The minimum level you need in order to be able to ride a mount in Wildstar is level 15. This
applies only for the normal Wildstar mounts such as raptors, woolies, warpig, etc! When it
comes to the hoverboards mount things change a bit. You need to be at last level 25 (twenty-
five) to be able to ride the hoverboard mount, because it’s a bit more complex riding it, you
need the proper balance and muscle strength to stay on it. There are various hoverboard mounts
in the game so far but not all of them costs gold in order to buy them like we are used so far.
Depending on the type of the hoverboard, you can use multiple types of currency in order to buy
one, like:

Renown currency points – This type of currency is earned through social activities like
playing in groups or with friends or simply mentoring someone lower than you

Elder Gems currency – those is acquired by using your elder points that you earn at level cap
(level 50), 75 000 Elder points turns into 1 Elder Gem.

Prestige points – This is the currency for PVP, you can earn it by winning battlegrounds,
completing PvP objectives or killing enemy players around the world.

latinum currency – That turns into gold, silver and copper. 1 platinum coin equals 100 gold
coins.So these are the currency types that you can use in order to buy one of these cool
hoverboard mounts.

Hoverboard mount tips:
1.The hoverboard mount has the sprint ability that allows them to move even faster.
2.Summoning your hoverboard takes around 1.5-2 seconds so if you move during this period, the
process will get canceled.
3.It has using restriction in known areas such as PvP zones such as (Battlegrounds, Arenas and
PvE Instances)
4.The Hoverboard mount has the unique ability to run on water unlike any other mounts which is
really cool and saves you a lot of time if you would have to swim instead plus it keeps you

How to Make WildStar Gold the Easy Way

Money makes the world go ’round, even if it’s the WildStar. Gold buys weapons, armor, food, potions and countless regents used to make things. Internet companies sell gold for real greenbacks, so WildStar gold is big business. Now you can learn how the pros make gold the easy way in WildStar without spending long hours leveling a profession or farming for drops.


Selecting the best profession and choosing the right items to auction are the best reliable means to support your adventures financially in Nexus.And Select two professions. WildStar permits each character to have at most two professions that concerns either creating or gathering items which can be used in the game. These can be sold to other players directly or through the Auction House.

Gathering professions can include mining, herbalism, and skinning whilst crafting professions can involve blacksmithing, alchemy, enchanting, inscription, engineering, jewel crafting, tailoring and, leather working. Gathering professions mean quick money making, since gatherers can auction their gatherings for pure and free profits. However, crafting professions earns larger amounts of profit in the long term period, especially when the players are in the capability to craft rare items by end game. For maximum profits, select a complementary crafting and gathering combination, such as leather working and skinning. By doing so, you will always spend less money on materials, thus increasing your profit margins.

Research on your best choices of professions with much care, and keep monitoring which item sells best in the auction house so as to make best choices on what to gather, make and sell.
This process can really be tedious, but having a good knowledge about the market is key to your success in it. Every server on WildStar has got its own and unique economy. Whilst basic economic principles of demand and supply do apply, you can notice value changes on several servers. For example, an item that is highly valued and rare on one server can be in common place and also worthless on another. Always pay close attention to your server and your economy to get the best feel for what will sell the best.

Sell items to make profits. The WildStar Auction system make it easy to go about. The basic rule you must know in is this: always buy low and sell high. Auction gathered items that you no longer require for your crafting, and all gathered and crafted items which are in a high demand.

appraiser ws item

WildStar Warrior PVP Build


In WildStar, the Warrior is the preeminent melee class – wielders of big sharp objects that slash and dash enemies with speed and power. Here brute force is the name of the game, the Warrior unmatched on terms of strength and durability able to serve as both tanks and DPS (the dealers of damage). The WildStar Warrior class will be equipped with a two-handed sowrd and an arm rockets doubling as a shield, increasing their high survivability.

Warriors are good solo levelers, but excel in PvP due to their mobility and relatively high ability to control crowds of enemies. Thus, it is important to invest in these strengths to ease your leveling up. For instance, the Kick skill is a great choice because it can knock enemies back – a big boon for crowd control – clearing enemies from your character on a congested field of battle. Following this up with the Leap skill gives you the opportunity to disrupt the movement of your enemy again while keeping your ability to make additional moves. Disrupting, or interrupting, the enemy is all important as not only will it increase your survivability, but also causes the enemy to go into what’s called a Moment of Opportunity where they take increased damage (150%).

Leap is definitely an ability that every Warrior build must possess. It acts as way to both exit tight situations and enter combat, leaping back into the range to strike immediately after dodging. Additionally, the Concussion Grenade is helpful for dealing damage to large amounts of enemies, helping your leveling, as the Concussion Grenade stuns the entire cast of opponents in its radius. Combining this ability with the Plasma Saw ability, your Warrior will be able to affect a huge amount of burst radius damage in a single blow.

In terms of leveling, it is slightly easier and quicker to gain levels with a DPS build rather than a tank build, but you can reduce the difference by combining a traditional tank build with a few DPS abilities and gear. It won’t hurt to mix and match as you’ll have until level 20 to decide which route you want to go. Overall, though, you will want to nail down abilities that help with mobility and crowd control as those combos will speed leveling the most.

Outside of that, there are abilities like Overdrive which can be put to good use To explain, cell charges are the resource you use to deal damage. The fast the cells charge with energy, the more damage your character will give. Overdrive prevents energy decay allowing you to build up cell charges quickly and even out massive amounts of damage (a 25% increase) to a number of enemies. On this end, you’ll want to focus on investing in Strength – though Stamina and Technology are also needed – as that will obviously allow you to deal the most damage, which is the Warrior’s main use: taking the enemy to its knees.

How to be rich easily in WildStar


In WildStar you can survive without money as a new character, but once you reach higher levels, money will be more of a necessity than an option. You’re going to need money in order to advance in the game. You need thousands, sometimes millions, of gold pieces to buy armor, weapons, runes, food, ores and more. Fortunately, you can earn money easily in the Nexus world. You will make more money if you have high skill levels, yet even a low level player can earn money with ease.

The first way you can obtain gold in WildStar is by simply earning gold. You are going to obtain gold through quests you complete, leveling up and scavenging items throughout the game. Granted, this only gives you a small amount of gold and it might take a bit longer to purchase that battle axe you’ve had your eye on for some time, but it is the least expensive way to go about earning gold. It is also possible to pick up items that you simply do not need, such as that second broad sword or spells you have far too many of. With these items, you can sell to venders throughout the game for gold. That is why it is so important to pick up everything you can, especially towards the beginning of the game. When just starting off, even if the item is not worth very much (such as a green , house items or other material, you need to just pick it up and sell it off to the nearest vendor to at least start building your gold stockpile).

As you become more advanced in the game, you are able to craft together weapons that other individuals are going to want. When you have done so, you are able to sell the weapon, spells and other material to individuals in the online game. Here, you can make a good amount of gold. You do have to level up to be advanced enough in order to craft a desirable weapon, but once you have, the gold should start flowing in.

If you are willing to buy WildStar gold, you have an option. There are dozens of out-of-game marketplaces offerings that sell wildstar gold in exchange for actual money such as wildstarmall.com.Anyone are welcomed to redistribute, copy, quote, reference or perform content in this site, if and only if he/she attributed the work.

WildStar Guide:How to Maximizing your housing buff


It is known to all that there are 5 kinds of housing buffs, Aroma, Comfort, Lighting, Pride and Ambience. These buffs control how much rested XP you get when logged off in your house. But by this point you probably already know that. You have also learned that getting a lot of small lights does not consitute a large lighting buff etc. So I have complied a very simple list of the items that you can easily find and afford that will give you the large buffs so you can obtain the most rested xp possible. (Note these can be shrunk down as small as possible and will still give the maximum buff so you don’t have to show off something you think looks stupid. Size doesn’t matter here 😉 Secondly, it can be inside or outside of your house.) Also one last word before I move on, rested xp matters at 50 as well. It increases your Elder point gathering, which turns into Elder gems. So even if you are already 50, you should look at this.

Lighting: Draken Tallhorn Brazier Location: Whitevale Quartermaster (In Palerock Post) Cost: 3s 69c
Pride: Chua Bookshelf (Tall) Location: Housing vendor Cost: 4g
Aroma: Wooden Wall Planter Location: Housing Vendor Cost: 1g 50s
Ambience: Charming Bar Location: Housing vendor Cost: 4g
Comfort: (This one is a bit tricky as anything that you can buy from the housing vendor costs 15000 renown or more.) Therefore the best option (for cheap/free) is this: Granok Four Poster Bed Location: Moonshine cabin challenge; rare drop (If spending 15000 renown floats your boat, the Draken Sofa gives the large comfort buff.)

The next best way is to contact your friendly neighborhood architecht. Or go to the auction house. Either way the supplies or the cost of these items shouldn’t be too high. Here are a few choices.
Large Comfort Buff Items (Architecht):
Stonebrick Lopp Fireplace Cost: Ironbark Wood x4, Titanium Chunk x2
Comfortable Dominion Bed Cost: Augmented Hardwood x3, Rockhide Leather x2, Manaweave Cloth x2
Simple Lopp Pillow Pile Cost: Whimfiber cloth x5
Simple Exhaust Fireplace Cost: Ironbark x4, Titanium Chunk x2

WildStar Addon :ClassicQuestDialog detail instroduction

Have you ever had the quest dialog from an NPC move around while you’re trying to read it? Have other UI elements covered part of the dialog bubbles? Would you rather just have one window that opens with all the quest text and options? Well then ClassicQuestDialog(CQD) is your addon!


The image above shows the default quest dialog UI. It’s supposed to be more of a conversation so the quest text is broken up into windows that are supposed to be like chat bubbles. While the idea is great, the execution leaves something to be desired. Thank god DurvegTL released CQD! As you can see below, CQD takes all the quest dialog and centralizes them into one window, giving it that classic MMO quest dialog look.


The text is even a bit larger making it easier to read, but if you’d like to make it smaller you can, thanks to a plethora of options in the options menu. And you’ll find that options menu by hitting the escape key and looking in the menu pane on the left, you should see an option for ClassicQuestDialog. There’s three tabs to the settings panel and they’re pretty self expanatory. Font Size allows you to change the size of the font, Keybinds let’s you change the keybinds for accepting and declining quests as well as scroll up and scroll down for long quest text windows and finally, the General tab houses the remaining toggles.

CQD options

As you can see in the image above, those toggles can turn the keybindings on or off as well as some nifty automation, like always opening the first quest from an NPC and saving the location of the window when you exit the game.

I can understand that Carbine would like to innovate on the way quests are shown, getting away from the static windows where most people just hit accept and run off to do the quest without reading a line of dialog. They want it to seem more natural with simulated chat bubbles and really it’s not bad by any means, but if you’d rather have the tried and true quest text box, ClassicQuestDialog is just for you!

Be Careful buying WildStar Gold


You no longer want to work for your digital currency for WildStar because of how long it takes. Maybe you have your eye on a specific weapon that you really want to buy, but do not currently have enough gold to purchase it. It is times like this that some gamers turn to purchasing gold for the game from online sellers, using real money.

WildStar is a total new game so it may take some time before gold sellers appear, and in the meantime their will still be scammers claiming they can sell you gold. It is very important that you proceed with extreme caution. If possible purchase your gold using Payments as Paypal so that the gold seller does not have direct access to your credit card information. if you search and proceed with caution you should be able to find reputable one.

If you need WildStar gold there are sellers out there who are honest and reputable.u can have a look at WildStar4gold.com,before purchase wildstar gold here u can check with the 24/7 online service.They are professional enough to solve all your problems .U can just check out now!

How to build your first WildStar House

Housing is one of the core feature with a huge potentials you might not expect, like more rested XP when you log off in your house than anywhere else, crafting ingredients in your garden, your own workbench, daily quests, raid portals with buffs and much more, the possibilities are endless. Housing means a lot of things to different people, but we can agree that customization and decoration are the main housing functionalities.

Once you hit level 14 you are eligible for the housing quest, obtained in your capital city via comm-call. After completing several steps, where you have to visit the Housing of the Future building and check on virtual examples of houses, you will be awarded with your own piece of land (literally) in the sky. Click on the portal in front of the building and it will teleport you to your private floating island. You can also click on the house icon where the transmat teleport button is (by default it’s at the bottom right corner of the screen, next to the action bar), just press the arrow up and select it from the menu.


Your private heaven has nothing built beside the wooden platform with a teleport (gets you back to the previous location from which you came here) and a board with an experience buff for group content, solo content or PvP content. The buff lasts 24h and you can have only one at the time.

Once you get your house you can finally put all decor items in a crate, making more space in your bank and inventory (just right click on decors whenever you get one in your inventory). FabKits can’t be put in the crate though.

Tips & Tricks for Questing in WildStar


WildStar was finally launched,In order to help you combat easy and sucessful in Nexus world,we sorted out tips and tricks into groups which will help you find general and advanced answers about questing,if you have more tricks ,you’re welcome to share with us .

1)Quests Database with screenshots walkthrough
2)If you click the little number next to the quests name in your quest tracker it will open your questlog on said quest.
3)You can use quest items by pressing T
4)When you click on a quest title in the tracker you get arrows pointing you in the right direction.
5)While questing, look out for special settler-taxi stations, those usually travel short distance to your current quest areas.
6)You can get special weapons from named monsters. If you complete a mini quest connected to your weapon, it will give the weapon a special effect
7)If you haven’t completed a challenge don’t panic, you can restart a challenge after a cooldown, in the challenge menu.
8)You can restart challenges even if you achieved the gold medal.
9)When you’re doing a challenge and you don’t know where you can find more of X monster, look at the map. Purple hexagons indicate the zone you can find those monsters or anything else related to your challenge.