TESO: Morrowind – Vvanderfell Review

The Elder Scrolls series is well known, and in recent years has become even more popular among the general public, due to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In addition to that, as it appears from the name of the title, four other titles have been released in the main series, and we have seen extra releases with An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire and The Elder Scrolls Adventures, which offered a different note from the main Titles of the series. On a similar pattern was The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a MMORPG based on the universe of the series, giving players for the first time completing missions, dungeons, and more with their friends and fighting through various modes that we will discuss below. It is worth mentioning that it is the first MMORPG of the series, while its first major expansion has just been released and is called Morrowind.


In the first major expansion of the title, players are faced with a new story being played at Vvanderfell, an island in the Morrowind area. More specifically, the events of this story are placed around 700 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Vivec, the legendary protector of Vvanderfell, loses his power because of illness and players are invited to tour familiar locations – at least for those who have played The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – in an effort to solve the mystery of his illness.

Of course, those who have not played The Elder Scrolls Online in the past have the opportunity to enjoy the original story of the title. This story is placed a millennium before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and we have two different events running at the same time. One concerns the destiny of the world and the other the ultimate power in Tamriel. And these pieces of the story are available with The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Edition in case you have not already played them, which means you will be dealing with several different chapters of the story.


By going to the creation of our character, in addition to the many hours we will eat to make the appearance of this, we have some more important decisions. Initially choose one of the three alliances available. In particular, we have the Daggerfall Covenant, which has been created to protect its people, and if even Tamriel can be from any threat, the Aldmeri Dominion, which it believes is the only one that can eradicate the threat in the Tamriel and created by Elves and Khajiit felines, and Ebonheart Pact, which was created during a war in East Tamriel and consists of Skyrim Nords, Morrowind’s Dark Elves, and Free Argonians, all ready to fight against Of any threat .

In addition to the alliance, the player has the option of choosing between one of the three races, ie a race, that makes up any alliance. So for the Daggerfall Covenant we have Breton, Redguard and Orc, for the Aldmeri Dominion of High Elf, Wood Elf and Khajiit, and for Ebonheart Pact Dark Elf, Nord and Argonian. Each race has different bonuses in player stats. For example, Dark Elves have extra stamina to make more moves. Ending with the main part of character creation we have the classes, with each of them specializing in a different field and are: Dragonknight, Sorcerer, Nightblade, Templar, and the brand new Warden added with Morrowind’s expansion.

The main features of a character are divided into Magicka, Health and Stamina, which are upgraded with attribute points given each time our character level up. Besides these, he has other statistics on the faster recharging of the above three, magic damage, weapon damage and resistance to the various attacks we can accept. All this changes with the equipment our player has, as in all MMORPGs, we have the weapons, the player’s clothes and the accessories.

eso image3

Perhaps the biggest part of The Elder Scrolls Online, in terms of character development, is skill. Each race and each class have different skills. The skills are divided into classes, those of class, weapons, armor, world and race. As long as we use one of these, such as a class skill, we get levels for them and unlock new skills that were not available in the past. These levels are separate from those of our character, but the skill points used for them are only taken from the level up of the hero. These skills give a wide variety of choices and strategies for different play styles, which each game of its kind must have.

As in most MMORPGs, here’s where we have a main story and hundreds of side quests. As we proceeded with the main story, we were able to do several dozen side quests, which in addition to experience points offer us objects. The positive with the secondary missions is that we have the opportunity to take a better look at the environment that other times we can overcome without giving it meaning.

The Morrowind area is too beautiful and has a great variety of places to discover. From various caves, up to journals in strange places that fill us with chunks of the Elder Scrolls story. Equally interesting variety is also available to the enemies with whom we will face, which will often be quite challenging and will not be easy to win. This is quite positive as it keeps the player interested in what combinations he will need to use to be effective on any enemy without making it too easy that would result in him being quickly bored.

As far as the map is concerned, the world of The Elder Scrolls Online is big enough, giving us a tidy dose of Tamriel. More specifically, Morrowind may be just a part of the map, but it is great enough, and certainly those who have not played the title again, will see that there are too many and large areas that will keep you for several hours when you finish by Vvanderfell . In addition to side quests, the maps are filled with dungeons that add even more interesting sites to explore.


In addition to these, a great addition to the Morrowind extension is the new modes it offers. Initially, we have a new trial, in which 12 players enter the Telvanni of Tel Fyr tower and are called to fight at the Halls of Fabrication while exploring a part of Clockwork City. The second addition is a new PvP mode, ie players are fighting other players in real time. More specifically, it is called Battlegrounds and involves the battle of three groups of four people on three different arena-like maps and placed in Ashlands of Morrowind. Unfortunately, one of the complaints we have from this mode is that its matchmaking was unbalanced, since the bonus from the players’ equipment remains unlike the character points that are deactivated. This results in winning the one who has … dressed better and not the one who knows how to handle his player better.

One of the biggest questions you have is “well, MMORPG with a controller?” And yet, Bethesda has done an excellent job of adapting the necessary buttons to the limited keys of a controller without missing anything. Even better, those who are used to playing with a controller will see that it is quite handy to handle both the character and the attacks.


Morrowind is adding material to The Elder Scrolls Online, but also waking memories to fans of The Elder Scrolls III. It is an expansion with plenty of hardware, new modes and much more, and it is worth recalling that it does not need subscription unlike other MMOs. The material is not optimal and some corrections are needed, but we are sure the fans of the game will not be disappointed. More ESO news we will post here in www.eso-gold.com, you can keep eyes close in our site.

Albion Online Designed A Character Builder To Compile Equipments

A week after it was launched (which proves to be a popular success, even if the servers are strained), Albion Online acquires an official Character Builder, compiling the entire MMO equipment.

albion character build 1.fw

Just over a week ago, the Sandbox Interactive studio officially launched the commercial version of Albion Online and obviously the MMO is having some success – already before the launch, the developer claimed the sale of “more than 250 000 Founders’ packages, having raised more than 10 million dollars”, thus making the initial development of Albion Online profitable, in addition to guaranteeing an economic balance sufficient to ensure the continuity of the exploitation of the game. And today , Albion Online is experiencing the throes of all popular MMOs: servers are stormed and players are slowing down in the most populous areas (the developer says working on code optimization to help remedy, waiting for server activity to normalize).

group build.fw

It is understandable that Sandbox Interactive projects itself into a long-term operation and to accompany this operation, the studio provides both regular updates in the game (three to four per year, with no more precision not to impose constraints), but also tools outside the MMO. And the developer is now officializing one of them: a Character Builder to design the “sheet of his character” with his equipment, or even an entire group in order to imagine effective synergies, even to share guides game with the rest of the MMO community.


And in the context of Albion Online, the tool is important since it integrates all the equipment available in the MMO and that in Albion Online, “the character is what it carries”. We also know that the game encourages optimization and the Character Builder must therefore meet the aspirations of the players of the theorycrafting – while waiting for other applications on the content of the game to be deployed in the future.

The tool will also be the means to follow the evolution of the additions of objects in the game, since if the developer does not envisage the integration of new lines of items in the short term, the new equipment is well As well as new level 3 artefacts (amongst other new features, the developer already mentioned the addition of fifteen weapons and nine new armor sets all with unique capabilities).

Albion Online Guide On Different Classes In Destinated Tree

It might be time to take stock of the different classes of Albion Online. What a weapon orientation will change to your role in a group, you should make a quick point about the functioning of the classes in itself.

Many of those who play Albion have already tried the adventure MMORPG. The great classics are distinguished and all offer the possibility to choose a class to incarnate, in addition to a breed for some. In Albion Online, unlike other games of the same kind, you do not choose a class when creating your character. Your class will be defined according to the equipment you are going to wear, but more precisely the weapon you will choose. Thus, each class is defined by a range of weapons, and each weapon in this range offers unique possibilities, bringing your character to a defined but evolving role.

albion game

When we talk about evolution in Albion Online, we think of level up, equipment, weapons, etc. It is true, but to evolve on this game is also to know one thing: you can do everything! But then really everything. This will cost you a little money, and for the lucky ones, a good guild and long hours of play available. For as we said, you do not choose your class at the time of character creation, you choose your class when you choose your weapon. So if you want to go to care, you will have two possible paths: the Druid, in the Hunter branch or the Priest in the Magicians branch. You may decide to be only Priest or Druid, but you may also decide to mount both, because both are healers, but each of these roles have a different orientation.

In order to do this, it is obviously necessary to go up the path of the Priest and the path of the Druid in your Tree of Destiny, which can take time, but is not impossible.

Your equipment is independent of your weapon, and therefore your role. Although some combinations are less optimized than others, you can decide to play it freestyle by being a Druid in armor, because it is your weapon that defines your role and not the category of equipment you wear. In short, you can definitely decide to be a Warrior, with a good 12-ton club that shamelessly crushes your opponent’s skull, all with a superb fabric robounette, refined designs and everything. Certainly it will be far from optimized in a group, but you can do it!

And now that we have gone around the subject, let’s see together the different classes as well as the different roles that can be attributed to them.

The Mages

The first Mage is the flamboyant Pyromancer, this class of the most warm is played mainly in group. His devastating spells allow him to burn enemies with his sticks each possessing a different characteristic: the great fire stick, the infernal stick and the fire stick to face the small groups of enemies, while the stick and the stick Sulphurous groups will be there to face larger groups.

The most powerful of the Mages is surely the one who can not kill his enemies, but save his friends. It is the case of the Priest thanks to these regenerative capacities; The Priest is a class that will always be appreciated. These different sticks allow him, according to the situation, to give a great monocible care (very useful in Guild War for example) or to be able to ascend the bars of lives of a whole group.

Always in order to save his allies, the Arcanist is a class that allows to put shields to the members of his group or to manipulate the opposing players by inciting a black hole allowing to regroup them At the center of it. However, the Arcanist is not strong enough to walk alone, because he tends to have to rely on his allies to exploit his full potential.

The Frost Mage, here is a class that is freezing blood! Especially that of his opponents. You will have guessed it, unlike the Pyromancer, this Mage controls the power of winter. The Wizard of Frost is not a Mage whose goal is to do colossal damage (although he does not lack), but a very powerful Mage in the art of freezing his enemies on the spot and thus allow To his group not to take damage and turn them into flakes.

Witchcraft is good, to damn the soul of his opponent is better! For this there is the Sorcerer (or the Damned). This powerful Mage of Darkness bases his damage on his curses and dowry effects (damage over time). Well controlled, this power can prove devastating on a group and give a lot of twists to the healers who will not know what to do to save heads!

The Hunters

The bow is one of the most used weapons in the Hunter family, indeed, this class “dps at a distance” unleashes its arrows at a speed so fast that it is almost never immobile. Very useful for the farm and the open world, the Hunter has a set of spells based on survival. Moreover, the bow is very appreciated in group, whether of small number or gigantic, thanks to its broad spectrum of models.

The spear is a versatile weapon that can be played in two ways: in tank with a plate armor or dps with a leather armor, in all cases the spear is a murderous weapon as well alone thanks to its damage and its capacity To slow down its enemies, only in group thanks to its control of crowd.

In Albion there are 2 healers. The first seen previously is the Priest, and the second the Druid. This guardian of nature uses his powerful magic to be able to provide care over time. The Druid is particularly powerful in restoring the health of several targets in a PvP group.

Dagger fighters are the proudest assassins of Albion. These act in the shadow, and when they appear, it is often too late. Daggers favor small group play so that the situation can be reversed as quickly as possible.

Very similar to the spear, long sticks can be played in 2 ways. However, like the lance, long sticks are not marked by their damage, but by their ability to inflict almost permanent crowd controls.

The Warriors

The only Remote Warrior is equipped with a crossbow. The power of this class unfolds with its ability to inflict damage and crowd control, all at a distance. Nevertheless, the crossbow is more adapted to small groups, because, unlike some others, it misses zone damage.

The mass! Here is a name that says heavy, this weapon is played mainly with a plate stuff to maximize the controls of crowd to help his group to inflict damage. The weakness of the mass is the lack of damage, especially in the open world.

The club is another tank weapon in every respect similar to the mass. The only difference between the two is revealed when one dwells on the spells: the mass uses mainly the stuns while the club uses the immobilizations and the silences.

The ax uses its powerful ability to bleed its target and thus sufficiently weaken it to be able to complete it. Thus the ax is a versatile weapon and can be used in almost all types of PVP encounters.

And finally, what would be the Warrior class without a good sword of families? Swords are often associated with monocible, and for good reason, poorly suited to multi-combat, they allow to use capacities to confront the adversary head on. Very effective in small groups, however, we will prefer other weapons for a Warrior as soon as the group grows and that the zone damage and crowd controls will be necessary.

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The PvP Mode In The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Battlegrouds

With the big expansion “Morrowind” a fresh wind blows in “The Elder Scrolls Online”. The battlefields now offer an additional PvP mode, which is clearly more entertaining than the previous battles in Cyrodiil. In addition, you can compete against other “TESO” players on the battlefields, regardless of the alliances.

Whoever wanted to prove against other players in “The Elder Scrolls Online” had to compete in epic PvP battles on one of the three major alliances. With the “TESO: Morrowind” expansion, the so-called battlefields have been introduced, where you can fight against other players in short matches. As one of four members of a team, you compete against two other teams in this PvP variant, so there are 12 players on the battlegrounds at the same time, fighting for valuable rewards.

eso battleground

Battlegrounds PvP: No Alliances, But Three Groups

If you fight against each other on the battlegrounds of Morrowind, your team chooses completely independently of the known alliances. So it does not matter if you were on the side of Queen Ayrenn, High King Emeric, or Jorunn the Skald-King, the teams may be mixed at will. Instead, in the new PvP, you will be assigned either the Pit Daemons (Green), Fire Drakes (Orange), or Storm Lords (Purple).

Difference To Cyrodiil: Smaller Teams, Shorter Battles

The battles on the battlefields are also much shorter than Cyrodiil’s multi-day PvP battles: instead of taking part in a campaign lasting between 5 and 30 days, you are only playing about 15 minutes on the battlefields of Morrowind The other four teams. The new “The Elder Scrolls Online” mode is exactly the right thing for PvP fans who want to have a short skirmish between them. Sieges and catapults do not exist on the battlefields.

Battlegrounds In “TESO: Morrowind”: Three Maps, Three Modes

The fighting on the battlefields of “The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind” takes place in three different formats: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Domination. The game always involves points: The team whose account is best filled at the end of the round or exceeds a certain limit wins. Thus, you get at Death Combat Points for each kill, for flag hunting for each captured flag, and for supremacy for holding a control point.

As maps were released three different settings for the release of “The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind”: The ancient Dwemer city of Ald Carac has us in a ruin with narrow aisles and different levels against the other players. The overgrown Daedric worshipping site Ularra is built around a central platform in the center of the map. The Foyada Quarry on Vvardenfell is interesting mainly because of the lava flows flowing through it. The respective combination of map and game mode is always automatically determined on the battlegrounds.

Start A PvP Match On The Battlegrounds

As before, characters can only participate in PvP matches from level 10 onwards. Owners of the “Morrowind” expansion of “The Elder Scrolls Online” now find a new tab called “Battlegrounds” in the group and activity search. Here you can select an appropriate limitation of the participating levels and specify whether you want to be alone or in a group on the battlefields. All other details are automatically made and you are added to the PvP combat queue. Important: You can, of course, only interact with friends who are also in possession of the “Morrowind” expansion.

Rewards: Medals Bring Fun

After each round, the rewards of the battlegrounds are distributed. Particularly interesting are the medals: Here you get a corresponding reward depending on the game style. For example, if you inflict 5,000 damage on a battleground, you will receive the medal as “Violent Haudrauf”. If you have at least 100,000 damage, you will be appointed a “miraculous surgeon”. In this way individual targets can be pursued on the battlefields of Morrowind. For different activities you earn points with, you will receive different medals:

  • Dealing damage
  • Healing
  • Making killing blows
  • Earning kill streaks
  • Capturing or defending flags
  • Taking damage
  • Healing flag carriers or defenders

From the number of points achieved and the medals obtained, additional rewards such as Alliance Points, Experience Points and items are calculated. You will receive these rewards by ingame mail. In addition, you can also place on the battlegrounds on weekly rankings of “The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind”. Every seven days, there is a reset of the corresponding ranking list for each game mode, on which the best players are always listed publicly. At the end of the term, all participating players receive a reward based on their current placement.

Albion Online – Starter Pack Details

Recently, we were talking about the Starter Packs that Sandbox Interactive proposed for its MMORPG Albion Online before its official release. We also learned that the start times for the game were going to be communicated in the following week. From now on, we have taken note of the dates and times at which each Founder can embark on the adventure of Albion Online.

Starter Packs

Now that the Founder Packs are no longer available, Sandbox Interactive presents the Starter Packs to start the adventure. Here is a brief reminder of the different Starter Packs and the benefits they provide:

Legendary Starter Packs

  • 12,000 Gold
  • 90 Days Premium Status
  • Legendary Equipment
  • Legendary Avatars
  • Legendary Cart
  • Legendary Horse
  • Epic Equipment
  • Epic Avatars

Epic Starter Packs

  • 4,500 Gold
  • 60 Days Premium Status
  • Epic Equipment
  • Epic Avatars

Veteran Starter Packs

  • 2,000 Gold
  • 30 Days Premium Status

Note also that the Founders will be entitled to the benefits provided by the Starter Packs corresponding to the respective levels in addition to their Founder bonus.

The game will be released on July 17 on Android, PC, Mac and Linux. You can find all our Albion online game guides on UpAlbion. To join the adventure of Albion, go to the official site of the game. And to buy one of the Starter Packs, it is here!

The Elder Scrolls Online Announced A Five-Day Trial For ESO Plus

You have read more posts on our site on The Elder Scrolls Online and its add-ons, among other things we’ve put on the addictive MMORPG that even after the 2015 edition of Tamriel Unlimited it is a very expensive fun if you really want to enjoy it The entire TESO universe. Since we’re paying the fixed amount for a standard or digital version, we will not even be able to build a house in the game, for example, by Tamriel’s original money-making crown. For this we have to be a member, that is, we must refer to the TESO maintainers a monthly fee.

eso event

With Tamriel Unlimited, ESO Plus membership became available, which meant a subscription of 30, 90 or 180 days, which allowed us to access all DLCs. Of course, if we did not renew our membership, then we lost all the zones that were included in the downloadable content acquired under ESO Plus, but rewards and items remained (unlimited storage space, 10% extra for experience points and gold, etc.).

Now, Bethesda and ZeniMax were so nice and they thought everyone could see what we could get as an ESO Plus member. That is, the creators announce a tight five-day trial version of ESO Plus, which was originally available at $ 15 ($ 4100). Membership will be free of charge from 5 July to 9 July!

ESO Plus members will receive five Dwarven Crown Crates, probably with extra cash, for free. To do this you need to sign in to their user account, and after each day active in Tamriel, they will get a box more diligent. (The boxes will only come later on July 17 to the players!)

Those who are not yet members, of course, can try all its benefits in the trial. That is, the following are members of the ESO Plus membership:

  • Access to all DLCs (Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, etc.)
  • Unlimited storage for crafting materials
  • Double storage in the bank
  • 10% bonus for Experience, Gold acquisition, Crafting Inspiration, and Trait Researchrates
  • Double storage space in our home for Furnishings and Collectibles
  • Extra ability for dye costumes

But what does not get the trialists, that Dwarven Crown box, these are just for subscribers.

In addition, if you want to activate the ESO Plus trial, visit the official website of TESO from July 5, search for the Crown Store menu, the Featured category and find the ESO Plus Free Trial option here. By clicking on this, we can put ourselves into the five-day game.

The action, free ESO Plus, will be valid from 5 July to 9 July! Of course, only the version of The Elder Scrolls Online purchased can be used to activate the test! It is very important to take the time to level up at the beginning of the game. Whenever you need ESO gold, you can turn to ESO-GOLD for help. ESO-GOLD has cheap ESO gold for sale. And we guarantee to deliver safe gold to you within 10 mins in safe places of the game.