• April 28, 2024
Monopoly Go Tokens

How Many Tokens In Monopoly Go

Tokens in Monopoly Go are playing pieces that players can use to move around the board. Your Token marks your place as you move across the Board! But do you know how many tokens are in Monopoly GO? Let’s examine the number and also cover how to get tokens!

There are 26 tokens in Monopoly GO. You can pick different tokens as you continue your progress in the game. Here is a list of all the tokens in the game:

  • Top Hat: Available from the start
  • Classic Car: Available from the start
  • Battleship: Available from the start
  • Ducky: Upgrade Net Worth
  • Cutie Cat: Upgrade Net Worth
  • Dog: Log in for 7 days
  • Penguin: Upgrade Net Worth
  • Thimble: Upgrade Net Worth
  • Train: Upgrade Net Worth
  • Mr. Monopoly token: Invite 10 friends
  • Suitcase: Complete Roma Eterna sticker set
  • Sailboat: Complete Globe Trottin’ album
  • Dolphin: Complete Puppy Party sticker set
  • Lion: Complete Wildlife Tales album
  • Cyclops: Complete King Arthur sticker set
  • Hammer: Complete Epic Myths album
  • Mr. Avocado: Complete Taco Takeout event
  • USA Hat: Complete Memorial Day event
  • Space Scottie: Complete Moon Walkers event
  • American Eagle: Complete Fireworks Fortune event
  • Sandy Snowman: Complete Xmas in July event
  • Strawberry Cake: Complete all four cakes for the Baking Partners event
  • PEG-E Car: Complete all four cars for the Car Show Partners event
  • Mr. M’s Cupcake: Complete all four cakes for the Choco Partners event
  • Toy PEG-E: Complete all four toys for the Toy Maker Partners event
  • Crypt Car: Complete all four cars for the Spooky Car Partners event

These iconic pieces set the stage for a thrilling Monopoly Go adventure.

As mentioned above, to start unlocking new tokens in Monopoly GO, you’ll want to focus on completing different Sticker Albums and Events, alongside increasing your Net Worth. As you start completing these objectives, you may notice that you’ll start unlocking various items, including free dice rolls, and maybe even a few shield cosmetics if you’re lucky.

They’ll take some time to unlock, so don’t expect to come in and start claiming new pieces immediately, especially since Sticker Albums can take quite some time to fill up. Of course, there is a way to quickly complete your album, and that is to buy Monopoly Go stickers online. For example, you can buy any stickers from U4gm. U4GM sells a variety of stickers. They have every rare card you need, including Gold stickers that are tradeable during the Golden Blitz event. Usually after completing payment, you will receive your purchased sticker within 5 minutes.

According to U4GM’s sales data, the following stickers are purchased more frequently for the Making Music Album, indicating that they are difficult to obtain. This listing does not include gold stickers: Monopoly Tunes / Bias Wrecker / True Idols / Smash Hit / Sweet Duets / Happy Stroll / Honky-Tonk / Paparazzi / Washboard Tunes / Flutiful!

Monopoly Go offers an exciting journey with its diverse tokens, urging players to plan, engage, and create their token legacy. Immerse yourself in the world of Monopoly Go, and let the tokens guide you to victory and endless fun!