• June 5, 2014

Tips & Tricks for Questing in WildStar


WildStar was finally launched,In order to help you combat easy and sucessful in Nexus world,we sorted out tips and tricks into groups which will help you find general and advanced answers about questing,if you have more tricks ,you’re welcome to share with us .

1)Quests Database with screenshots walkthrough
2)If you click the little number next to the quests name in your quest tracker it will open your questlog on said quest.
3)You can use quest items by pressing T
4)When you click on a quest title in the tracker you get arrows pointing you in the right direction.
5)While questing, look out for special settler-taxi stations, those usually travel short distance to your current quest areas.
6)You can get special weapons from named monsters. If you complete a mini quest connected to your weapon, it will give the weapon a special effect
7)If you haven’t completed a challenge don’t panic, you can restart a challenge after a cooldown, in the challenge menu.
8)You can restart challenges even if you achieved the gold medal.
9)When you’re doing a challenge and you don’t know where you can find more of X monster, look at the map. Purple hexagons indicate the zone you can find those monsters or anything else related to your challenge.