• July 7, 2024

Comprehensive Guide to EXP Materials in Zenless Zone Zero

In Zenless Zone Zero, EXP materials are essential for upgrading agents and equipment. With the wide variety of items in the game, collecting these materials can be challenging for new players. This guide will provide detailed and effective methods for gathering all EXP materials, including those needed for upgrading agents, Bangboo, and the W-Engine. If you’re looking to enhance your gameplay or are interested in Cheap ZZZ Accounts for Sale, follow these strategies to efficiently collect and utilize these crucial resources.

Zenless Zone Zero

Agent EXP Materials

In Zenless Zone Zero, Investigator Journals are essential for upgrading Agents. These journals come in three types, each increasing in rarity and value: Trainee Investigator Journal, Official Investigator Journal, and Advanced Investigator Journal.

Agent EXP ItemsHow ​​to GetEXP
Trainee Investigator LogBattle Simulation, Convenience Store100 Agent EXP
Official Investigator LogBattle Simulation, Fading Signal Exchange600 Agent EXP
Senior Investigator LogBattle Simulation3,000 Agent EXP
Bangboo EXP Materials

Bangboo EXP Materials

Upgrading Bangboo requires software patches, algorithm modules, and system gadgets. These EXP materials can be obtained by completing Hollow Zero quests, etc.

Bangboo EXP ItemsHow ​​to GetEXP
Bangboo Software PatchHollow Zero Reward100 Bangboo EXP
Bangboo Algorithm ModuleHollow Zero Reward600 Bangboo EXP
Bangboo System GadgetHollow Zero Reward, Bangbuck Exchange3,000 Bangboo EXP
W-Engine EXP Materials

W-Engine EXP Materials

You can upgrade the W-Engine with Batteries, Power Sources, and Energy Modules. These items are obtained as rewards from HIA Center Battle Simulations, and can also be purchased at the Signal Shop.

W-Engine EXP ItemsHow ​​to GetEXP
W-Engine BatteryBattle Simulation100 W-Engine EXP
W-Engine Power SupplyBattle Simulation, Attenuated Signal Exchange600 W-Engine EXP
W-Engine Energy ModuleBattle Simulation3,000 W-Engine EXP
Driver Disc EXP Materials

Driver Disc EXP Materials

Plating Agents are the main material used to upgrade Driver Discs. There are three types of Plating Agents in the game, and each type contributes a different amount of EXP to your Driver Disc.

Driver EXP ItemHow ​​to GetEXP
Molded Plating AgentDaily Cleaning, Battle Simulation, Convenience Store, Driver Disassembly100 Driver EXP
Crystal Plating AgentDriver Verification, Driver Disassembly200 Driver EXP
Ether Plating AgentDaily Cleaning, Battle Simulation, Convenience Store, Driver Disassembly2,000 Driver EXP

With this guide, you can efficiently collect and use EXP materials to quickly upgrade your agents and equipment. Enjoy your adventure in Zenless Zone Zero!