• June 23, 2014

WildStar Leveling Guide:The Hoverboard Mount


The minimum level you need in order to be able to ride a mount in Wildstar is level 15. This
applies only for the normal Wildstar mounts such as raptors, woolies, warpig, etc! When it
comes to the hoverboards mount things change a bit. You need to be at last level 25 (twenty-
five) to be able to ride the hoverboard mount, because it’s a bit more complex riding it, you
need the proper balance and muscle strength to stay on it. There are various hoverboard mounts
in the game so far but not all of them costs gold in order to buy them like we are used so far.
Depending on the type of the hoverboard, you can use multiple types of currency in order to buy
one, like:

Renown currency points – This type of currency is earned through social activities like
playing in groups or with friends or simply mentoring someone lower than you

Elder Gems currency – those is acquired by using your elder points that you earn at level cap
(level 50), 75 000 Elder points turns into 1 Elder Gem.

Prestige points – This is the currency for PVP, you can earn it by winning battlegrounds,
completing PvP objectives or killing enemy players around the world.

latinum currency – That turns into gold, silver and copper. 1 platinum coin equals 100 gold
coins.So these are the currency types that you can use in order to buy one of these cool
hoverboard mounts.

Hoverboard mount tips:
1.The hoverboard mount has the sprint ability that allows them to move even faster.
2.Summoning your hoverboard takes around 1.5-2 seconds so if you move during this period, the
process will get canceled.
3.It has using restriction in known areas such as PvP zones such as (Battlegrounds, Arenas and
PvE Instances)
4.The Hoverboard mount has the unique ability to run on water unlike any other mounts which is
really cool and saves you a lot of time if you would have to swim instead plus it keeps you