Top Spot: FIFA 15

From the information of UK Sales Chart, FIFA 15 Scores Top Spot, besides, Destiny Rises 29%.

Top Spot

With all the big new releases for 2014 out of the way, the UK sales chart last week stayed
the exact same when compared to the previous sales period, meaning that FIFA 15 once again
finished in first place.

For a few highlights from last week, Just Dance 2015 jumped up to #6, with 66% of sales
occurring on the Wii; Destiny rose 29%, likely thanks to The Dark Below; and Lara Croft and
the Temple of Osiris debuted outside of the top 40 All Formats Chart, but did manage 17th on
the PlayStation 4 chart and 14th on the PC chart.

Here’s the top 20 selling retail games in the UK for the week ending December 13, 2014,
according to GfK Chart-track:

1.FIFA 15 (down 21%)
2.Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Down 27%)
3.Grand Theft Auto V (down 22%)
4.Far Cry 4 (down 13%)
5.LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (down 29%)
6.Just Dance 2015 (up 11%)
7.Minecraft: Xbox Edition
8.Minecraft: PlayStation Edition
9.Destiny (up 29%)
10.Assassin’s Creed Unity
11.The Crew
12.WWE 2K15
14.Halo: The Master Chief Collection
15.Super Smash Bros
16.The Evil Within
17.Dragon Age: Inquisition
18.Forza Horizon 2
19.Skylanders Trap Team
20.Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

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How to Buy FIFA 15 Coins Online?


Everyone is after these coins to make their dreams come true. The more the better. When buying coins you’re apparently breaking the rules, therefore you should first get to know about the risks concerning your actions. There is an official introduction about it. Before, I shared my personal anti-banned skills/experience with you guys.

How to Buy Coins

Being in this part of the article you should’ve already read all about the risks. The coin buying process is easy and simple. In general, sellers will ask you to do a procedure similar to this:

1) Open the Web App and log in to your account;
2) Click ‘My Club’ – ‘Players’ and search for a player (normally bronze) that you’ll hardly need and that’s not an untradeable;
3) Click ‘List on Transfer Market’;
4) A new window will appear and you’ll need to define a Buy Now price equal to the amount of coins you’re buying, plus a start price preferably close to it with a 3 days duration;
5) Press ‘OK’ and go to the coin seller’s website where you should select your platform and let them know the amount of coins you want;
6) Enter your club’s name, which is the one shown right next to the FUT 15 logo on the web app, and give them the rest of the information requested, which varies according to the seller but almost always includes the name of the player you’re auctioning.
7) Perform the payment in one of the available methods. Normally sellers accept several types of payment, including credit cards and PayPal.
8) Your coins will be delivered to your account within a 24 hours period after the payment, yet sometimes the transfer is made in just a few minutes.

The Cares You Should Take

You should pay close attention to the following tips in order for everything to go down smoothly:

Don’t buy from strangers
In this subject we completely agree with EA: buying coins is dangerous. Very dangerous. There are thousands of malicious people out there taking the opportunity to do phishing and others that steal the buyer’s money since he’s paying before receiving the coins. Remember that the game has nothing to do with the transaction that you’re about to make, so if anything goes wrong you don’t have anyone to complain to. Follow the safety recommendations and never, ever, give your account information to anyone.

It’s very easy to find people who sell coins. Just google it. But finding someone honest is a bit more difficult. We advise you to buy from someone who’s done it before and has positive feedback. Don’t just buy from anyone. Besides, avoid falling for the temptation of buying cheap. If you’ve found a price that’s way lower than the average (see on the next chapter) then you’re under serious risk of losing everything.

Make the Transaction Safely
Every online sale offers risks. If the seller is unknown and his product is fictitious, these risks are even bigger. If you don’t have the payment method that you’re comfortable with available, ask the seller to make it so or else you’re going to another website. Follow the habitual safety recommendations: avoid using a credit card, use MBNet or PayPal when possible, make sure the seller is trustworthy, don’t give away personal information, etc…

Have in mind how many coins you want
Before buying anything, you should already know what you really want. If you buy too many coins, you’ll be spending money for nothing. If you don’t buy enough, it’s most certain that you’ll have to buy again, but then, without the discount you normally get for bigger amounts of coins. Decide if you want to buy all at once, you can also leave some for later. After all prices tend to get lower and, with time, you’ll be able to get better deals.

See who covers the 5%
All transactions in the FUT 15 auction house are subjected to a 5% tax because of EA. That means if you sell a card, out of the value you supposedly sold it for 5% will be discounted. Many sellers offer to cover this value in order for you to receive effectively the amount of coins you paid for. It’s important that you’re aware of this so you don’t run into a surprise once you receive the coins.

Buy at fair price
When choosing a seller, safety isn’t the only factor you should be paying attention to. The price is always a decisive factor. Try buying at the lowest price possible, don’t skip potential discounts, it doesn’t matter if that’s through promotional codes or big amount discounts. Remember that the price goes side by side with devaluation of the coin, for it varies according to period of the season and platform. FIFA 15 coins PC cost 1/3 of console coins and those on Android and iOS are not even close to that.

We hope this can help you. Please support us. Thank you.

New Features of FIFA 15

fifa 15

You can often walk through the halls of any dorm on campus and hear the voice of a British announcer shouting out various lines of dialogue at the top of his lungs. The commentary, a late night time frame and a room full of competitive students create the whole experience that makes FIFA so great.
The most recent version of the game was released this year on Sept. 23. It is available for all major consoles and it boasts a load of new features such as emotional intelligence. The players not only look extremely realistic but also will be able to shake their head at that mind-blowing shot your opponent delivered with Ronaldo from outside the eighteen.

For all you FIFA players, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. FIFA 15 is just one of many games that make up this series. Since its start in 1993, a statistic from EA Sports shows that FIFA has sold over 100 million copies around the world. Currently, the game is available in 18 languages and 51 countries.
For all of you soccer, or should I say “futbol”, lovers out there, the newest edition of the game presents a stunning list of 35 leagues and over 600 clubs. FIFA 15 includes 41 stadiums that look so identical to the real venues that it’s a little bit scary.
Despite all of this, one of the most impressive features of the game is EA’s facial capture technology. Led by Nigel Nunn, a few members of the EA Sports team set up 18 specially placed cameras. Players from clubs around the world were invited to the studio to get their picture taken in front of the cameras. The images were then converted into digital replicas of the players to create the most realistic experience possible.
For those of you want-to-be coaches, you can take advantage of the Career Mode which lets you build up a squad from scratch and progress through a series of seasons.
You have the ability to trade players, adjust lineups, sign contracts and do just about anything that occurs in the daily life of a team manager. If you fail to record a successful season, however, the possibility of being fired becomes a real threat. Trust me, it can happen. This newly improved feature of FIFA 15 adds to the realistic vibe that EA Sports is trying to present.
Regardless of all the technical aspects of the game, FIFA 15 is first and foremost a social pastime that you and all of your friends can enjoy. “Sometimes I feel like playing FIFA is almost as good as watching soccer on TV,” freshman Henry Greer said. “I think that FIFA is a great game series for Americans to get into because soccer is a game of the world, and by playing, we are getting a bit of international exposure.”
So when you’re feeling stressed out, kick back with some friends, grab a few beverages, and try to forget about the exam studying that’s right around the corner.

FIFA 15: Useful links thread

Hey guys here’s some links you guys may find helpful regarding FIFA 15. Feel free to link me some more to add.


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  • EA Help
  • Ultimate Team Web App
  • futhead
  • futhead player search
  • futhead squad builder
  • futhead perfectbot (perfect links such as Messi and Mascherano)
  • futwiz
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  • futwiz squad builder
  • futbin
  • futbin consumable prices
  • futbin squad calculator
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  • From Rags to Riches –
  • Buy Cheap FIFA 15 Coins

Added more links in the comments.

Which Tottenham players should be rated higher on FIFA 15?

EA will roll out their January update in a few weeks, so who should move up for Tottenham ?

FIFA 15 players


Ben Davies Current Overall: 73 Projected Overall: 75

Danny Rose may have been the first choice Tottenham left back earlier this season, but summer signing Ben Davies has recently supplanted him in the first team.

The Welshman is rated at 73 overall on FIFA 15, which is one lower than Rose’s 74 overall, but expect that to change in January.

Davies should see upgrades in his speed, stamina and passing ability, which should see him bumped up to around 75 overall in January.

Ryan Mason Current Overall: 67 Projected Overall: 71

Mason has surprisingly made himself a first team regular under Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino, despite being farmed out on loan a number of times in recent years.

In FIFA 15, Mason is still represented as a fringe player with a 67 overall rating, but his consistently impressive displays will surely warrant an upgrade when the January squad update is released.

Expect to see upgrades made to Mason’s passing ability, dribbling, ball control, defensive attributes and stamina, all of which should push Mason up to around 71 overall – a much fairer representation of his play this season, as the stats below show that he’s at least as good as the average Premier League midfielder.

Position Team Season Accurate Passes Touches Forward Passes Appearances Mins Played
Ryan Mason MF Tottenham 2014-2015 418 659 194 9 758
Average Joe 372 682 168 14 1,031

Harry Kane Current Overall: 73 Project Overall: 75

Whilst Mason’s rise has been something of a surprise, the same can’t really be said of Kane, who has been knocking on the door for a while.

With nine goals in 16 games this season, Kane is due for an upgrade from his current 73 rating in FIFA 15, and his impressive displays will surely make EA improve him accordingly.

Improvements to the Tottenham player’s finishing, dribbling, strength, reactions and attack positioning are to be expected, which should see him rise to at least 75 overall, possibly even higher in January.

The stats show Kane’s improvement in most of these areas in comparison to last season, which is what his current FIFA 15 attributes are based upon.

Position Team Season Successful Dribbles Shots on goal Shots on target Goals Appearances Mins Played
Harry Kane FW Tottenham 2014-2015 13 19 10 2 10 455
Harry Kane FW Tottenham 2013-2014 5 28 12 3 10 499

Which Tottenham players should be rated higher on FIFA 15?

TOTW Predictions – Week 12




De Gea  – GK – 83 OVR
I feel somebody from the Arsenal vs United game will receive an IF and the only player that really deserves one is De Gea after he made several sublime save with 7 in total in Uniteds 2-1 win. The goal he conceded was a late Giroud stunner, 95th min to be exact.


Carvajal  – RB – 79 OVR
Another week and another Madrid IF. Real Madrid cruised to a 4-0 win away at Eibar. Ronaldo scored twice and assisted another but for him I don’t feel that will be enough. Carvajal on the other hand after receiving an 8/10 for his part in Madrid’s win should be enough.

Carl Medjani  – CB – 70 OVR
A brace and a clean sheet for a CB is usually enough on its own but when it’s away at Galatasary there is no doubt in my mind that Medjani will be IF this week.

Jérôme Boateng   – CB – 85 OVR
Boateng is a massive punt this week with him only being in because I was lacking a gold defender and a big name, both of which he fits in to. He received a 2 on kicker gfr his shift in Munich’s 4-0 win against Hoffenheim but I would say he has about a 30% chance of being in.


Paul Pogba  – CM – 83 OVR
Pogba scored twice for Juvenus as theybeat Lazio 3-0 away. He received an 8/10 from Gazzetta which along with the fact that he is a pack seller basically makes him a certainty.

Mile Jedinák – CDM – 76 OVR
Although it’s not much of a surprise recently, Palace managed to come from behind to beat Liverpool 3-1. Jedinak was pivotal in his central role in Palace’s comeback. He scored the final goal and claimed MOTM for doing so.

Dimitri Payet  – CAM – 78 OVR
There was limited options from Ligue 1 this week however Marseille played Bordeux which should result in an IF. I think the obvious choice for this spot is Payet after he claimed two assists and a 7 on L’equipe. Fanni is another option after he also claimed a 7 but I feel Payet will be in this week.

Quincy Promes – RM – 74 OVR
Promes was involved in three of Moscows goals, with two goals and an assist as they won 4-2. I’m not sure if we will see two IF’s from the RPL so I feel it will be between Promes and Ari


Lionel Messi  – ST – 93 OVR
It was always going to happen the question was just when. Messi broke the all time La Liga goalscoring record in style as he put three past Sevilla as Barcelona won 5-1. He recieved a perfect 10 from Marca and the only way he won’t feature this week is if he gets a special card.

Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting  – ST – 76 OVR
There was no one who excelled in the Bundesliga this week but they will always have atleast one player involved. I think that player will be Moting after he scored twice for Schalke in their 3-2 win against Wolfsburg.

Danny Ings – ST – 70 OVR
Ings scored two goals in under two minutes as Burnley shocked Stoke to pick up thier second win on the bounce. Not many Premier league options this week so Ings shoud find his wayin this week.


Andrea Consigli  – GK – 78 OVR
I have played safe with the keepers this week as you can see with two gold keepers. Consigli made 5 saves in total with one being a pen save as Sassuolo beat Torino 1-0. The two silvers I feel are in contention this week are  Sergio Padt and Rémy Vercoutre So I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of those two.

Jordan Clarke  – RB – 64 OVR
Clarke scored twice as struggling Yeovil came from behind to beat high flying County 2-1. County were down to 10 men but nevertheless I think Clarke is a certainty for this weeks team.

Keith Lowe  – CB – 59 OVR
Although I think that Keith Lowe might miss out this week I had to select him after he scored twice from CB for York as they won 3-1. The only reason I feel that he might miss out is because of Clarke.

Diego Farías  – LW – 71OVR
Farias scored twice for Cagliarli as they drew 3-3 with Napoli which can only be explained as a shocking defensive display. Farias claimed an 8/10 from Gazzetta which will hopefully be enough as he looks set to be a great IF.

Jakob Ankersen  – LM – 68 OVR
Anksersen was the first player to make my list this week after a poor showing from Friday games meant that his hat trick early on Saturday made him the first player in to the side.

Aaron O’Connor  – ST – 58 OVR
Aaron looks set to join the list of bronze English IF’s after he scored a hat trick for Newport as they shocked Bury to win 3-1 away from home.

Andrea Caracciolo – ST – 67 OVR
Another hat trick, this time in Serie B as Brescia drew 3-3 with 9 men Carpi. Although he scored a hat trick he is far from a certainty, all three of his goals were penalties as well as two of them coming while Carpi were down to 9 men. Although his hat trick was near enough gifted to him however I can see him sneaking in to the side.

 TOTW Predictions – Week 10, Click here.

‘Record Breaker’ Messi card in FIFA Ultimate Team

Last week, EA launched a brand new Messi card for FIFA 15. It was a unique card designed for Barcelona FC star Messi, in celebration of the player breaking the record for the most goals scored in La Liga in history and also breaking the record for most goals scored in Champions League history as well.

Now EA are awarding the player with the ‘Record Breaker’ Messi card in FIFA Ultimate Team, which comes with an amazing 95 rating. This is an increase in two overall from his 93 that shipped with the game and also an increase on the 94 in-form card that he has already earned for his performances this season.

Players have the chance to win this special card for a whole week, with EA making exceptions given the fact that it’s a special one-off card.


Now we have an image comparison to show you, giving you an exact breakdown in the stat differences between Messi’s new card and the recent in-form card.

A 97 Dribble, 95 Pace and 93 Shooting ability is pretty incredible and if you manage to pull out this card your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is going to get a serious upgrade.

Having said that, we can already bring you the first Messi record breaker in a pack reaction, as one lucky player has already managed to pull this out of a pack.

Even better, he filmed his reaction and you can see it by watching the video below – make sure you watch until the very end to see Messi.

What are your thoughts on this new card – have you been lucky to get one yourself? If you want to get one,please go to FIFA