• December 6, 2014

New Features of FIFA 15

fifa 15

You can often walk through the halls of any dorm on campus and hear the voice of a British announcer shouting out various lines of dialogue at the top of his lungs. The commentary, a late night time frame and a room full of competitive students create the whole experience that makes FIFA so great.
The most recent version of the game was released this year on Sept. 23. It is available for all major consoles and it boasts a load of new features such as emotional intelligence. The players not only look extremely realistic but also will be able to shake their head at that mind-blowing shot your opponent delivered with Ronaldo from outside the eighteen.

For all you FIFA players, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. FIFA 15 is just one of many games that make up this series. Since its start in 1993, a statistic from EA Sports shows that FIFA has sold over 100 million copies around the world. Currently, the game is available in 18 languages and 51 countries.
For all of you soccer, or should I say “futbol”, lovers out there, the newest edition of the game presents a stunning list of 35 leagues and over 600 clubs. FIFA 15 includes 41 stadiums that look so identical to the real venues that it’s a little bit scary.
Despite all of this, one of the most impressive features of the game is EA’s facial capture technology. Led by Nigel Nunn, a few members of the EA Sports team set up 18 specially placed cameras. Players from clubs around the world were invited to the studio to get their picture taken in front of the cameras. The images were then converted into digital replicas of the players to create the most realistic experience possible.
For those of you want-to-be coaches, you can take advantage of the Career Mode which lets you build up a squad from scratch and progress through a series of seasons.
You have the ability to trade players, adjust lineups, sign contracts and do just about anything that occurs in the daily life of a team manager. If you fail to record a successful season, however, the possibility of being fired becomes a real threat. Trust me, it can happen. This newly improved feature of FIFA 15 adds to the realistic vibe that EA Sports is trying to present.
Regardless of all the technical aspects of the game, FIFA 15 is first and foremost a social pastime that you and all of your friends can enjoy. “Sometimes I feel like playing FIFA is almost as good as watching soccer on TV,” freshman Henry Greer said. “I think that FIFA is a great game series for Americans to get into because soccer is a game of the world, and by playing, we are getting a bit of international exposure.”
So when you’re feeling stressed out, kick back with some friends, grab a few beverages, and try to forget about the exam studying that’s right around the corner.