• May 12, 2015

The Meathod Using Improved Looting In Runescape

The Runescape looting has been improved, but some players don’t know how to use it in the right way. Following are introduction about how to use improved looting in runescape.


The improved looting mechanics are switched on by default, and you can customise them through the Game Settings interface. If you’d rather stick to the old loot mechanics, this is also where you can toggle them off.

Simply left-click a piece of loot and the new looting interface will open. It will gather and display all loot that you’re eligible to pick up. Then, you can click individual items to transfer them to your backpack, or click ‘Loot All’ to grab everything.

To customise the Loot interface, first go to the Game Settings interface, then click the new ‘Loot Options‘ button.

This enables you to toggle the loot interface entirely (default on), toggle area looting (default off) and toggle right-click activation of the Loot interface (default off).

This is also where you can set up custom loot criteria. This lets you set a minimum coin value and various categories – ‘herblore items‘,’prayer items‘ etc. – which can be ticked in any combination you wish. Selecting any of these will add a ‘Loot Custom‘ button to the Loot interface, which will pick up any items which meet the criteria you’ve set.

Note that the Loot interface cannot be used in most minigames, and that area looting requires line of sight to the item in question.

Also, certain items – such as those specifically related to quests – cannot be picked up through the Loot interface. You can pick up any such items in the old way by right-clicking them, as long as right-click activation is turned off.