• March 16, 2017

The Introduction Of Final Fantasy XIV New Job – Red Mage

In the new patch , one of the mainly improvements is an updated Party Finder, nowly, for other servers gamers whose can be allowed to get into the party, as long as they are playing in the same data center. Both Frontline and Duel modes,
Player vs Player is also receiving update, eventually, a new map called The Feast soon to be come in this patch.


Speaking of Stormblood, as the second major expansion pack, which includes brand new job class. At the same time, thanks to Director of the game Naoki Yoshida and Producer, some new features was also revealed and coming to the Final Fantasy XIV.

The unique features is New Job – Red Mage, the highly anticipated red mage job will make its debut in Stormblood as a ranged magic DPS, wielding a rapier and magicked crystal medium. Are you plan on buying cheapest Final Fantasy XIV Gil from ffxiv4gil.com?

A very mobile attacker, the red mage dives in and out of melee combat, assaulting enemies with red magic and short-ranged attacks. The red mage also has the ability to link multiple spells with chain spell, dealing massive damage and following them up with melee attacks. More upcoming the introduction of Final Fantasy XIV, you can be found more here: https://www.ffxiv4gil.com/.