• June 9, 2017

Which Teams Do You Most Want To Play In Madden NFL 18

There is three months left until Madden NFL 18 launch, and EA released more and more news about Madden NFL 18, though we could not get confirmed details about teams, but the NFL draft and the free agent provide a strong insight into all 32 professional teams that will queue up during the season. For this reason, I have analyzed every list to bring you the most exciting of the seven teams this year.



Los Angeles Chargers

In real life, I strongly disagree with the change of the charger from Santiago. But in a video game, any team will usher in a new start, which is a unique challenge – so from the outset you can completely control the Los Angeles new boy’s franchise should be Madden’s main attraction. The Phillip River can still go, his choice with the ball has been added by the draft # 7 always selected Mike Williams. Putting DE Joey Bosa and TE Henry Hunter, the foundation of success is safe.

Dallas Cowboys

The least surprising team on this list, given that all its most exciting players – QB Dak Prescott, RB Ezekiel Elliott, WR Dez Bryant – were already on the roster, and very very good, in Madden 17. That holy trinity should see another stats upgrade this year, while three excellent draft selections (Taco Charlton, Chidobe Awuzie, Jourdan Lewis) do their utmost to shore up a slightly wobbly defense. America’s Team are also the squad to use if you’re a long-standing WWE fan, after the addition of one Xavier Woods at strong safety. No relation to the actual wrestler, but definitely an amusing coincidence.

Tennessee Titans

Reputable Madden blogger Ridder17 ranked Tennessee as the best team to control in franchise last year, with many challenges to face – but lots of initial puzzle pieces in place, such as young QB Marcus Mariota and standout defenders Wesley Woodyward and Jason McCourty. The latter has since moved on, but #18 overall pick Adoree Jackson is an even more intriguing prospect, and fellow first rounder Corey Davis instantly becomes Mariota’s most attractive offensive target. With an estimated $46 million in salary cap space, you’ve plenty of moolah to find the missing pieces and spark Super Bowl celebrations in Memphis.

Houston Texans

Because of his crazy speed and big arms, Michael Vick is considered to be the greatest quarterback of Madden, and if anyone in the current rookie compose will follow his digital expertise, it will be New Texans QB Deshaun Watson. His Madden 17 Ultimate Team card has 88 throws and precision, 84 times; all of these numbers will go through a few seasons in the franchise mode. While he made a lot of points, the steel escalation of the defensive wall JJ Watt, Jadeveon Clowney and Brian Cushing should stop them. For the first time there is a lot of space for the Vince Lombardie trophy.

Chicago Bears

Going by Mitchell Trubisky’s Madden 17 Ultimate Team card, the Bears are finally going to be a fun side to play offence with next year. The #2 overall pick is rated 83 overall, with 93 throwing power – and, critically, 80 speed, making him a genuine double-threat QB. A connected challenge will be who to select for Trubisky to throw to alongside Cameron Meredith. Victor Cruz? Reuben Randle? A hot prospect, or free agent off the street? While Jordan Howard and Jeremy Langford should see you right at running back, finding the receivers to complement Trubisky’s skillset looks like a franchise mode teaser that’ll take multiple seasons to solve.

Jacksonville Jaguars

89 Trucking, 90 Speed, 92 Carrying, 92 Acceleration: on the back of the draft, new Jags RB Leonard Fournette is already a Madden monster. And next year you’ll have him on the Jacksonville roster in addition to Ultimate Team, with TJ Yeldon and Chris Ivory providing changes of pace and power. A young secondary headed by sophomore CB Jalen Ramsey should also deliver plenty of picks, but you’ve a big decision to make in franchise mode: proceed with Blake Bortles at QB, or start over via the draft or free agency? That kind of dilemma is exactly what makes Jacksonville a tempting long-term project.

New England Patriots

Bill Belichick’s boy was named 87 last year, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) is his first to enter the fifth Super Bowl champion before the madman. cap. Brady will naturally be listed as elite QB, Rob Gronokovsky in the game may be the best TE, and Julian Edelman, Brandon Cook and Dior Lewis and so on Is an exciting offensive option. Their defensive manuals, with a variety of unique fronts, making them stand out on the other side of the ball. If you want to succeed immediately, there is no timely reconstruction, Patters is your team.

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