• September 6, 2019

Farming WOW Classic Gold with Skinning and Mining

U4GM WOW Classic Gold Seller are here on the topic of gold, let’s discuss some ways NOT to make gold. For one, Need to buy World of Warcraft Classic Gold with real-world money. We’re going to tell you so many great ways to make gold you would never need to actually spend money on it! So now that we have that out of the way, read on!

Skinning as a Skill

One skill of the two skills that are highly advisable to grab is skinning.
1. People will pay a good amount for the hides that you skin off a creature. Leveling skinning is easy too!
2. One of the reasons Skinning is a great skill is because you can incorporate skinning into leveling your character as you go your merry way.
3. You can sell Medium leather to another player at approximately 2 – 3 silver depending on how desperate you are.
4. Medium hide doesn’t really sell well to players but can be sold for 1.5 silver a piece to vendors. In a typical night in the wetlands, you could loot approximately 50 medium leathers and about 15 hides. That’s anywhere between 1.15 gold and 1.75 gold.
5. Skinning only requires you to buy a knife which costs 79 copper at a general vendor. That’s roughly 1 gold and 15 silver that can be spent on training! All you have to do is find a buyer! If you are having trouble finding a buyer just throw it up on the auction house in Ironforge or the one in Horde place.


Mining as a Skill

Mining is a great skill to learn because some materials can sell for a pretty penny!
1. Just like skinning mining requires virtually no work for the player! All you have to do is the run-up to a vein and mine it.
2. Ore sells for anywhere from 5 copper (copper) to 5 silver (Gold) but bars can sell for more depending on the item used. So even at a low level, it is 100% profit unlike the crafting professions where you may need to take into account material costs
3. Minerals are usually found on rocky surfaces and sometimes underwater- Just turn on your find minerals and it will highlight them with a gold dot on your minimap