• April 16, 2020

How to easily buy Growtopia Blue Gem Locks online

Growtopia is an online only game, meaning you connect to its servers and create or join a world with other players. From here you can “mine” the blocks in a world to discover different items and seeds, which are the basis of creating everything in the game. Each type of seed grows a specific item, but seeds can be spliced together and combined to grow a huge variety of things. This is basically the “crafting” of the game.


I used to want to get a transaction on Eznpc but found that you can’t buy it just because you live in a country without an official Eznpc store. Currently, Eznpc is only available in 36 countries / regions (over 240 countries / regions worldwide). Of course, it does n’t make sense to open a store in every country. However, when websites prevent the online purchase of Growtopia Blue Gem Locks or prevent participation in online competitions and receive great discounts, in unsupported countries, die-hard gamers and fans are uneasy.

So how do you circumvent these restrictions? The following article will show you how.

For this example, we will use Eznpc.com, which is a store available in the United States.

Register with Nintendo
First, we need to register with Eznpc.com to start. No matter what device you use and where to buy Growtopia Blue Gem Locks, this is very important. Follow the steps outlined in the link above.

Initially, it is best to keep this process simple. Therefore, we recommend setting up only one Eznpc account.

Select the United States where the country of residence is required, and then choose an easy-to-live time zone.

Verify the code sent to your email address, and then set all IDs for you.