• April 27, 2020

Growtopia Diamond Locks Best Sales Address

Growtopia gives players the liberty to create worlds and share their game experiences with others, which are great fits with Ubisoft’s commitments to providing more player freedom and increasing our long-term player engagement,” said Jean-Michel Detoc, executive director of Ubisoft, mobile business.


Eznpc is a fixed-time game for independent games. It is popular because it uses the “Your Price” plan. The user enters the amount to be paid, which means that it is possible to obtain a large number of high-quality games for $ 5. People like it a lot.

But Eznpc is also very eye-catching because it provides DRM-free games. It also offers games on as many platforms as possible, so you do n’t need to purchase multiple versions of the game to run on different operating systems.

So far, there are five different PC bundles, two Android bundles, and some other smaller bundles for specific independent developers. I suggest registering their email alert, which will tell you when to start the new bundled software.

Humble Bundle’s success gave birth to an imitator Indie Royale. It works the same way. You are named after the price (although there is a minimum price), but if you pay a higher amount, you will get bonus content.

As the Humble Bundle, these games are usually free DRM cross-platform games. Growtopia Diamond Locks are bundled and require Steam to be used, but this is often not the case. Games that require Steam are listed in the bundle.

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