How to crafting in WildStar

Economy in WildStar Online, just like in other MMORPGs, is quite important and crafting has a major part in it. Balancing crafting though is not as easy as players think. There are several things that need to be considered particularly when it comes to interacting with the tradeskills in the game. In addition, if there is a change in a certain aspect such as the drop rate, there are already consequences waiting for the players and almost everything will change.

ws crafting

Crafting items in WildStar Online is based upon Circuit Board Crafting System, or CBC, where most of the items or gear can be crafted or modified. Before you craft, you have to know about tradeskills, which is the crafting system and this is where you can see your progress. There are also schematics that you should learn and there are talent points that you can assign to your character as well. The tradeskills that you can choose from include Weaponsmith, Mining, Survivalist, Armorer, Outfitter, Relic Hunter, Tailor, Technologist, and Architect.

You can begin crafting once your character reaches level 10. This is where you will receive a quest that you can check at your Datachron. This quest requires you to go to the tradeskill hub and is therefore the place where you will decide on your tradeskill. After arriving at the hub, you will meet a tradeskill operator who will talk to you about crafting and he will give you the opportunity to choose two tradeskills.

The crafting experience in WildStar Online is quite unique as customization for every item here is possible. Make sure that you keep track of the Charge Meter when you craft to avoid an Overcharged item, which is either difficult or impossible to create.


WildStar class:The interdimensional magic space cowboy-Spellslinger


It’s time to talk about WildStar’s interdimensional magic space cowboy, or Spellslinger for short. Spellslingers are highly mobile ranged assassins that use dual blasters and void magic to skirt danger, hurt some folk, and shoot their friends in the face with heals.

Basically, he’s the Nightcrawler in a cowboy hat. Now, Spellslingers use sigils, blasters, light armor, and portals to another dimension. The void lets them teleport around, switch places with enemies. They can even hide out in there for a bit.

Now they also have powers in the real world, like sigils. Spellslingers use sigils to throw bad guys around, aim heals at their buddies, or blast things with fire and stuff, which brings me to their primary weapon: Dual blasters. They’re perfect for running and gunning, or charging up and ripping through hide.

Now all this and his light armor make the Spellslinger the most nimble, slippery sumbitch this side of the O.K. Corral. Teleport, dash, run-and-gun, swap. And of course, limited action set lets you decide if you’re going to roll more guns-blazing-damage or friendly-fire-heals. Maybe you favor mobility or precision nukes. Maybe you like CC

Either way, you’re going to love saddling up with the Spellslinger. So take a shot when we have more info on the class.

Ability Resources: Spell Power (DPS) and Focus (Healing) are the two ability resources possess by players of the Spellslinger. In this game, the maximum value of spell power available to a player is 100. As long as the spell surge is not activated, the spell power will be continuously and automatically regenerated in the game.

At the beginning of the game, the Focus level of a player is full, but the level gradually drops during combat. However, the player can also regenerate his Focus during combat. Regeneration of a player’s Focus is based on his Focus Recovery Rate.

Innate Abilities: Players of the Spellslinger acquire the spell surge as their innate ability. The spell surge is a powerful weapon in the armory of players of this game. It makes many players so confident to the extent that some players underestimate their enemies and end up being destroyed. The spell surge makes players of Spellslinger deadly fighters.

Tips and Tricks
1. If you want to be an efficient spellslinger, you need to learn to be very mobile.
2.Many of the abilities possess by players of this game have instant effect
3.In order to increase your efficiency in combat, you need to thoroughly understand and know the right time to use many of your powerful abilities that come with a cool down timer.

Does WildStar Credd system work the same way as buying gold ?


As the title said :Does WildStar Credd system work the same way as buying gold ? For me the answer is No,it really isn’t.

The CREDD system is used to allow players the opportunity to extend their subscription time for a month without using an external payment source to subscribe with. In order to do this, there has to be someone to buy it directly from Carbine’s website so that they can put it up on the Commodities Exchange. Then, it’s not an instantaneous influx of gold given to the seller as soon as it’s listed — there still has to be a player willing to pay for the CREDD on the CX. This is someone who had spent plenty of time farming for the gold so that they could use it to purchase the CREDD.

This isn’t like EVE Online where selling PLEX automatically gives you around four-hundred million ISK from the get-go. CREDD will be a market on its own, its price will be determined by a demand for it, and it is still a trading commodity between two players. It, then, circulates that gold around the economy because the person who sold the CREDD will use that gold to buy things that they want / need — mounts, dyes, costume pieces, housing accessories, crafting mats, even non-tier gear — most of which are sold on the player-run auction house.

So no, it’s not like buying gold.What’s your opinion about this ? Welcome to share with us !

WildStar PVP guide: Detail analysis for Warplot features


Warplot PvP is WildStar’s endgame PvP feature. It is built as a 40v40 match type, where players are able to customize their team (Warparty)’s Warplot base with deployable objects (free form placement turrets and traps) and plugs (socketed building features with active and/or passive abilities). In the past beta push, level 50 testers were able to start creating Warparties, building their Warplot, and participating in matches.


How to Creat a Warparty
1.Open Group Finder (‘U’ key) and navigate to the Warplots dropdown menu.
2.Click on the “Click to Register a Team!” button at the top section of the menu. Name your Warparty and click “OK”.
3.You may then add players to your Warparty by clicking the green “Add” button at the bottom of the member list.
4.Ranks can also be edited via the wrench icon on the Warparty member list.

The Warparty will receive War Coins for the following:
1)Completing a match
2)Bonus War Coins for winning a match
3)Destroying plugs
4)Each Warparty’s team rating will be adjusted accordingly at the end of each match.
5)A player’s personal Warparty rating will be adjusted accordingly at the end of each match, if they participated in the match.
6)Prestige vendors will have personal Warparty rewards available. Rating minimums are required for purchase.
7)Advanced plugs will require team Warparty rating in order to purchase.

Path Content in Warplot Matches
1.Soldiers can use weapons lockers to pick up weapons which allow them to use special abilities.
2.Scientists can scan certain objects in the battlefield to create a trap that is triggered once an enemy player gets close to it or spawns power ups (health, defense and damage)
3.Explorers can run through these nodes in order to get a speed boost. This is a stacking effect which will enable explorers to run even faster on the battlefield.
4.Settlers can find and repair small structures such as a Med station, Buff station and turrets

Note:You must be level 50 in order to join a Warparty, create a Warparty, or queue for a Warplot PvP match and players will be dismounted (and cannot mount) when inside an enemy Warplot.

How to complete different challenges in WildStar


Players in Wildstar will receive optional challenges as they play their way through the game world. These challenges vary from killing a certain amount of a particular enemy, collecting a certain amount of a particular item, or performing some other task in the game. When a player receives a challenge, a timer begins and the player must complete the challenge before the time runs out. Players are rewarded for completing challenges with random gear, crafting materials, dyes, furniture, or other supplies.


Dominion Challenges
the Dominion faction has few challenges to choose from. The Crimson Isle area has three challenges: one for killing Venomite Spiders, another for killing Dreg forces, and another for smashing spider eggs. Three others are available in Levian Bay and require the player to kill Eldan Constructs, Skeech, and collect pearls from Seaspine Mollusks. There are twelve total challenges in Ellevar including ones for swimming through lake currents in Lake Larallen, using molotov cocktails on webs in Webwood, and using the Vigilant Bell on commoners in Lightreach. Because there are so few Dominion challenges compared to Exile challenges, it seems very likely that the developers will eventually add more challenges for the Dominion faction in order to keep the factions balanced. For the amount of challenges that the Dominion side has however, they do offer quite a bit of variety and fun to be had while the player explores the world.

Exile Challenges
Compared to the amount of challenges available to the Dominion faction.The Exile faction has many challenges to choose from. There are three challenges in Everstar Grove including one for killing Barkblight creatures and another for collecting Flitterflies. Three more are found in the Northern Wilds which require the player to destroy Rootbrutes, Xenobite eggs, and Skeech. The vast majority of Exile challenges are found in the Algoroc and Celestion areas, with 44 total challenges for the player to conquer between the two locations. These challenges require the player to do everything from licking lolli-pops in Hijunja Village to delivering tea biscuits to the Aurin Treetop Tea Shop to navigating security beams while being very careful not to touch them. Five more challenges are found in Thayd, the highlight of which is playing Dan’s Dancer Evolution machine. Finally, two more challenges are located in Galeras, asking the player to kill Crimson Legion troops and jump through flying Whimfibers. Overall, the Exile faction has a great variety of challenges that will keep the player busy for a long time.

WildStar General Leveling Tricks


As we all know ,the current level cap for Wildstar is 50,and can be quite daunting for some players. The following tips should help you level up faster, regardless of what class you choose. First tip that is common knowledge/sense, is to start killing indiscriminately. Imagine you are the wheat thresher when you are running from the quest starting area to the quest hunting grounds. Don’t skip a single mob, yeah, even that one in the corner of your eye, kill him too. This is an old trick from Everquest and World of Warcraft and there is a reason people reapeat.


However, quest will give more experience than and killing enemies. The key is combining these two factors. For example, if you are grinding some low level mobs for experience, why not pick up a few quests that coincide with the murdering of those mobs? Take as many quests or even a quest from path as you possibly can for whatever zone you are in. If possible, do every single quest, as these are without a doubt the best way (and fastest) way to get experience and to level up your character up.

Another tip that works as of the beta, is to stop doing the PVP quests after level twenty, there are some benefits, but this will slow you down. Focus exclusively on the PVE quests and grind as many of those quests as you can. This is due to a current issue right now in the beta, and may change at a later point. The battleground for PVP share the same level, and do not give as much experience points after level twenty.

Creating an alternate character (alt) is another trick many old gamers use in MMORPGPs for variety of reasons. The added benefit for using him is the extra inventory. To utilize this, make sure to bring your alt to an area with a mailbox. You can thus, send stuff to and from your own characters and can save you a bit of time.

The last but not the least trick is simply to find a good dungeon raiding part, simply to change the pace from leveling alone for two to four levels.For doing above you are getting full preparation for the Big day on June3.

WildStar Skills:The detail introduction about the Dyeing System


As all our MMOs fans know nearly all the games have Dyeing System,no exception for WildStar.Then let’s have a deep look at how the dyeing was carried out on the equipment in WildStar.Everybody knows that if u want to dye your equipment you must get the dye firt,but how can we get them?

There are three major ways.
1.Monster drops, usually a senior dungeon will drop dye.
2.Buy from others in the Auction House
3.Buy from store but they are just low level.


After your get the Dye u can just use it and then contact with the dyeing division who Refers to the arrows in figure.Next you will see the following interface:


Selecting the drop-down boxes below and choose the categories you want to dye, and then we can see all equipment on the left side, each equipment can choose most 3 kinds of color scheme, when the color parts highlighting then you can choose your existing color from the right side.

Different color Dyeing has different price, full color diagram like the one in the picture need to be more than 1 platinum, if you have enough money, click the Dye, your dyeing was successful!

How much ffxiv gil needed to create Relic Weapon


How much FFXIV Gil can I expect to spend purchasing the materials needed to create my relic weapon? It depends on how much you value your time versus your gil. I play on Cactuar, so you’ll have to do your own market checking.Your going to need a:


Bloody Axe Head :(I believe that’s the item name for Warriors, it drops from chests in Wanderer’s Palace). These items were originally very pricey, then devalued as the first big wave of level 50’s started farming Wanderer’s, and now in some cases are rising again to the 10-20k price range since most have moved on to Amdapor.

2x Battledance III Materia:These are 30-50k right now but could vary on your server. If you have old tank quest gear from 45-50, try converting it and seeing if you can get some. You can try and farm this yourself while running Castrum (if you’d like to double dip efficiency and also make tokens) by wearing some 45+ DoW gear (preferably parry/tank gear for a better drop rate) or find a spot with densely packed mid-level mobs and go to town. You get spiritbond for kills not experience, so weaker mobs you can kill fast work well too.

I believe there is one or two additional mats for the crafting of the base item with the axe head, but those are pennies in comparison to the big ticket items (the axe head & materia). If you’re patient though you can usually find someone to also craft/meld for tips which can save some additional money.

FFXIV guide:Helpful tips to farm a FFXIV Botanist

As we all know, there are different types of classes in Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. Players can play war classes to fight in battle. Meanwhile, they are able to farm crafting classes in the game world. Botanist is one of crafting classes in FFXIV: ARR.

As a class of the disciple of the land, FFXIV ARR Botanist gathers materials from nature. They are busy in harvesting grains, tending fruit-bearing, vegetable, logging timber, cultivating fibrous plants, and more. So they are known to revere Nophica, the goddess of abundance.

Some of other crafting classes get materials from Botanist, such as Carpentry, Weaving, Culinarian and Alchemy. It can be said that those crafting classes depend more heavily on botany in A Realm Reborn.

To farm a botanist, players can pay attention to the Botany Leveling Guide and find the locations, Botany Quest items and levequests. They must spend some time in upgrading for the class in the game. Different classes have different tools. And Botanist often uses Hatchers and Scythes as tools in working in the game.

As the class in ffxiv arr, a botanist has its own skills and Stats, which can affect the gathering of lightning, fire ad water shards, crystals, clusters and so on. As levels rise, the skills of the botanist will add. Totally, a botanist is able to get eighteen skills when he or she reaches level 50. What’s more, the important Stats of Botanist are GP, Gathering and Perception.

Of course, Botany has traits. Here is the detail introduction about the traits as follows:

FFXIV Botanist

ESO skills:Dragonknight Standard detail guide


Dragonknight Standard is the ulimate skill of fire damage when it gets level 12.It let you deal fire damage while going for either a tank or DPS role. Going for a Draconic Power build will give you more health regen and armor buffs for a tanking role. Ardent Flame is a DPS skill line with DOTs. Earthern Heart gives you more support options for your group. It is a favorite of ranged Dragonknights.

Dragonknight Standard

Dragonknight Standard is very practical in large melee group of skills, it can effectively weaken the other therapists and increase our chance of winning.This ability is a dragon knight tanks and output work preferred skills, but don’t forget, as the ultimate skill, it can have certain filling time.

Dragonknight eso

How to use Dragonknight Standard ?
Dragonknight need penetrated deep into to the enemy using this big skill,and the more enemies injured , the more sucess you got .Use it to hit a single target is does not make sense.The skills to fully reflect the dragon knights face the great power of the enemy.

Your player group can launch chain converging attack Allies.The converging attack effect can be enemies freeze and cause more harm;At the same time, the anchor effect can make the enemy is hard to be sure and make you more damage sustained damage aura.When you have the ultimate value to release the dragon to ride a military flag, you should tell teammates and remind them not to miss use the best timing chain converging attack.You couldn’t start the converging attack by yourself.