• May 20, 2014

WildStar PVP guide: Detail analysis for Warplot features


Warplot PvP is WildStar’s endgame PvP feature. It is built as a 40v40 match type, where players are able to customize their team (Warparty)’s Warplot base with deployable objects (free form placement turrets and traps) and plugs (socketed building features with active and/or passive abilities). In the past beta push, level 50 testers were able to start creating Warparties, building their Warplot, and participating in matches.


How to Creat a Warparty
1.Open Group Finder (‘U’ key) and navigate to the Warplots dropdown menu.
2.Click on the “Click to Register a Team!” button at the top section of the menu. Name your Warparty and click “OK”.
3.You may then add players to your Warparty by clicking the green “Add” button at the bottom of the member list.
4.Ranks can also be edited via the wrench icon on the Warparty member list.

The Warparty will receive War Coins for the following:
1)Completing a match
2)Bonus War Coins for winning a match
3)Destroying plugs
4)Each Warparty’s team rating will be adjusted accordingly at the end of each match.
5)A player’s personal Warparty rating will be adjusted accordingly at the end of each match, if they participated in the match.
6)Prestige vendors will have personal Warparty rewards available. Rating minimums are required for purchase.
7)Advanced plugs will require team Warparty rating in order to purchase.

Path Content in Warplot Matches
1.Soldiers can use weapons lockers to pick up weapons which allow them to use special abilities.
2.Scientists can scan certain objects in the battlefield to create a trap that is triggered once an enemy player gets close to it or spawns power ups (health, defense and damage)
3.Explorers can run through these nodes in order to get a speed boost. This is a stacking effect which will enable explorers to run even faster on the battlefield.
4.Settlers can find and repair small structures such as a Med station, Buff station and turrets

Note:You must be level 50 in order to join a Warparty, create a Warparty, or queue for a Warplot PvP match and players will be dismounted (and cannot mount) when inside an enemy Warplot.