• May 20, 2014

How to complete different challenges in WildStar


Players in Wildstar will receive optional challenges as they play their way through the game world. These challenges vary from killing a certain amount of a particular enemy, collecting a certain amount of a particular item, or performing some other task in the game. When a player receives a challenge, a timer begins and the player must complete the challenge before the time runs out. Players are rewarded for completing challenges with random gear, crafting materials, dyes, furniture, or other supplies.


Dominion Challenges
the Dominion faction has few challenges to choose from. The Crimson Isle area has three challenges: one for killing Venomite Spiders, another for killing Dreg forces, and another for smashing spider eggs. Three others are available in Levian Bay and require the player to kill Eldan Constructs, Skeech, and collect pearls from Seaspine Mollusks. There are twelve total challenges in Ellevar including ones for swimming through lake currents in Lake Larallen, using molotov cocktails on webs in Webwood, and using the Vigilant Bell on commoners in Lightreach. Because there are so few Dominion challenges compared to Exile challenges, it seems very likely that the developers will eventually add more challenges for the Dominion faction in order to keep the factions balanced. For the amount of challenges that the Dominion side has however, they do offer quite a bit of variety and fun to be had while the player explores the world.

Exile Challenges
Compared to the amount of challenges available to the Dominion faction.The Exile faction has many challenges to choose from. There are three challenges in Everstar Grove including one for killing Barkblight creatures and another for collecting Flitterflies. Three more are found in the Northern Wilds which require the player to destroy Rootbrutes, Xenobite eggs, and Skeech. The vast majority of Exile challenges are found in the Algoroc and Celestion areas, with 44 total challenges for the player to conquer between the two locations. These challenges require the player to do everything from licking lolli-pops in Hijunja Village to delivering tea biscuits to the Aurin Treetop Tea Shop to navigating security beams while being very careful not to touch them. Five more challenges are found in Thayd, the highlight of which is playing Dan’s Dancer Evolution machine. Finally, two more challenges are located in Galeras, asking the player to kill Crimson Legion troops and jump through flying Whimfibers. Overall, the Exile faction has a great variety of challenges that will keep the player busy for a long time.