• May 22, 2014

WildStar class:The interdimensional magic space cowboy-Spellslinger


It’s time to talk about WildStar’s interdimensional magic space cowboy, or Spellslinger for short. Spellslingers are highly mobile ranged assassins that use dual blasters and void magic to skirt danger, hurt some folk, and shoot their friends in the face with heals.

Basically, he’s the Nightcrawler in a cowboy hat. Now, Spellslingers use sigils, blasters, light armor, and portals to another dimension. The void lets them teleport around, switch places with enemies. They can even hide out in there for a bit.

Now they also have powers in the real world, like sigils. Spellslingers use sigils to throw bad guys around, aim heals at their buddies, or blast things with fire and stuff, which brings me to their primary weapon: Dual blasters. They’re perfect for running and gunning, or charging up and ripping through hide.

Now all this and his light armor make the Spellslinger the most nimble, slippery sumbitch this side of the O.K. Corral. Teleport, dash, run-and-gun, swap. And of course, limited action set lets you decide if you’re going to roll more guns-blazing-damage or friendly-fire-heals. Maybe you favor mobility or precision nukes. Maybe you like CC

Either way, you’re going to love saddling up with the Spellslinger. So take a shot when we have more info on the class.

Ability Resources: Spell Power (DPS) and Focus (Healing) are the two ability resources possess by players of the Spellslinger. In this game, the maximum value of spell power available to a player is 100. As long as the spell surge is not activated, the spell power will be continuously and automatically regenerated in the game.

At the beginning of the game, the Focus level of a player is full, but the level gradually drops during combat. However, the player can also regenerate his Focus during combat. Regeneration of a player’s Focus is based on his Focus Recovery Rate.

Innate Abilities: Players of the Spellslinger acquire the spell surge as their innate ability. The spell surge is a powerful weapon in the armory of players of this game. It makes many players so confident to the extent that some players underestimate their enemies and end up being destroyed. The spell surge makes players of Spellslinger deadly fighters.

Tips and Tricks
1. If you want to be an efficient spellslinger, you need to learn to be very mobile.
2.Many of the abilities possess by players of this game have instant effect
3.In order to increase your efficiency in combat, you need to thoroughly understand and know the right time to use many of your powerful abilities that come with a cool down timer.