• May 22, 2014

How to crafting in WildStar

Economy in WildStar Online, just like in other MMORPGs, is quite important and crafting has a major part in it. Balancing crafting though is not as easy as players think. There are several things that need to be considered particularly when it comes to interacting with the tradeskills in the game. In addition, if there is a change in a certain aspect such as the drop rate, there are already consequences waiting for the players and almost everything will change.

ws crafting

Crafting items in WildStar Online is based upon Circuit Board Crafting System, or CBC, where most of the items or gear can be crafted or modified. Before you craft, you have to know about tradeskills, which is the crafting system and this is where you can see your progress. There are also schematics that you should learn and there are talent points that you can assign to your character as well. The tradeskills that you can choose from include Weaponsmith, Mining, Survivalist, Armorer, Outfitter, Relic Hunter, Tailor, Technologist, and Architect.

You can begin crafting once your character reaches level 10. This is where you will receive a quest that you can check at your Datachron. This quest requires you to go to the tradeskill hub and is therefore the place where you will decide on your tradeskill. After arriving at the hub, you will meet a tradeskill operator who will talk to you about crafting and he will give you the opportunity to choose two tradeskills.

The crafting experience in WildStar Online is quite unique as customization for every item here is possible. Make sure that you keep track of the Charge Meter when you craft to avoid an Overcharged item, which is either difficult or impossible to create.