• May 31, 2014

Coordinate & circuit board crafting in WildStar

It is known to all WildStar fans that ,there are two types of crafting in WildStar:Coordinate crafting and circuit board crafting.

Coordinate uses grid screen for crafting. Items crafted this way often have different locked variants. Those are either somewhere on the grid, or hidden in the colored area. You have to use maximum of 3 additives to target them (you can’t remove additives them once you use them). If they are hidden, every attempt will notify you how close you are to discover the hidden item. Crafting basic items doesn’t require any additives.


Circuit Board Crafting is conducted through, well, the circuit board screen. In the middle of the screen you choose and put ability microchips into sockets (there may be one or more); bellow them you can click and increase/decrease stats count. Often, one of the sockets is randomly assigned and locked when you start crafting. You can’t replace it or change its stat count. Abandon the craft or continue and salvage this item for materials. On the bottom of the screen is the power output bar. Increasing stats count increases power output. Going over the number displayed on the bar increases chances for crafting to fail (you can see fail chance percentage next to the bar). Matching the chip color and the socket color reduces the power output per one stat increase. Power Cores, put in the socket at the top of the screen, increase power output capacity, depending on their quality. The color of the core will be the color of the item (green core –green item, blue core – blue item).