• May 31, 2014

How to customize your island of your WildStar house


Housing is one of the core feature with a huge potentials you might not expect, like more
rested XP when you log off in your house than anywhere else, crafting ingredients in your
garden, your own workbench, daily quests, raid portals with buffs and much more, the
possibilities are endles. Housing means a lot of things to different people, but we can agree
that customization and decoration are the main housing functionalities.

Every time you teleport to your house, you will get a small bar where you can choose various
tools for customization. You must press the fifth button (look at the screenshot above) to
enable editing.
After pressing the first button, the property layout screen pops up. You can notice 7 plots
where you can build something. The central plot is for the house (you can choose type of the
house there, although they are race and level restricted).

Surrounding plots are used to build various objects. Most of them require FabKits, obtained
through path missions, reputation and regular vendors and random world/dungeon drops. You can
build objects that start challenges or mini-dungeons (you can do them with your friends even);
you can build portals to different zones (those FabKits can be bought at zone reputation
vendors), yards where you can farm crafting resources, the crafting station, etc… You can
upgrade some of them (FabKits are required for that too, for example, Festival tier 1 to
Festival tier 2 requires Festival tier 2 FabKit).

From time to time you will have to repair those buildings/objects, before you could start using
them again. Also, and this is important: if you build some other object over another, you won’
t get the FabKit from the demolished building; if you want to build that object again, you will
have to obtain its FabKit. Decor items can be planted outside, anywhere you want.