• April 20, 2015

A New FIFA Price Range Update Has Been Released By EA

The new price range update has been released for FIFA 15. EA stated that all updates series are beneficial for the players, and they are building a more fun, simulation and unique game environment for every gamer.


Another Price Range Update Has Been Released for FIFA 15


The company further stated that these adjustments are not final, and they will continue to release Price Range updates as they see fit, in order to make the market as balanced as possible while new items are being introduced. In addition, the company apparently wants to make sure that players can get adjusted to new changes as quickly as possible, though it’s not clear what they’re doing in this regard.


According to the company, there are several goals that they’re trying to accomplish with these updates. First, they want to help gamers understand the actual value of players they have in their clubs; second, high-valued footballers shouldn’t be so hard to obtain for some players, and the Price Range updates are aimed at making the playing field more balanced as a whole.


Last but not least, the company wants to limit illegitimate transfers of coins on the Transfer Market as much as possible, and these updates have been working in this direction specifically. Of course, in the end, there’s not that much the company can do to prevent players from making illicit trades, but they have certainly been putting a lot of effort and it’s clear that they are trying.


Meanwhile, EA also brought down the Team Transfer Market for a brief maintenance, as they wanted to fix issues with itemsgetting stuck. Players have been complaining about that for some time now, and it’s good to see the company addressing the issue so quickly. The downtime didn’t last too long, they only needed about 6 hours to get their maintenance done.


Facing to the complaint about frequent downtimes, EA explain that they are putting effort into resolving the game’s issues, even when it means making it temporarily unavailable for players, and they will do everything possible to resolve issues with FIFA as quickly as possible.