• April 21, 2015

Have A Full Enjoyment In Mining Area Of Motherlode

I am so glad to tell you the surprises that Old School Runescape brings today. It’s diffecult for you to image the pet dialogue. Well, let ‘s have a full enjoyment in mining area of Motherlode.

Old School Runescape

Motherlode Expands from 54 Ore Veins to 64

1. Details of Expansion and Requirement to Access

With the development of Motherlode mine, Prospector Percy decides to expand the mine from the existing 54 ore veins to 64 in new upstairs area. Players with a level 72 mining now could join in to experience the great update. What’s more, players need to pay a one-off fee of 100 Runescape Gold for access into the centre of mine with ladder. So the question is, do you reach the level or obtain enough Runescape Gold?

2. Gold Nugget Obtaining and Mining Level Up

When zombie pigmen is killed, it may drop 0-1 Runescape Gold. And if it is killed by a weapon enchanted with looting, it may drop an additional Runescape Gold per level of looting used, up to a maximum of 4.

Additional Option and Pet Dialogue Provided

Just like summoned familiars can appears as Companion pets in 03 Runescape, now Old School Runescape provides “talk to” option for boss pet to replace the “pick-up”. Meanwhile, they also offer lovely update for elemental pet, dark core pet and chompy bird petto makes pets dialogue available.

Based on the “talk to” option on left-click, some players suggest that they prefer left click to be ”walk here” toggle or allow players to right-click ”examine” pet alongside its” name. And Mod Ash has replied that it would be possible with some reprogramming of the game engine, but since Ian”s currently working on other things, it will still need some improvements. We expect so, however, just enjoy it before new update coming!

Besides, the other updates are carrying on, including the purchase on devices and new set of doors for Edgeville bank. Runescape will consistently improve itself to meet the players’ demands. So, let’s expect and enjoy the new update!