• June 2, 2015

How To get to Runescape Tuska

If you want to get to Tuska in Runescape, just access the new lodestone teleport that takes you straight onto her back by automatically unlocked. Once you’re there, speak to a representative of the four factions present – Armadyl, Saradomin, Zamorak and the Godless – and pledge yourself to one of these.

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The event plays out hourly, as a twenty-minute D&D for 1-10 players. You can start in any of three ways:

  • Use the Grouping System to make a team of people you know, then talk to Wizard Chambers on Tuska’s back.
  • To queue for a random group, click on the edge of the island closest to Tuska’s back.
  • To play solo, start a group of one through the Grouping System, and speak to Chambers.

Note that the encounters scale in accordance with the number of players in the group.

As the event plays out, you will jump between four islands – orbiting fragments of worlds that Tuska has destroyed. On each, you’ll skill or fight to gather divine energy – click the information icon on the interface at the top of the screen if you need to know what to do. Doing so will charge your god spear, and earn you reward points to spend.

You’ll spend 5 minutes on visiting the islands in random order. Besides, you’ll need to charge up your god spear by at least 10% to reach Tuska’s head over the course of the islands, where you’ll strike her a blow, earning victory points for your faction.