• August 1, 2015

Remember To Follow The Final Fantasy VII Remake

It has been eighteen years since Final Fantasy VII made its debut on Sony’s PlayStation. As you can seen the Final Fantasy world is a little bit different. Players are going to see a lot of changes before the upcoming Final Fantasy VII – Remake sees the light of day. The original is still a classic and, although it hasn’t exactly aged well, those who loved how the original played will always be able to return to it.

FFXIV Remake

Now, as throwing the ability to be reasonable out of the window, one of the aspects which made Final Fantasy VII so intriguing was its honed combination of plot darkness, comical moments, and downright silliness. For example, do you remember Don Coreno and his stolen ‘brides’? Of course you do, why bother asking?

Objectively, there are design choices and gameplay aspects in Final Fantasy VII which could be changed or removed entirely. Yes, everyone enjoyed the Active Time Battle system but imagine returning to that awkward, clunky turn-based system with high-definition characters and all the freedom our improved technology has brought us? So, after a yearly dip back into the game, here’s what we think director Nomura and his development team should return to in the remake.

Ah, remember the beachfront paradise known as Costa del Sol? As soon as you enter the town, all of the moisture on Red XIII’s nose evaporates and you feel the sand in your triangular feet. Exploring the area reveals a home for sale which, if you have the enough FFXIV Gil, you can purchase.

We certainly can’t picture this scene translating to high-definition very well, it’ll be interesting if it does make it into the game. We’ve already seen the scene teased in the announcement trailer as the little girl going down the slide is wearing a Mr. Dolphin T-shirt, fingers are crossed.

One of the most dramatic moments in the entire game comes at the very last minute as Cloud and his party defeat the titanic Bizarro Sephiroth and the equally incredible One-Winged Angel, Safer Sephiroth to reveal the villain’s true form once again. In the darkness of the world’s core, Cloud defeats Sephiroth with one final limit break and the game comes to a close. This scene will, without doubt, be edited to fit the updated battle system but we do hope to see the return of the finale omni-slash.

So, that’s our list of irreplaceable moments from Final Fantasy VII, what tops your list? Don’t forget to track the Final Fantasy VII remake with our online calendar to get updates on the title’s release date.