• March 16, 2016

Blade & Sou: How to choose your starting race?

NCSoft has finally brought its hugely popular MMO Blade and Soul to the West,
with the developer hoping that it will garner a similar level of success on these
shores as it enjoyed in Asia. With it achieving 2 million concurrent players in
the region early last year, a higher number than has been achieved by the likes
of World of Warcraft, it certainly has the potential to become the next big thing
in the genre.Whatever you choose which race,blade and soul power leveling can
help you level up soon.

Due to Blade and Soul’s unique combat system, which employs combos, contextual
abilities and other such deviations from the typical MMORPG format, you may be a
little confused as to which class will best suit your play style. With that being
said, here’s a guide to picking your starting race and class in the game:


There are four races to choose from in Blade and Soul, each with their own
selection of three classes. Race does not impact upon your character’s stats, so
feel free to choose the one you like the look of the most, or that has access to
your favorite class.
Here are the four classes, in no particular order:


Appearance: The Gon are a freakishly tall race who tower over the majority of
both enemies and other player-characters. For those who want to quite literally
look down their noses at their rivals, the Gon are a good choice.

Description: In their day to day lives, Gon move and speak at a calm and measured
pace. This deliberate pacing was started to help nullify the other Gon trait:
their famously short tempers. With their massive frame and incredible strength,
little can stand in the way of these mighty people once a Gon has been moved to

Available Classes: Destroyer, Kung Fu Master, Force Master


Appearance: The Lyn are a small yet fiery race, distinguishable by their
diminutive stature, pointy ears and bushy tails. If you want your character to
look like Yoda, bouncing around his/her enemies whilst dishing out damage, then
the Lyn are the only way to go.

Description: The Lyn are known for their somewhat unpredictable nature. During a
single conversation, it is not unusual for a Lyn to convey a multitude of
emotions, including hatred, fear, jealousy, love, and respect.

Available Classes: Summoner, Force Master, Blade Dancer


Appearance: The Yun are a solely female race, characterized by their “otherworldy
beauty” and their worryingly lengthy legs. If you want to stomp around Blade and
Soul’s world with legs as tall as skyscrapers, then go with the Yun.

Description: “Dignity is key to the Yun, and while they are able combatants, they
balance their time spent fighting by teaching and meditating with others.”

Available Classes: Force Master, Blade Master, Kung Fu Master


Appearance: The Jin are the only reasonably proportioned race in Blade and Soul,
and as such are the race that most resemble humans. If you want your character to
look as

Description: “Jin people are often friendly and considerate with a strong notion
of right and wrong. Their warriors are often found traveling the continents,
helping the needy by working selflessly wherever they were needed.”

Available Classes: Assassin, Blade Master, Kung Fu Master

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