• March 14, 2016

In-Game Player Comparisons of Blade and Soul.And It’s Awesome!

While some games offer the ability to see what other players’ stats are, what gear they have, etc., in most cases, these require an external site or a third-party one. In the case of Blade and Soul, however, this is built right in to the game, giving all of the information you need right there within the game itself. Along with this, it takes things much further than most games, allowing you to quickly and easily make comparisons not just of what others have, but also put them up against your own items.If you want to win the confrontation,you need bns gold to improve your weapon.

Opening the Character Stats

Opening a player’s character stats is very easy. You don’t need to alt/tab, go to a browser, or even open up an app. From the chat system, for example, just click on someone’s name and their stat window pops up within seconds. Included are all vital stats you might want to know, including things like:

. Equipped items

. Level

. Class

. Faction

. Server

. Soul Shield attributes

. All stats (attack power, HP, etc.)

All of these together give a very well-rounded look at the character you’re exploring, which is extremely beneficial for things like dungeon runs and PvP. Not only does it allow you to see what they have, but it also opens the doors to helping one another out with advice, as well as throws out a bit of competition.

Comparing Your Stats

With someone’s stat window open, there’s a button at the top that says “Compare.” Clicking this instantly loads up all of your stats in the same window (side by side), offering up a detailed comparison between your character and the one you’re looking at. Here, you can compare pretty much anything – the most beneficial of which is gear. If you find a player that does much more damage, for example, you can check out their items, compare them to yours, and get more information on where they were obtained at.it also works as a great way to gauge your own effectiveness in battle. For example, if you’re geared better than someone else of the same class and they are doing significantly better, it may be worth taking a look to see what you’re doing wrong.

Finding Other Characters

If you want to search for a specific character name (not one that is in chat, for example), you can do this through the same window. At the top, you can do a search for any character on the server, giving access to everything you need to know, anytime you want it. Furthermore, the listing also shows their alternative characters, so it works as a great way to follow someone’s progress in the game, on a macro level. And you can follow all those stats in the same manner.

Uses of the System

Generally speaking, there are two ways in which this system are the most beneficial: when preparing pre-made groups for something (dungeons, PvP, etc.) or when trying to evaluate how well you’re doing as compared to others. In the former, the goal should be to use the information obtained to see whether someone matches up with what you need. An under geared player is going to be more of a hindrance than a help in a lot of cases, for example, and that can lead to failure. On the other hand, keep in mind that gear does not necessarily mean the player is skilled and knowledgeable. Someone with great gear can be just as ineffective as someone with bad gear, so more information is needed than just what’s in the window.

Also note that you can directly compare items side by side with those that are of the same class, giving a clear view of exactly where you stand apart and just how much one item benefits over another.

Character Images

As part of the character stat page, each person can also take images of their own character to add to them. This image is static, based on when they saved the last one, such that it isn’t constantly changing as gear does. As a result, you’re free to find that perfect look, lock it in as the character image, and then not worry about equipping new items and losing that look. Do note, however, that the actual character look will change as normal.

System Criticism

As with any system that lets one player view another’s gear and stats, it leads some players to start being elitist. This system is no different, and is arguably a lot easier to fall into this trap with than most. It’s ultimately up to the community to determine who they will let in their parties, and that will be different from one group to the next. As a result, the important thing to remember is that while some groups may not be accepting of those that aren’t fully decked out, many still will be. And those should be the ones you hunt for.

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