• July 26, 2016

5 Interesting Teams in Upcoming 2K17

The September 20th is about eight weeks. Then we will have in our hands the fresh, brand new, revamped NBA 2K17!

New game, improved graphics, new features and above all updated roster. Which teams are looking forward to play?


1. Chicago Bulls

The Rose is the past, but the Bulls added to the five two high level players: the Ntoueint Wade and Razon Rondo. This Rondo-Wade-Butler in the region does not sound bad, right?

2. Cleveland Cavaliers


Can the champions so far have not made any big movement, but the presence of LeBron-Irving-Love enough to turn Cavaliers in group bugbear.

3. Boston Celtics


Since last year the Celtics was a highly entertaining team with many rolistes several solutions. Plus, with Al Chorfornt to dominate under the baskets, the Isaia Thomas organize and Kraounter a complementary role, not lacking anything!

4. New York Knicks


It is one of the traditional forces of the NBA and this year returns for good. Rose and Noah came “package” of Chicago to meet with Carmelo and excellent Kristaps Porzingkis that madness world in his rookie season.

5. Golden State Warriors


For no. One does not fit the debate! Golden State Warriors with Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Clay Thompson and Ntreimont Greene. He is so good, that many say will be … unfair to the opponent. But who wants to try them at least once?