• May 15, 2017

Will Madden NFL 18 Really Switch To Frostbite

Everyone are expecting Madden NFL 18, and all of them are guessing what is the new changes comparing with Madden 17? EA revealed a little news about Madden NFL 18 in the end few days ago, they indicated that Madden NFL 18 will switch to Frostbite, because FIFA 17 made the switch to EA’s internal game engine, Frostbite, made by DICE and was known by the Battlefield games. So it will allow the developers to create more competitive and interesting play mode.

EA has stated that Madden NFL 18 will have a band new mode, but it’s waiting until June 10 to reveal it at EA Play. Given the generally positive reception The Journey received in FIFA 17, there’s a strong chance Madden NFL 18 will get its own story mode, perhaps even following the same structure as you follow a young player through their career. This could tie into the NCAA to cover the early years, but EA hasn’t touched that licence since the legal issues surrounding college athletes getting paid for their performances.

The Madden NFL 18 teaser trailer more or less confirms some kind of story mode – we’ll just have to wait and see how detailed it is.

For what it’s worth EA has stated that Frostbite has allowed the dev team at EA Tiburon to create a “Madden NFL experience like you’ve never seen before,” and that “Frostbite delivers a significant visual leap not only to the players, but crowds, stadiums and more.” Not one to undersell a title, the gaming powerhouse added that Madden NFL 18 features “some of the greatest innovation in a generation.” The proof will be in the pudding.

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