• July 31, 2018

POE 3.3 Lastest and Detailed Witch Occultist Minions Builds


[POE 3.3 Manifest Dancing Dervish Build]The Dancing Mystic – Chaos Degen Summoner/The Dancing Dervish/Rampage

This establishes revolves all over the Witch’s Occultist Ascendancy with it really is newly buffed Nodes which now operate with Minions like “The Dancing Dervish” (TDD) in it is manifested form.

Will not overlook that though it may possibly be not manifested, the Keystone will apply for you and also you also won’t be able to crit until finally it definitely is energetic. This will be not related to this build but nevertheless worthy to be mentioned down.

+ Rampage.
+ Reasonably Reasonably priced.
+ Pleasurable to perform with.
+ Matters goes boom if it will get cursed and killed by minions.
+ The satisfying visual of a very excellent Cycloning Sword.

– You eliminate defenses when you are not capable to dress in a shield. You do have taunting Minions but stray attacks could hit you.
– For all those who fail to start out a rampage, you could be missing lots of harm and clear speed.
– Build only genuinely commences at lvl 59 as a result of truth you might only then equip TDD and in addition, you could possibly really really have to invest into stats somewhat to equip it.

Talent hyperlink:
Increase Zombies – Fortify (from boots) – Minion Life – Minion ResChaos Golem
The walls and 1 of quite a few Rampage starter of your produce.
Increase Spectre – Culling Strike – Summon Phantasm – Spell Echo – More swiftly Proj (from Gloves) – Poison (from Gloves)
The bulk of Phantasms summoned by this setup allow the clear speed also.
Ball Lightning – Curse on Hit – Despair – Temp Chains – (Decay)
This Setup is actually a significant QOL improvement from self-casting curses. The Decay is just an added bonus which may possibly definitely be left out. This also enables the utilization of Elemental Equilibrium which boosts the injury of one’s minions by just a little as soon as once again.
Hatred / Discipline / Haste / Convocation
That is definitely to buff your harm and reorganize all your minions.

Dank Dervish:
Offered that it can be just five socketed, that is what I chose.
Lesser Poison – To have the 100% Poison Probability
Poison – To acquire the 100% Poison Likelihood
Minion Damage/Added Chaos Damage – The DPS is not planning to deviate a fantastic deal from every other. I nonetheless require to check out with 20/20 gems to come to the last conclusion.
Multistrike – That is definitely higher than Minion Speed in numerous regards and does not lessen the Poison Damage
Added Accuracy – The accuracy stat on TDD is shit, this assists it out

Destroy them all

Path of Exile – The Dancing Mystic Tribunal Map


Path of Exile – Dancing Mystic Bog Map


Pob Link:https://pastebin.com/Z43w8B4h
Ability Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y7v8hpqh
Instance Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2120551

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