• October 19, 2018

Dance Guide in Fortnite’s Groovy New Scavenger Hunt

Inside the fourth week of Fortnite Season six, players will should dance on a clock tower, a pink tree, and giant porcelain throne for battle stars. If you have been playing Fortnite for more than a few weeks, chances are you currently currently know specifically where to go. But for new players nevertheless mentally mapping out the ever-changing island, here’s specifically there to find and dance on a clocktower, a pink tree, in addition to a giant porcelain throne.

Dance Guide in Fortnite's Groovy New Scavenger Hunt

For the clocktower, head to Tilted Towers. It is the tall narrow building that appears like a clocktower. A clock is really a insturment that tells time using two ‘hands’. Google it in case you must. You will obtain the pink tree at Fortunate Landing and also the giant porcelain throne is where else but Flush Factory. They’re challenging to miss.

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