• July 21, 2019

Best Suited Formations for FUT 20

There are no right and wrong answers here as each player in entirely individual; however, you can get a head start and read here, which are the FIFA 20 formations that lend themselves to being successful in Ultimate Team. We have ranked our 3 favorites, in order, for you below. Before reading this it is important to note that all this talk of overpowered formations is frankly, a load of rubbish. On previous versions of the game such as FIFA 12, it was said that the 4-3-2-1 was ‘OP’ and on FIFA 13, the 3-5-2. As U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Team said, each formation suits a different style of player and the way they play the game. However, FUT is so fast-paced (because of the boosted stats of players and the type of players that play FUT) and because of this, you can use the following formations (on the next three pages) to help you succeed.

#1 – The 4-3-3
There are various versions of this formation and all work equally well for FUT (which is why U4GM have chosen the standard one to explain). It has great balance and numbers in the midfield so you aren’t overrun by the teams running with 4-2-3-1 or a tight diamond in midfield. It also has lots of natural triangles which lends itself to quick, sharp passing (which is crucial because of the speed of FUT gameplay). If you want to play with a bit more cover, then use the version with one or two CDM’s rather than the 3 x CM’s. Be sure to purchase our Tactical Guide for more detailed information on formations.

#2 – The 4-1-2-1-2(2)
Again, the balance and passing angles that this formation provides is brilliant. You won’t be left exposed to the counter-attack or pace abuse that comes with playing FUT and you’ll have great options to zip the ball around and tire your opponents’ players out. The best thing about this formation, for FUT gameplay, is the diamond between the 2 ST’s and the CAM. Working the ball between strikers is crucial to success in FUT, they need to be powerful and athletic so having 2 of these, and accompanied with great passing, creative CAM can lead to great results. (Choose a CDM with high defensive work-rate and low attacking work-rate for best results.)

# 3 – The 5-2-2-1
This may look like a horrible formation and leave you thinking, look at the gaps, but believe us, follow the following tips and it’ll be working a treat for you.
This set-up encourages a counter-attacking style of play so if that’s something you use then look into this formation. A vital component is having 2 athletic CM’s with high/high workrates so they can join in attacks. Don’t worry if you have wing-backs that have high/high work-rates either, this will help with the fluency of your counter attacks and provide crucial width.
Soak up pressure (remember, only if you’re comfortable doing so) and then burst out of the attack and use the 3 front players (who should all have +85 pace) and you’ll begin to fall in love with this formation.
Again, there is a huge section on formations and tactics later on in the guide so be sure to read that part extensively to help get you winning more games.