• February 18, 2020

Escape from Tarkov must master skills and experience sharing

The variety Twitch streamer has been mixing up his selection of games for quite some time, but in recent weeks there has been one game above all else that has maintained his interested and that’s Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov.

The massively multiplayer online title has replaced the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends as the top streamed game on Twitch among high-profile personalities but it is still in its beta version.

“Escape from Tarkov” has attracted a lot of novice players. As a unique shooter game, what should the novices need to pay attention to? Here are some essential skills for beginners to take a look.

Essential skills
1. If you want to get the maximum return, don’t bring any EFT Items at the beginning of the game, bring a saber, the valuables you search for will be placed in the safe first, and then the key will also be placed in the safe first. For example, Mark. Key (the third-floor cult room on the third-floor dormitory building of the customs), this room often has better guns, so that it will attract a large number of players every time.


2. When you collect valuables and want to evacuate safely, then you must take the medical supplies; otherwise, you are likely to die on the road for various reasons.
The medical products are these: AT-2, Bandage (if you are attacked, use a bandage to stop bleeding at the first time, otherwise you will lose life due to blood loss), Piankiller (when your blood loss is severe, you will Injury to the leg slows down and prevents running, Piankiller can temporarily return you to average speed and can run), morphine (more expensive than Piankiller, a drug with a longer active time, reserved in the early stage, the task of a medical vendor will Be Used).

In addition to carrying it by yourself, don’t discard any extra medicine when you are in a hurry. Try to give as much as possible, although it will take up some space, but it can save your life and don’t let it go.

3. Collect items or do tasks, the success rate at night will be much higher, because there are fewer players at night, which can reduce the casualty rate, and some AI weapons at night will carry flashlights. They will not turn off the flashlight, by observing the lights Direction, you know where the blind spot of the other party is, so you can boldly do tasks and kill AI at night, but the factory is not in this range, and the factory at night is too dark.

4. The main guns in the early stage can use 74, 74u, and 74n. They are easy to obtain weapons, and many material boxes will output 74 series magazines and 5.45 bullets.
Therefore, ammunition replenishment is also very convenient. Pistol bullets must be clearly distinguished from 9×18 and 9×19, and 9×19 has broader applicability. If you want to put something else, but the position is not enough, throw away the 74 magazines, you can pick it anyway, no need to be too distressed.


5. Gun modification is very time-consuming, you can use Escape from Tarkov Roubles to get a good gun, or you can directly get it with Bitcoin, but novices often wo n’t win, so it ’s not because the weapon is good or bad. The most important thing is that searched gun accessories can also be studied slowly.

Mastering these skills will allow you to collect items or complete tasks in the game better. Today’s sharing is here; I hope these contents can help you.