• December 21, 2019

Boss and equipment that can’t be ignored in WOW Classic

Azurugos in WOW Classic is a blue dragon, often wandering in the wilderness of Azshara, many players are busy with Onyxia’s Lair or Molten Core, and often ignore this boss, but after U4gm investigation found that Azuregos can drop some irreplaceable The equipment is enough for you to use Ahn’Qiraj.

Azuregos location

Puissant Cape
Back cloak
54 Armor
+12 Stamina
Requires level 60
Equip: +40 attack power.
Drop probability: 19%
Equip Increases your chance to hit your target by 1%.

The properties of this cloak are very powerful, mainly because the Hit attribute in the initial stage is too precious, which is very much needed for Rogue and Fury-Warrior. Let’s compare other capes that can be started at present, Cape of the Black Baron, lack Stamina, Crit is not very high. Cloak of the Shrouded Mists, which has a relatively high degree of recognition, is better than Cape of the Black. Unfortunately, flame resistance and nature resistance waste item levels. It would be perfect for changing to the Hit attribute. Generally speaking, Puissant Cape is good. Even after Blackwing Lair is turned on, it can be used continuously. For melee classes, the trouble of changing equipment is eliminated.

Cold Snap
Ranged wand
101-189 Frost damage speed 1.70
(DPS 85.3)
+7 Intellect
Durability 75/75
Requires level 60
Drop probability: 19%
Equip: Increases the damage done by frost spells and effects by up to 20 points.

For Mage, this piece of equipment is impeccable and can be used until the eve of TAQ conversion Fire-Mage. This piece of equipment has no waste at all, high Intellect, high DPS. Also, compare the currently available magic stick – Bonecreeper Stylus – + 4Intellect, +11 spell damage, compared with Cold Snap, it is too much.

Fang of the Mystics
One-handed dagger
38.7-85.7 Damage Speed 1.50
(DPS 41.5)
+10 Intellect
Durability 75/75
Requires level 60
Drop probability: 19%
Equip Increases your critical strike chance by 1%.
Equip: Restores four mana every 5 seconds.
Equip: Increases the damage and healing of all spells and magic effects by up to 40 points.

Do you have this feeling? I found a Molten Core team and found that there are 15 Mages in it. Then I see that I don’t have a lot of Gold backpacks. In the end, do you want to continue to fight, or even tangled Golemagg the Incinerator for a while? Okay, don’t drop Azuresong Mageblade.

If you drop it, you can’t afford it yourself, and you will be jealous of those rich players. Do not fall? As important equipment of Molten Core, there is not much Gold dividend without falling. So Blizzard gave Mage another chance. This is the Fang of the Mystics dropped by Azuregos. It is also a perfect attribute. It completely crushes other staff or one-handed weapons in the current version, which is only lower than that of Blackwing Lair. The staff of the Shadow Flame, not lost to Claw of Chromaggus, dropped by Chromaggus. So Azuregos is not a negligible boss. Most of its drop equipment is a supplement to the best Molten Core equipment.

If you are Mage and you don’t have enough Classic WOW EU Gold in your backpack, then Azuregos is a boss you can’t miss.

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