• June 6, 2024

3 Endings In GTA 5

Players can choose three different endings in Grand Theft Auto V. You can get a gta 5 modded account ps5, complete the game and choose the ending you like. Next, let’s learn about these three endings together.

Ending A: Kill Trevor
If Franklin chooses to kill Trevor, he lures Trevor to an oil field under the guise of a meeting. Michael arrives to assist Franklin. After a brief confrontation, Trevor flees in his truck, leading to a chase that ends with Michael ramming Trevor’s truck into an oil tanker. Trevor crawls out injured, and either Franklin or Michael shoots at the spilled oil, igniting it and burning Trevor alive. Michael and Franklin then split the heist money between themselves.

Ending B: Kill Michael
If Franklin chooses to kill Michael, he confronts Michael at a remote location. Michael realizes Franklin has been sent to kill him and flees, leading to a chase that ends at a power plant. After a physical altercation, Michael falls from a high structure to his death, regardless of whether Franklin tries to save him or not. Franklin then calls Lamar to mend their friendship.

Ending C: Deathwish
If Franklin chooses the “Deathwish” option, he teams up with Michael and Trevor to take down all the antagonists who have been after them. They lure FIB agents and Merryweather mercenaries into an ambush at a foundry. After defeating them, the trio split up to eliminate remaining loose ends – Trevor kills Steve Haines, Michael kills Stretch, and Franklin kills Wei Cheng. They then kidnap Devin Weston, push his car off a cliff, and split the heist money. This ending is widely considered the canonical one, as it allows all three protagonists to survive.

For Ending A, players think it is the most mature ending and the most logical, and killing Trevor is what they would do in real life. Trevor is a psychopathic, erratic lunatic who is basically useless except for the comedic effect, and his death will 100% happen in real life; for Ending B, players think it is stupid because Trevor is likely to come and kill Franklin; for Ending C, players think it is satisfying, it shows that the three actually unite to help each other, not just for survival, but also because they are friends, and friends will try their best to help each other when needed. Therefore, some players speculate that children will choose Ending C, grown-up adults will choose A, and mentally ill people will choose Ending B. Do you have any different opinions on this? Welcome to share with us.