• June 8, 2024

10 GTA 6 Huge Changes

It’s no secret that Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) is going to be huge, that’s not a question, but there are a lot of questions about what exactly GTA 6 will look like, and we actually have a lot of answers. According to the latest leaks, GTA 6 is scheduled to be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles in the fall of 2025, so for now we can get modded gta accounts and play GTA 5. Here we mainly talk about 10 aspects of GTA 6 that will make huge changes.

1. More Buildings Will Be Enterable
One of the long-standing desires for the GTA series is to have a significant number of buildings be fully explorable interiors rather than just facades. A leak suggests around 70% of buildings in GTA 6 may have interiors players can enter and explore.

2. Improved Combat and Stealth Mechanics
Leaks point to new movement abilities like going prone, switching shoulders while aiming, and being able to lean out of car windows to shoot. There are also hints of improved stealth gameplay, like the ability to carry bodies and threaten/rob NPCs.

3. Seamless Multiplayer Integration
A patent filing indicates Rockstar is working on technology to allow seamless switching between single-player and multiplayer sessions in GTA 6 with minimal loading screens.

4. Male and Female Protagonists
The major leak in September 2022 appeared to confirm longstanding rumors that GTA 6 will feature both a male and female protagonist that players can switch between.

5. Vice City Setting
While not officially confirmed, the leaks seem to corroborate reports that GTA 6 will be set in a fictional Miami-inspired Vice City and surrounding areas.

6. Improved NPC AI and Interactions
Leaks suggest GTA 6 will have far more advanced and reactive NPC AI systems compared to previous games, allowing for more dynamic interactions during missions and open world activities.

7. Fishing and Hacking Gameplay
Some leaks mention new gameplay systems like fishing and hacking as potential activities players can engage in within GTA 6’s open world.

8. Revamped Money-Making and Progression
There are hints that GTA 6 Online may rework how players earn money and progress compared to GTA Online, with more rewarding activities beyond repetitive grinding.

9. Graphical Improvements
While the leaked footage was very early, there are indications GTA 6 is being built to take full advantage of current-gen console and PC hardware for significant graphical enhancements.

10. Increased Development Scope and Budget
Analysts predict GTA 6 will be Rockstar’s most ambitious and biggest-budget project yet, aiming to deliver an experience that vastly exceeds previous GTA games in scale and innovation.

In summary, based on some leaked information, identifying the 10 biggest changes in GTA 6 could help us understand what this game is all about.