• July 4, 2024

Zenless Zone Zero: Best Drive Disks for Lycaon

Continuing from Lycaon W-Engine guide, we’ll now explore the best Drive Disks to further enhance Lycaon’s abilities in Zenless Zone Zero.If you’re looking for a strong start, consider a cheap Lycaon starter account for a high-quality gaming experience. Use the discount code “jean7” at U4GM to save more!

Zenless Zone Zero: Optimal Lycaon Build Guide

Lycaon Build: Best Drive Disks

Lycaon’s high impact sub-stat makes him particularly effective at stunning enemies. His fast-paced gameplay allows him to deal significant damage and effectively stagger opponents.

Zenless Zone Zero Lycaon

When filling Lycaon’s Drive Disk slots, prioritize drives with crit, ice damage, and impact percentage in slots four to six. It’s important to choose drives that offer offensive sub-stats to further enhance Lycaon’s damage output.

Drive DiskDescription
Shockstar Disco2-piece set: Increases impact by 6%. 4-piece set: Boosts stun effect of basic, dash, and dodge counter attacks by 20%.
Polar Metal2-piece set: Increases ice damage by 10%. 4-piece set: Increases normal and dash attack damage by 20%, with an additional 20% boost when a team member causes freeze or shatter effects, lasting 12 seconds.
Freedom Blues2-piece set: Increases abnormal proficiency by 30. 4-piece set: Reduces target’s resistance to the equipper’s attribute by 20% for 8 seconds when EX special attack hits. This effect does not stack with similar effects.
Woodpecker Electro2-piece set: Increases crit rate by 8%. 4-piece set: Boosts attack by 9% for 6 seconds when normal attack, dodge counter, or EX special attack crits. Buff durations are calculated separately for different skills.

Shockstar Disco

The 4-piece Shockstar Disco set is an excellent choice for Lycaon as it enhances his impact damage. The 20% boost to stun effect from basic, dash, and dodge counter attacks ensures he can effectively control enemies, creating powerful combos.

Polar Metal

Combining the 4-piece Shockstar Disco set with the 2-piece Polar Metal set significantly enhances Lycaon’s overall damage. The additional 10% ice damage directly strengthens his main damage type, making his attacks more potent.

Freedom Blues

Pairing the 4-piece Shockstar Disco set with the 2-piece Freedom Blues set offers different benefits. The abnormal proficiency sub-stat enhances Lycaon’s ability to inflict abnormal effects on enemies, making him more effective at weakening them and reducing their resistance.

Woodpecker Electro

However, if you find your damage output lacking, combining the 4-piece Shockstar Disco set with the 2-piece Woodpecker Electro set can increase Lycaon’s overall damage. The Woodpecker Electro set’s 8% crit rate boost allows him to land more critical hits.

The enhanced stun effect from the Shockstar Disco set makes it easier for enemies to be affected by Lycaon’s attacks. When these stunned enemies take critical hits, the overall damage is amplified, making his attacks more destructive.

By optimizing Lycaon’s build with these Drive Disks, you can ensure he reaches his full potential in Zenless Zone Zero. The right combination of Drive Disks will significantly enhance his abilities, making him a powerful and reliable asset in your team.