• May 16, 2014

The Detail Analysis of Level 20 first boss:Grond the Corpsemaker


Grond the Corpsemaker

Grond is the first boss within the Ruins of Kel Voreth. In order to force his spawn, the group must clear three pulls within the Blood Pit.

Bone Traps:Throughout the Blood Pit there are bone traps that, if stepped on, will stun your character for a time. During the trash pull and during the boss fight it is important watch out for these traps. During the boss fight, they have the added benefit of killing the adds that spawn during the boss fight if they can be maneuvered into springing the trap. More on this below.

Charge:Grond will charge a random member of the group and deal damage to them. He will then return to the tank. He will follow up the charge with his basic cone attack.

Thrash:Grond begins to dig into the ground, producing a telegraph below him. After the cast completion, he will begin to spin in circles, kicking up line telegraphs out from his body, which deal significant damage and knock back. It is important to note that the farther a player is from Grond, the less damage this line telegraph will cause. An easy way to dodge this telegraph is to stand next to a line, and as it is erupting and immediate dodge into that area to avoid the next telegraph in the sequence.

Bellow:Grond will perform a large AoE attack and then fall down, appearing to scratch himself on the ground, which spawns 3 additional mobs. If a player is hit by this aoe, he will be disarmed and his weapon will fall on the ground somewhere around him. The player must collect his weapon or wait for the debuff timer to run out before they can begin to use abilities again.

Grond the Corpsemaker

The Fight
Phase 1:Grond should be pulled by the tank and faced away from the group. During this phase, Grond will perform his Charge and Thrash abilities. During his Thrash ability, the group should coordinate stuns to stop the ability, as the ability can easily cause a wipe if the wrong character is knocked into a bone trap. Since Grond has 2 interrupt armor, it will take 3 interupts by the group to stop the ability.

Phase 2:During Phase 2, Grond starts to use his Bellow ability. Players should try and avoid the AoE to prevent being disarmed. Melee characters will likely have to use a teleport or leap ability to avoid being hit. If hit by Bellow, players should look for their blue weapon on the ground to end the disarm.

The adds that spawn during Bellow should be focused down by the DPS quickly, as they do not have much health. These additional adds can also be led into the Bone Traps, which will activate the trap and kill the add. Note: Players can jump over bone traps without activating them, making it easy to lead these adds into the traps.

Phase 3:Once below 30%, Grond begins phase 3. He goes into a frenzy and starts using Mutilate along with his other 3 abilities. Interrupting the Thrash ability is very important here, as the knockback and damage can easily cause a wipe.