• May 20, 2014

WildStar Skills:The detail introduction about the Dyeing System


As all our MMOs fans know nearly all the games have Dyeing System,no exception for WildStar.Then let’s have a deep look at how the dyeing was carried out on the equipment in WildStar.Everybody knows that if u want to dye your equipment you must get the dye firt,but how can we get them?

There are three major ways.
1.Monster drops, usually a senior dungeon will drop dye.
2.Buy from others in the Auction House
3.Buy from store but they are just low level.


After your get the Dye u can just use it and then contact with the dyeing division who Refers to the arrows in figure.Next you will see the following interface:


Selecting the drop-down boxes below and choose the categories you want to dye, and then we can see all equipment on the left side, each equipment can choose most 3 kinds of color scheme, when the color parts highlighting then you can choose your existing color from the right side.

Different color Dyeing has different price, full color diagram like the one in the picture need to be more than 1 platinum, if you have enough money, click the Dye, your dyeing was successful!