• May 20, 2014

WildStar General Leveling Tricks


As we all know ,the current level cap for Wildstar is 50,and can be quite daunting for some players. The following tips should help you level up faster, regardless of what class you choose. First tip that is common knowledge/sense, is to start killing indiscriminately. Imagine you are the wheat thresher when you are running from the quest starting area to the quest hunting grounds. Don’t skip a single mob, yeah, even that one in the corner of your eye, kill him too. This is an old trick from Everquest and World of Warcraft and there is a reason people reapeat.


However, quest will give more experience than and killing enemies. The key is combining these two factors. For example, if you are grinding some low level mobs for experience, why not pick up a few quests that coincide with the murdering of those mobs? Take as many quests or even a quest from path as you possibly can for whatever zone you are in. If possible, do every single quest, as these are without a doubt the best way (and fastest) way to get experience and to level up your character up.

Another tip that works as of the beta, is to stop doing the PVP quests after level twenty, there are some benefits, but this will slow you down. Focus exclusively on the PVE quests and grind as many of those quests as you can. This is due to a current issue right now in the beta, and may change at a later point. The battleground for PVP share the same level, and do not give as much experience points after level twenty.

Creating an alternate character (alt) is another trick many old gamers use in MMORPGPs for variety of reasons. The added benefit for using him is the extra inventory. To utilize this, make sure to bring your alt to an area with a mailbox. You can thus, send stuff to and from your own characters and can save you a bit of time.

The last but not the least trick is simply to find a good dungeon raiding part, simply to change the pace from leveling alone for two to four levels.For doing above you are getting full preparation for the Big day on June3.