Win Your Rewards In Runescape Summer Beach Party

Are you looking for sun-soaked activities? Do you expect to enjoy party with your friends? Well, The Summer Beach Party is waiting for you! Head to the beach party and take a look around.

Summer Beach Party

The summer beach party is in full swing, making Lumbridge Crater the place to be until the end of August. It’s the ideal place to relax with your friends, take part in your favourite D&Ds via the portal hub, and enjoy some sun-soaked activities. Besides, you can pick up some unique rewards from activities.

Following is activities of The summer beach party:

  1. Fight Clawdia: At 45 past every hour, killer crustacean Clawdia will spawn at the crater in the middle of the beach party. Her damage scales to your life points, so everyone can dive in and help drive her back.
  2. Build sandcastles: Follow the clues given to you by the nearby visitors and build the right castles for Construction XP.
  3. Fish at the rock pools: Cast a line, kick back and get some Fishing XP while you’re at it. Drop off the fish at the barbecues for extra XP.
  4. Bust out the barbecue: Hit the barbecue stands and earn Cooking XP.
  5. Pick coconuts: Gather coconuts from the palm trees for Farming XP, then deposit them at the coconut shy for extra XP.
  6. Try the coconut shy: Test your skill at the coconut shy and earn Ranged XP.
    More activities are coming over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on the news!
  7. Every 15 minutes one of the XP-giving activities will be spotlighted, and it will yield +10% XP. Note that Ironman players earn 50% less XP for participating in beach activities.
  8. You can keep earning XP until your temperature gauge fills up completely, although this can be reset up to three times a day by consuming ice creams.

You can pick up following unique rewards from activities:

  1. Ice cream: This tradeable item resets a full temperature gauge to 0. You can use up to three per day.
  2. Anti-sun potion: Also tradeable, this item gives a +5% boost to any XP earned on the beach – that includes beach activities and any other training done there. The effect lasts for 24 hours (real time, not time spent logged in).
  3. Cocktails: These come in four fruity flavours, each boosting XP gain in a different group of skills – combat, artisan, gathering and support. By drinking more of the same type, you can stack the XP boost up to 10%. The effect lasts for 30 minutes of logged-in time.

You can get these items from fighting Clawdia, from participating in the various beach activities, and by handing in a beach party ticket from the recent Summer Raffle.

Summer is here, and it’s time to bust out the beachwear! The Lumbridge Crater Beach is hitting Happy Hour with Mods JD and Jon, and you’ll be getting XP buffs and increased drop rates for the whole hour on all the stalls! Join us for flip-flops, frolics, sun and sand, and get a tasty XP boost in the bargain!

Welcome Fremennik Back And Meet V In Runescape

Fremennik, a legendary hero, comes back and be welcome in Hero’s style. Welcome to Summer Beach Party, let’s head over to Lumbridge Crater.

Runescape news

In Hero’s Welcome, you’ll meet the mighty V who well known to those of you who’ve finished While Guthix Sleeps as he returns to his people. You’ll embark on a series of dangerous raids on Dragonkin lairs, and uncover some of their darkest secrets. Be ready for combat, as there’ll be plenty of fierce foes to fight, but you’ll need brains as well as brawn to succeed.

There are rewards that prepare for your winning. Prevail and you’ll earn hearty helpings of XP, better yields when Runecrafting, and access to new areas containing bane ore and adamant dragons. There’s also a repeatable boss fight, which can drop new throwing weapons and a tradeable level 75 cape.

So cool, right? Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s ready for combat and join in Summer Beach Party. Lucky July!

Continuous Runescape Surprises In June

June is the month of harvest! There are so many news about Runescape this week. Well, let’s read them one by one.

Adventurer’s Log – 3D Models

The Adventurer’s Log was recently updated to include animated, fully rotatable 3D models of your character. This 3D models’ Adventurer’s Log works in Chrome or Firefox v38 or later, and the appearance is determined by the last photo taken in-game. The colour picker can be used to create a green screen effect.

That sounds so good, right? Visit the Adventurer’s Log now and give it a go!

Dev Blog: Elite Skills

It’s full of insight on what we have planned for this new type of high-end content. If you haven’t already, check out Mod Timbo’s dev blog on elite skills and Invention, be sure to let Timbo and the team know your feedback!

Podcast – Raids

Mod Matthe rounds up Mods Deg, Avatar and Ramen this week for a chat about Raids, which will come next month. You can listen to the podcast now on YouTube, or head to our site.

Beta Update

This week, we’ve made an update to the ongoing RuneScape Beta. One new feature we’ve added is the ability to reset the Myreque quest line.

Please Note: this is not something we are going to allow in the live game. We are offering it simply for those who wish to replay the Myreque quest line in the run-up to the new quest later this year.

You can do this by speaking to Amelia and Rory in Burgh de Rott within the Beta. This will be available for as long as the current RuneScape Beta period lasts. To find out about the latest beta updates, visit the RuneScape Beta page.

Near the end of June, are you satisfaction of Runescape’s performance in June? We will bring you continuous surprises in July. Follow us in the upcoming July.

Hero’s Welcome — Legendary Fremennik Hero Returns

Since the legendary Fremennik Runescape hero returns in our latest quest, the celebration will be hold next week. More details Mod Wilson will tell you in the video.

Mod Sayln gives us the tour. You can also head to the Lumbridge Crater Beach and catch some rays as the Beach Party kicks off.

Find more celebration’s information, please head to our YouTube channel.

Win Prize In Runescape Treasure Hunter

This week, you will have chance to pick up some unique prizes in Runescape, including an animated sand cape, a tradeable crab transmogrification hat and a baby tortoise pet. Bring the beach to Lumbridge Crater, let’s start Summer Raffle.

Runescape news

Reyna will give you a mystery box when you bring eight buckets of sand to her, up to three times a day. With your first one, she’ll also give you a beach party ticket. Keep hold of this – when the Lumbridge Crater Beach Party starts next week, you can exchange it for a goody bag!

You can get up to two boxes per day through daily challenges, and you can win more on Treasure Hunter. From 28th June until the beach party ends, you have the opportunity to claim a big mystery box from Reyna for every regular mystery box you’ve opened (including any you open on the 28th).

Each one gives you a chance to win the raffle’s star prize – a crab transmogrification hat. This sought-after piece of summer headwear is tradeable, until a photo is taken while wearing it. Consolation prizes for big mystery boxes are the same as for the regular ones.

Enjoy your summer sun in the beach party of the year. If you have any views, please share with us by leaving comments below, or follow us on twitter.

RuneLabs Video: Fishing, Seren Quest And Halloween

I’m so happy to release the latest Runescape news for you. Today I will pick up RuneLabs video about waterfall fishing, the Seren quest and Halloween. Don’t forget to submit your ideas for high-level mobs over on RuneLabs, the more outlandish and imaginative the better, and to support your favourites.

In this week’s podcast, Mod Stu and Mod Matthe sit down to chat about the fearsome new RuneLabs-born monsters that recently landed in Runescape – adamant and rune dragons. They’ll be focusing on your feedback, and how we’ll be tweaking the dragons in the coming weeks in response.

There will continue to provide updates for you, keep your eyes on our update. Besides, you can find more latest Runescpe news by following us on twitter.

Runescape Events Throughout The Month Of June

June is a news-constantly month. Today, we will provide the latest Runescape news about videos, streams, events, and some awesome clan and fan site news. Read it, and win signed concept art!

Urgnt Justice took to the airwaves for the release of adamant and rune dragons this week, attracting more than 1,000 viewers. If you didn’t catch it, then you missed a real treat, but you can catch up on some of the 8 hour marathon over on Urgnt Justice’s Twitch channel. We has been updated with some great new videos over. Check out this awesome video from WillMissIt as he takes a look at the way players react on update day – we love it!

We’ve got a jam-packed schedule of in-game events throughout the month of June. As ever, there are mass boss battles, skill and chill sessions and minigames galore. Our featured event this week is the Dress Like your Pet Competition, hosted in conjunction with the Serenity Isle clan. Join us at Burthorpe Bank on Thursday 18th June at 16:00 UTC on World 23.

If skilling or PvM is more up your street, then Mod Lee will be hosting a skill chill, plus a mass Kalphite King session later in the week. Full details can be found on the JMod Events thread. As ever, the Mod Events friends chat channel is always open, and there’s always some to chat to!

If you have any advices to Runescape Community, please share your views with us on Twitter. Finding more Runescape news, please follow us on Facebook. Have a good time!

Jot Down RuneFest 2015 Date

The date of RuneFest 2015 has been released, and the year’s biggest and best Runescape event will be hold on 3rd October. If you won’t want to miss it, clear your calendars and Jot it down.

Runescape news

We’ll be returning to the Tobacco Dock venue in London, UK for an Invention-themed steampunk spectacular. Join us and the whole RuneScape community for a day packed with content reveals, activities, events, competition, and a truly epic after-party.

Tickets will be available early July – £99* for an all-day, all-access pass. We’ll let you know as soon as you can buy them. Like last year, you’ll also be able to buy tickets – as well as flights, hotel rooms and spending money – with your RuneScape Bonds.

More details will be coming very soon, follow us on Twitter, and keep your eyes on the news the we release for you first time. Meet you on RuneFest 2015!

Latest Adamant And Runescape Dragons’ News In Runescape

The monsters, Adamant and Runescape dragons, are fresh from Runescape and ready for battle. Face these new monsters, delve beneath Brimhaven and jaunt through the World Gate to Kethsi in high-level combat.

Runescape news

Adamant dragons can be found in Brimhaven Dungeon. They’re formidable foes, so you’ll need high combat levels and anti-dragon breath equipment to survive. You’ll find more dragons behind magical barriers – passable at 70, 80 and 90 Slayer. Adamant dragons are available as a slayer assignment from Kuradal or Morvran.

Runescape dragons are farther away Mount Firewake on the world of Kethsi. This new area is only accessible through the World Gate south of Eagle’s Peak, once you’ve completed Fate of the Gods and Ritual of the Mahjarrat. The only slayer master who will assign them is Morvran. To stand a chance against these mightiest of monsters, you’ll – of course – need anti-dragon gear. It’s also wise to come packing dragonbane ammo, as anything else will deal greatly reduced damage until the Runescape dragons’ armour plating is breached.

Runescape dragons also have a flight phase – all the more reason to come geared for range – and an enrage phase where their maximum damage increases with each attack. Regular Runescape dragons are challenging enough, but elite Runescape dragons can also spawn on their death. These have all the deadly abilities of their kin, with a significant boost in power – and more lucrative loot.

For two weeks following today’s release, there are increased spawn rates on both adamant and Runescape dragons, and an increased chance for elites to spawn when Runescape dragons are killed. There’s also twice the chance to get an adamant or Runescape dragon slayer assignment.

Earn new rewards such as upgrades to make level 90 power boots, a dragon slaying ring and rare, prestigious cosmetics. Learn forgotten lore, too, as you uncover the lost secrets of the Dragonkin. This week we’ve also got two new bank boosters in Solomon’s Store, which available free to members and details of the week’s streams and news on the winners of our recent community competitions.

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Runescape Video — Dragons’ Latest News

The Runescape Mod Stu is trying his best to work hard to unleash Dragonforcae’s mighty adamant and rune dragons on Runescape. Following is the full details of Scenes caught up with him.

This week’s podcast is a doozy, as Mod Matthe grills Mods Osborne, Moltare and Timbo on Invention and Elite Skills. Find out more as they answer your questions on this all-new type of content.

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