• August 16, 2018

POE 3.3 Latest and Detailed Marauder Chieftain Spells Molten Shell Builds

1.POE 3.3 Builds For Molten Shell Martyr VMS Cast-on-Ignite Chieftain by Ravagore

Significant Update:
Relevant Modifications From Path 3.3


Vaal Skill Adjustments:
– Vaal skill gems now also grant the base version from the talent at the identical level and good quality because of the Vaal gem. One example is, a Vaal Burning Arrow talent gem now grants each the Vaal Burning Arrow and the Burning Arrow expertise.
– Making use of a Vaal skill now prevents you from gaining souls for all Vaal capabilities to get a short period of time after the ability is employed. The duration of this effect varies from talent to talent.
– Whereas previously the cost of Vaal capabilities would raise in places immediately after Act five, and once more following Act ten, the price of all Vaal skills is now consistent throughout the game. This is worth keeping in thoughts when seeking in the following alterations, as despite the fact that lots of Vaal skill expenses have already been raised when in comparison to their base expense previously, they are usually now decreasing than the price you would have paid in higher-level places.
– Damaging rare enemies now generates 1 Vaal soul per 2% life it loses, with a 1-second cooldown.
– Damaging one of a kind enemies now generates 3 Vaal souls per 2% life it loses, using a 1-second cooldown.

Vaal Molten Shell:
– Now requires 50 souls per use (up from 48).
– Now prevents you from gaining Vaal souls for 5 seconds after use.
Atziri’s Reign: Now features a limit of two. Existing copies of this jewel will automatically be updated to have this limit.

+ This build is insanely entertaining. Half the time I’m laughing also tough to control my character and its gotten me killed additional than after.
+ Fairly quickly map clear. I am not going to claim its Deadeye fast or perhaps sub-minute speedy but for a guy who enjoys wacky builds in place of the speed metal, this a single is going fairly quickly.
+ Bosses melt as your swirling fireball of doom engulfs them in seconds.
+ One of kind things are all pretty quick to acquire, finding a decently rolled products was no problem at all(in the time). Most pricey uniques have been Eye, Inspired Studying and Might from the Meek.
+ Surprisingly protected make. Packs and bosses commonly die so promptly they don’t get to hit you typically. Cyclone prevents stuns and is good for dancing about attacks.
+ Staves have the lengthy variety so cyclone has some excellent radius without needing to invest in AoE
+ We can turn on RF for bosses for a lot more harm!
+ This develop is WAY Far better now that 3.3 has landed with the adjusting to how Vaal Expertise function vs bosses, the adjustments for the Combustion gem(formerly Possibility to Ignite) and updates to ignite chance and fire damage all over the ability tree. Throw within the New Vaal Blade Vortex skill for mapping(if we would like to) plus some exciting corruptions from Incursion temples and it really is gonna be a great league.
+ We only want 5 links in our weapon and physique Armour so it does hold that end on the costs down.

– Can’t-do maps like Phys/all reflector No Regen and reduced regen or -max resists is usually a pain.
– Costly to gear because of the higher value rares you’ve got to acquire; T1-2 cold/lightning resist to create up for all the uniques are essential. I personally wouldn’t do this as a league starter unless you just need to go Chieftain Ancestral Warchief or Sunder to map until you’ll be able to gather the gear. Nevertheless, this character only expenses about five exes to gear up so it really is not too negative.
– The strain on lower-end computer systems might be immense. My Pc is clocked to be able to manage things like this and any lag or choppiness you see in videos is server side and not graphical.
– Party play may also be problematic for these causes. You believed that time you grouped with Tarke when he was playing Magma Orb was negative for the potato computer lol…
– Regardless of becoming pretty protected for softcore, I would also not advocate this create for Hardcore. A server stutter or poor circumstance is not going to be good for the sanity.
– Staves are terrific and all but a Razor in the Seventh Sun dual wield/shield would possibly be faster and would not call for move speed on boots. You could even use Shield Charge to obtain you to hit.
– In 3.2 considering the fact that you cannot gain Vaal Souls from hitting bosses but, instanced boss rooms and any boss with multiples phases is actually a large discomfort and either requires logging to loop the map a diff path for far more souls Or possibly a swap in gem sockets to a 3rd CWDT set up for points like elder guardians.

Leveling Guide:
I leveled with Ancestral Contact Molten Strike till I could choose up Tectonic Slam and did that for most the rest with the leveling process. Chieftain tends to make it straightforward to have any charges and a single smack having a Reaper’s Pursuit was enough to clear most packs on account of all of the overkill harm from Herald of Ash.

Leveling was a breeze honestly, Tectonic Slam is very nice(Played a Tec Slam JUGG in bestiary successfully) and also without a speedy weapon, it hits difficult sufficient that we do not should hit enemies really a lot.

I swapped towards the CWDT setup at around 70 as soon as I had acquired all of the gear I had and mapping was very smooth and quick. Only had a couple points to take out of two-hander nodes and place into far more life or to fill out the likelihood to ignite nodes.

Regular Lab – Tawhoa: Endurance charge generation and life regen per charge.
Cruel Lab – Ngamahu: Phys->fire conversion and penetration
Merciless Lab – Hinekora: Fire damage leech, Cover enemies in Ash on hit.
Uber Lab – Ramako: Unaffected by ignite, 3% life regen and a few physical harms taken as fire

Due to Ramako Bug, I’m As an alternative At present Taking Aronghui: much less harm from enemies and more harm taken close to totems.

The tree is really a consistently evolving point at this point. I’m quite happy with how the gear is playing out but I’m not content that I can’t use Ramako, Sun’s Light resulting from the bug. The resist nodes near the Scion start out point and the resists by Witch begin point will sooner or later be phased out for the regen nodes around the opposite side of scion plus the scion life wheel when Ramako gets fixed and I can choose up some uncommon boots that happen to be worth the chaos.

Eagle Eye among the marauder and duelist start can also be an awesome node for helping with accuracy challenges. With May well with the meek above it, Eagle Eye notable will not be disabled and its 2 modest nodes are boosted for any total of 66% enhanced accuracy 40% enhanced crit to help with our EO procs. Not terrible, but not totally important either.

Pob Link: https://pastebin.com/6RP9sUNG
Ability Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y8nj4vyt
Example Hyperlink: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2148789
2.POE 3.3 Builds For Molten Shell Demi’s Pure Strength Righteous Fire Chieftain!

3.3 Notes:
Create Now Gets Vaal RF + RF For FREEE Hooray BUFFS.

Usually, do not use physical harm spells. They are going to also gain the Phys as fire damage and ruin your elemental equilibrium. The min-maxed Pastebin/gem hyperlinks section has the correct links.

General this was a buff, we got much more life regen, Phy’s mitigation, and DPS. Just have to take care of the Phys as fire harm.

Leveling Guide:
Leveled with Cleave until I got Firestorm, which I applied till I learned about Cast When Channeling + Scorching Ray. I got a 4 hyperlink with Scorching Ray, Firestorm, and Fire Penetration and it carried me through Cruel/Merciless/Labyrinth. Amazingly strong and much-reduced mana costs than Firestorm/Echo.

The new Incinerate seems pretty strong too. Incinerate + Controlled Destruction + Cast When Channeling Flame Surge is fascinating for a single target.
It is possible to also level as a Melee character with Fire Skills like Molten Strike. I choose to go tanky caster.
Recommended Uniques: Goldrim, Wanderlust, Tabula Rasa, Axiom Perpetums/Lifesprings
Random other stuff: Minus Mana Cost Elreon Jewelry, extra Quicksilver Flasks.

Try and cap your Elemental Resists by act 5-6 and get as significantly life on gear as you possibly can. Any rare item you put on should have at the very least some life or resists, ideally both. Stick to the “Other Gear Stat Priorities” section down beneath for all those non-unique slots.
As for Pantheons, it is possible to take whatever you need. They’re able to be hot-swapped so just test whichever you like most
Pob Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/NS81KNhj
Skill Tree: https://imgur.com/5H776rr,https://imgur.com/VDfm3Kt
Instance Hyperlink: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1729087

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